Using hyperspace as a conduit, the game aimed to allow the player to travel to dozens of different planetary systems from the TV show. As with the ships, though, most of these are unavailable in the demo. By pressing the R key, the player can travel to seven different locations:

Epsilon 3 - Home to Babylon 5, a jumpgate and a few other ships.
Alzeral 3 - Virtually the same as above, but it has a playable mission scenario. Pirates come through the jumpgate to attack B5. Raider fighters and at least one battle wagon are involved. Starfurys attack the raiders as they near the station.
Hyperspace - This has a number of ships in various places, although this will vary depending on which jumpgate you use to reach hyperspace. The level can be naviated via the beacons (using [ and ]) to locate them. However, the beacons cannot be used to open a jumpgate back into normal space.
Phalos 1 - This has a Narn transport, Narn Frazi fighters and Narn G'Quan cruiser present, along with a jumpgate.
Narn - Centauri Sentri fighters, Centauri Warbird and Centauri Primus cruiser patrol this level, which may be set after the Centauri republic conqueur the Narn homeworld. There is a jumpgate here as well.
Mars - There are EA ships, including Asimov class, near Mars. There is no jumpgate here.
Minbar - Minbari ships, defence platforms, a jumpgate and a base in orbit around Minbar.

There are other levels that will load through various means. The first playable level is Sigma 957.

Shadow ships, Minbari fighters and a Raider battle wagon lurk in various places. The Shadow ships follow specific flight paths, but will pursue and destroy the player's ship. The Minbari fighters seem to have faulty AI, and are escorting the battle wagon. This level is available through a Cheat Engine code:

Level Address: 00B8E048 Value 7

Values above seven only load the first level.

The second method of loading other levels is more cosmetic, changing only the background and the nearest star. Ships and planets are unaffected. You have to swap the files in the #ALZERA files in the PATCH folder with their equivalents in the MOD folder files. However, only the levels with .NLI files work:


Io loads the nebula and background seen on the Mars level, but the sun does not display correctly.

Shlekk 2 loads a new nebula and star.

A curious addition to this hack is the fact that there are at least three version of the #ALZERA system. One folder identifies its contents as ALZERA3_LIKE_EP3 and brings up a different background.

Once again, the ships and station are unchanged, but what of the level itself? B5 was only ever in the Epsilon 3 system in the show. Is this a placeholder level, with the Babylon 5 station and other ships put in here as a temporary measure? But why are there files that change the background to a completely different system, which are older than the ones used in the actual demo? And one of the modified folders has the name ALZERA3_LIKE_EP3, suggesting that Alzeral 3 was changed to be more like Epsilon 3.

So the number of levels has been increased from 7 to 11. The next step is to load the other systems and planets in the MOD folder.

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