Alien Versus Predator (Lynx)

A possible counterpart of the Alien Versus Predator game for the Atari Jaguar, the Lynx version has been known to gamers for some time. This game seems to include five missions for the marine and one for the Predator. But rumours have persisted about being able to play as the Alien, and the ending of the Predator's campaign seems to support this, with the Game Over screen showing a defeated xenomorph rather than a Predator.

The maps for all three campaigns seem to be the same. Briefing images seem to be repeated on some stages across different campaigns, and the final stage seems to recycle the second stage briefing. Littering each map are power-ups, which may be ammo (marine) or energy (Predator). Not all levels can be finished, though.

The Story

The story takes place over 830 years after the events of Aliens, with a marine detachment sent to a planet called Khandala.

The Marine Campaign

Working with another human, the marine makes her way through the Predator ship, Tunnel 1 and on to the Alien hive, before entering the Queen's hive. The final level takes place in Tunnel 2. Missions are based around collecting bombs. The final game would have featured Alien and Predator enemies, and perhaps placing the bombs at strategic points to blow up the hive.

The marine is armed with a pistol, a flamethrower and a pistol.

The Predator Campaign

Predator missions do feature human enemies, while the final game would have had Aliens as well. Like the Marine campaign, the Predator must collect bombs and, in the fourth mission, plant these in the Queen's hive. This mission's briefing shows that this place is located in the same sort of ship seen in the first Alien film. Strangely enough, the warrior must collect more bombs on the final stage.

Predator weapons include wristblades, plasmacaster and disc.

The Alien Campaign

In contrast to the others, the Alien must destroy the bombs on each stage.

The Alien has extendable jaws and claws at its disposal.

Other Missions

The Tunnel 2 map spells out the words "The End". But using the Level Select code, there are two more levels beyond the initial five for each character. This could be one of the anomalies caused by cheat codes, but the mission briefings for the final levels of the Marine and Predator campaigns indicate others. Why collect more bombs? These may have been placeholders for further missions. If so, the total number of missions would have been 21 across three campaigns, which seems far more realistic than fifteen.

Game Over, Man!

The prototype has endings for all three characters, but the Alien and Predator screens are around the wrong way:


How to get all this working then? Well, any cheat device or program that can do value searches on a Lynx game will do. For the characters, you need to load up the Character Select screen and search for 0 when the human is highlighted, and 1 for the Predator. The Level Select can be found by searching for values from 1 to 5 as you progress through the Marine missions.

I installed the Handy PSP V.0.95.1 on my PSP and used the CWCheat search function to locate the relevant values. Here is an example of how the codes should show up in the relevant cheat menu:

_S HBCAA34127
_G Lynx Handy
_C0 AVP Level Select (1-7)
_L 0x0063FF43 0x00000000
_C0 AVP Character Select (0-2)
_L 0x00642D0E 0x00000000

These code addresses may change each time the emulator is started, so you may need to do another search each time you want to play the game. Your best bet is to do the searches, then save the individual level save states. That way, you can easily load up the deleted levels, or use these to quickly recalculate the level code. It's a pain, I know, but it's all there is at the moment. If I find a permanent code, I will post it here.

Level values:
1 - Predator Ship
2 - Tunnel 1
3 - Alien Hive
4 - Queen's Hive
5 - Tunnel 2
6 - Predator Ship
7 - Tunnel 1

Character values:
O = Marine
1 = Predator
2 = Alien


The guys over at Atari Age have discovered a number of other builds of the Lynx AVP game, bringing to total to four. Sage has also released a patch to make the Alien campaign playable, plus enable a level select. See the links below for more information.

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