Tomorrow Never Dies (PSX)

This game was developed by Black Ops and then published in 1999 by Electronic Arts. On release, it was immediately compared to Goldeneye on the N64. One of the main criticisms was the lack of multiplayer, with only 10 single player missions making up the game.

Yet, in the game's content, there is an image of the multiplayer loading screen, so there were plans for it at some point, but abandoned before release.

One of the loading screens also shows a level set on the HMS Devonshire, which was in the movie but cut from the game. There is speculation that other unused content may have survived from an earlier, cancelled game called Tomorrow Never Dies: The Mission Continues.

There are, unfortunately, no real remnants left in the game to make these playable. But, as a bonus, you can play as other characters. By swapping the .TEX and .GUY files of a character with those of James Bond for each level (e.g. WAILIN22.GUY with BND05F11.GUY) will result in you playing as that avatar:

Here, you play as Wai Lin (her character does not really show up in the opening mission cinematic). It looks like she has at least two costumes, which adds a bit of variety. However, Bond has specific models and textures for the skiing levels, but you can get past the first of these by using the Ethereal cheat and going through the door and down the slope.

At the end, the parachute activates and Wai Lin flies off into the sky. A little bizarre, considering she is not on skis.

You can play as Paris Carver as well, although she does not hold the guns quite right. Again, the character did not show up that well in the opening scene.

You can play as Q as well! He does show up in the opening scene.

This is the villain, Sotoshi Isagura, who is only briefly in the movie. So, basically, you can play as pretty much as any character in the game, although they will still have Bond's voice of course. It is worth knowing that the level folders do not match those of the level order:

Folder Name/Level Name

L05 Outpost, Russian Border
L10 Arms Bazaar, Russian Border
L03 Carver Media, Hamburg
L11 Pressing Engagement
L07 Hotel Atlantic, Hamburg
L12 Convoy, Swiss Alps
L01 Ski Ridge, Hokkaido
L02 CMGN Tower, Saigon
L09 Market District, Saigon
L08 Stealth Boat, Ha Long Bay

This suggests that either the game was a rushed beta as some have suggested, or the structure is from an earlier game.


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