The World Is Not Enough (N64) Early Prototype

While it is not quite held in as high regard as itís predecessor, GoldenEye, TWINE is still a very respectable FPS on the N64. A beta version emerged some time ago, but this latest release by Hidden Palace is come from a much earlier time in the gameís development.

It is a very incomplete build and only a few levels have enemies. In fact, there are far fewer levels in total in this version than the final game.

Hereís a list of the known missions, with the retail game levels in brackets:

Sub Pen (Meltdown)
MI6 London (Kingís Ransom)
Street Chase (Turncoat)
Scottish Castle Inside (Castle MP? Uses the level in the Scottish Castle cutscene)
Scottish Castle Outside
Maidens Tower (A Sinking Feeling)
Caviar Factory (City Of Walkways)
Skiing Chase (Cold Reception)
Airfield (Midnight Departure)

Inaccessible Levels:

Subterrania - (Beta map seen in later builds)
Test Map: Jungle River - not working

All of the main levels can be accessed, but vary in terms of playability. There also seem to be at least two hidden levels.

Of particular interest to us is the unused Frigate level, which seems to have been abandoned later on in development.

This mission has objectives, such as rescuing Christmas Jones.

The map is quite extensive. Once your character has spawned, there are three decks of the ship to explore. But it lacks many textures and enemies. You can also take a jump into the ocean if you want to.

The Castle levels are also of interest, as neither are used as single-player missions in the final game.

The interior map matches the cutscene seen in the main game, and incorporates the MP map from the final game. Here, you can see the main interior area, with some creepy NPCs who stare at you as you progress around the room. This level is far more extensive than the cutscene and is definitely a single-player mission. Once the map has loaded, you have to move around a bit to get into the level properly. The spawning point seems to be inside a wall or something.

Once you go up the nearby stairs, you reach the known MP map area with the creepy bots.

But thereís a lift nearby that takes you down to a basement area. This is a very large part of the level and has six rooms coming off of the main area.

The Scottish Castle Outside map seems unplayable, as you sink down into the loch. But depending on the configuration on your controller (and no, I havenít been able to figure this out yet), you can press Forward and one other button stay to the surface of the water and swim over to the island. The level seems to match an aerial view of the castle in the main gameís cutscene. Once you get to dry land, you can make your way around the outside of the castle. Thereís a bridge that you can cross, but this doesnít go anywhere.

In the main fortress are a courtyard and a set of unclimbable steps. These stairs match the steps from the Scottish Castle Inside level, and would probably be your ultimate destination here. It is unclear how these two missions fit in with the plot of the film, and this may be why they were abandoned early on as single-player levels.

Thereís also a multiplayer mode in this build, but this does not seem to load and can crash at random points if you change certain menu options. There are some beta character skins in there too.

So thereíre more elements that need further investigation in this build.

All screenshots have been taken on my PSP due to a lack of a viable laptop emulator at this present time.

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