Alternative History Scroll

Mathayus is kidnapped by Menthu and Queen Isis, who want to use Cassandra's to locate the Scorpion Stone. This gem allows the possessor immense power. Cassandra arrives too late to save her husband, but she uses her abilities to locate the Hero’s Gauntlet, which can help her to destroy the Scorpion Stone. She travels to a number of places to collect the runes which will activate the gauntlet, locating the Sword of Osiris, which is the only known weapon which can destroy Menthu. She eventually reaches the Dunes of Nath, but Menthu and Isis have already recovered the stone. She defeats Menthu, but Isis refuses to use the stone to heal the fallen warrior, instead using it for her own interests. She transforms into a gigantic monster, half human and half scorpion. Cassandra defeats her and is reunited with her husband. (The Scorpion King: The Sword of Osiris)