Babylon 5: Into The Fire

This will be an ongoing project, examining the Babylon 5: Into The Fire demo and its contents. The aim is to undercover any unused material and see if these can be made available to the player.

Accessing Extra Content

Some of this has been posted elsewhere on the net, but here are some tips on getting access to additional options:

Open the B5.INI file in a hex or text editor and change the SHOWSETTINGSDIALOG from 0 to 1. This will load the Application Settings:

Full - the regular demo.
Combat - similar to the main demo, but no Setting options.
Autostart - multiplayer game, but the game must find other players before it will load beyond the initial screen. No luck at getting this to fully load as yet.
Viewer - you can view many of the 3D models in the game, Press + to get rid of the debug info (and maybe F4 a few times as well).
Layout - loads a blank screen. Press W to get a File Load option, but it is unknown what kind of file this may work with.
Full Screen - uncheck this to get the game to run in a window.
VCR - relates to the VCR files in the VCRFILES folder. Are these a means of recording gameplay?

There is also a list of ships for four players in the B5.INI file. These can be changed, allowing you to fly the StarFury, Narn Fighter, Centauri Fighter, Thunderbolt and Raider fighter. The last is a default craft, as the game fails to recognise any other ship names like Vorlon fighter.

To change ships in the game, use [ or ] to change a target and press V to jump over to that ship. You cannot control the other spacecraft, but you can use some of the F buttons to get cockpit and external views. Press V again to return to your original ship. This is useful on the second level where the Raiders come through the jumpgate, giving you first/third person perspectives from Starfurys or Raider ships.

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