Orange Gundam
Orange Gundam
Having seen the 1:1 Gundam in Odaiba in 2009, it came as a surprise to learn that the Chinese had also constructed a similar mech the following year. A Japanese news crew reported on this and it got picked up by international media. Gundam fans were not happy, to say the least. At the same time, toys began to appear in the West which seemed "inspired" by the Chinese mech. Official merchandise of a "pirate" Gundam?!! Originally packaged with the Gundam label, these were subsequently renamed as Rise of the Robots. The design was still very reminescent of Gundam, though. The toys came in two varieties: a predominately orange , with blue legs and red arms; a black and gold version. For more details, see the "Chinese Gundam" entry at Know Your Meme.
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The "original" orange Gundam, as seen on Japanese TV. 

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