1990’s – The US sets up a covert venture called Outer Heaven, providing mercenary forces to different clients, as a way of countering anti-American forces. Big Boss is placed in charge, but he soon begins to renege on the parameters of the unofficial project.

1995 – Solid Snake is sent infiltrate the fortress in Outer Heaven, following the disappearance of another Foxhound operative, Grey Fox. He finds that a new weapon called Metal Gear and also learns that his commander, Big Boss, is really behind the development of this mobile nuclear tank. Destroying both Big Boss and Metal Gear, Snake leaves Outer Heaven in ruins.

1996 – Black Chamber is formed as a counter to Foxhound. As the latter becomes more notorious, the more covert Black Chamber takes on more and more of operations once assigned to their rivals.

1998 – Snake is sent in to investigate another terrorist base, where a new Metal Gear is allegedly being developed. Mass production of the Metal Gear 1 has also begun. However, the Mteal Gear 2 project is near completion and Snake faces off against an old enemy while the Metal Gear is becoming operational. Big Boss is still alive, but only by undergoing surgery to become a cyborg. Even this is not enough to defeat Solid Snake and Big Boss is killed. Snake barely stops Metal Gear 2 before it launches nuclear strikes around the world.

1999 – Having retrieved plans from the ruins in Outer Heaven, the US military is developing its own Metal Gear, directed by CIA Deputy Steve Gardner . Also in development is a satellite system linked to Metal Gear, whereby nuclear warheads can be launched from orbit.

The CIA instigates a plan to minimise factions hostile to US interests in Africa. By provoking an ethnic conflict in Gindra, the US-backed forces create a chaotic environment which disrupts the formation of any real military alliance in the area. US-backed peace-keeping forces then take control over the entire region. All of this reflects America’s post-Cold War strategy to maintain a superior position in the world.

Snake retires from Foxhound, moving to the Alaskan wilderness.

2000 –The Metal Gear is seized by South American terrorists and Black Chamber is sent in to retrieve it. Responsibility for the project is transferred from Gardner to John Parker, Army Chief of Staff. Gardner decides to eliminate Black Chamber: Foxhound is sent in after them, unaware that Black Chamber is a special forces team rather than terrorists. Only five members escape. Colonel Campbell retires from FoxHound.

2002 – En route to South America, the US prototype Metal Gear, codenamed Gander, is seized by a mercenary group called Black Chamber, along with its nuclear payload. Snake travels to Galuade in Grinda to stop the terrorists. However, nothing is what it seems: Galuade had been built on the ruins of Outer Heaven, while the entire crisis is a cover for Black Chamber’s plans for revenge on Foxhound. He encounters survivors from the Delta Force unit sent in before him, but one turns out to be a member of Foxhound, destroying evidence of Project Babel and Outer Heaven. Snake defeats both the indigenous Gindran forces and Black Chamber, but learns that the entire mission was a charade created by Gardner in order to get back control of Project Babel and Metal Gear.

200? – An operative called Jack undergoes VR training, using the Galuade mission as a basis. His superior, No. 4, concludes that his skills surpass those of Snake at the time of Galuade’s downfall. Once the strict property of the United States, a leakage of military secrets allowed other countries to become equipped with enough technical capability to build their own Metal Gears.

2009 – Research into a new type of Metal Gear, codenamed Pythagoras, starts at the Physics and Chemistry Lab on Lobito Island in the Moloni Republic in southern Africa. Dr Fleming, a former bioweapons expert who used to work for the US military, is in charge of the project. Hans Davis is Fleming’s supervisor. BEAGLE Corporation owns the laboratory where the project is located. BEAGLE is a front for a massive munitions firm. If there is a regional conflict, BEAGLE will be there to provide humanitarian aid to refugees. However, any transport planes are also full of firearms and ammo. At times they even fabricate crises in order for BEAGLE to profit immensely off the long-standing Moloni conflict. These tragedies lead to justification for military action, combat expansion, and to a hefty increase in defence spending. Conflicts provide excellent business opportunities for the BEAGLE Corporation. This includes the civil war in Moloni, where BEAGLE covertly funds the insurrection to prolong the war. Leone’s units are hired to support the anti-government forces, funded by BEAGLE without their knowledge.

The BEAGLE projects include selling a new Metal Gear called Modoque, in order to ferment conflict around the world. Another project focuses on work on a number of children who are brought to the island. Each child possesses some kind of psychic ability. The children undergo a process called the Ritual of Conjuration: this had never been tried on humans before. The survivor of the experiment then becomes Neoteny … Child No. 16 emerges from the horrific events of the ritual. However, No. 16 thinks that the mind of No. 104 resides in No. 16’s body, having transferred herself across after No. 16 stabs her. In truth, No. 104 has been forced out again and she hunts for another body to inhabit. She finds Constance Fleming, the daughter of the project leader.

In a parallel universe, Otacon, Mei Ling and Snake are using a new Virtual reality simulator designed by Dr Koppelthorn. Unfortunately, it affects people and events in all other universes, which is soon exploited by the Mei Ling and Solidus from a different universe. Snake and Otacon, with the help of Olga from yet another timeline, manage to stop Solidus and his wife, but their eventual victory is shortlived as they find themselves faced with a similar situation once again ...

2013 – No. 16 escapes from the BEAGLE lab on Lobito Island.

20?? – BEAGLE brings the civil war in the Moloni Republic to an abrupt end, using ACUA troops to exterminate all but one of Leone’s units. He swears revenge on BEAGLE.

20?? – Colin Friedman, father of Teliko and a decorated war hero, is accused of being linked to a terrorist organisation and is engulfed in an avalanche of media scandals and trumped-up charges. He is found dead in a hotel, having seemingly committed suicide. However, he was really murdered by La Clown, an assassin hired by a group of underworld bosses which includes Hans Davis.

20?? – No. 16 utilises NEKAL, a BEAGLE affiliate, to spread ACUA through their silk powder products, allowing thousands to come under No. 16’s control.

2016 – A passenger jet is hijacked, with the muscle relaxant Vecuronium Bromide being used to incapacitate the passengers and crew. A bomb is also placed onboard, set to explode if the plane drops below 35000 feet. Elsie and Frances, the two hijackers, seem to little more than marionettes. Among the captives is Senator Viggo Hach, a presidential candidate. A BEAGLE agent, Lena, sits next to him. Also onboard is Constance Fleming, who is given the ACUA drug to convince her that she is Minette Donnel. However, No. 104 wants to play the part of the hostage to see what it is like.

The hijackers issue a demand for the Pythagoras data.

The Moloni government is reluctant to cooperate, saying that it does not want any interference in its domestic affairs. The US government sends in its special forces, HRT, but the force gets attacked by the mercenary forces there. All communications are lost.

The US military sends in Solid Snake to investigate. Snake has not worked for some time and his identity is doubted by others around him. He is accused of being “Hans Davis” by Roger McCoy, a CIA trainer.

Snake encounters Leone, leader of the mercenaries occupying the lab, who proceeds to shoot Fleming. Snake is rescued by Teliko Friedman, the last survivor of the HRT force.

BEAGLE fears their hidden Pythagoras research data may be obtained by either Snake or Leone, so an assassin called La Clown has been hired to retrieve it

Snake gets to Dr Fleming. The scientist tries to convince Snake that he is indeed Hans Davis. He tells Snake that his daughter Constance is aboard the hijacked flight and No 16 is seeking revenge through this. Teliko arrives and tries to shoot Fleming, but he escapes. However, the two soldiers do gain possession of the Pythagoras data disc, with Teliko taking the disc

Meanwhile, Roger and Alice discuss the murder victims on the hijacked plane: the numbers carved on their bodies seem to be a code for Snake. Charles decides to keep an eye on both Roger and Snake.

Teliko and Snake encounter Leone, whose real identity is Jeff Jones, a former US soldier who is now out for revenge.

Minette tries to locate the bomb on the plane, aided by the psychic Alice.

Teliko and Snake cross a bridge, but Teliko suddenly turns on Snake and tries to shoot him. She escapes across the bridge. Alice manages to locate her nearby, while information reveals that Teliko may be the assassin, La Clown. Snake follows La Clown, but apparently encounters Hans Davis, who informs Snake that he is his doppelganger. Hans escapes, leaving Snake bewildered. He finds Teliko in another building, with Alice using her abilities to confirm that she is the real one. The pair moves off in pursuit of La Clown.

Alice locates the bomb on the airliner and works with Minette to figure out how to defuse it. Meanwhile Viggo Hach finds that Lena has returned after a period of absence.

Snake and Teliko find Leone, whose unit has been destroyed by ACUA troops, under the control of Neoteny. He helps the pair to break into the area where Davis and Fleming should be hiding.

Minette attempts to defuse the bomb. Alice begins to sense the conflict of identities in Minette. Meanwhile, Lena is exposed as a BEAGLE agent, formerly involved in the company’s experiments.

Leone is captured by Fleming and his forces. Meanwhile, Snake and Teliko enter the passage leading to Fleming, but Snake becomes confused by various entities who tell him contradictory things. Teliko is contacted by Alice on the codex and informed that Snake is really Hans Davis and that Teliko must regard him as a threat and kill him. However, there is the sound of a gunshot and contact with Alice is lost.

The pair meets up with Leone, who is now under the influence of the ACUA drug, controlled by No. 16. They defeat him, but La Clown turns up, disguised as Teliko. The assassin is killed and Teliko realises the truth about her apparent doppelganger. They then locate Metal Gear, which is almost operational. They also confront Fleming, who has been forced by No. 16 to follow his orders.

Fleming activates Metal Gear and tries to launch a missile, in order to get No. 16 to release his daughter. Teliko and Snake work to prevent the launch, but once they have defeated Fleming, they are faced with No. 16’s true identity: Alice. She had tried to confuse both Teliko and Snake by projecting doubts into their minds over Snake’s identity, and by using Snake’s CHAIN physical data storage terminal to administer ACUA to him. Alice wounds Roger after he tries to overpower her, then proceeds to activate the explosives to blow up the BEAGLE lab. She warns Snake and Teliko that they only have 13 minutes to get out.

Onboard the plane, Viggo Hach is killed. Lena relinquishes control of Else and Frances, then talks to Minette. She reveals the truth behind the hijacking and who Minette really is. Lena seems confused as to why Alice has released control of the aircraft, but she aims to carry out her original orders from No. 16 to kill Minette.

Snake and Teliko make it out in time and they speak with Alice. However, Alice is overpowered by the feedback from all of the people she is controlling through ACUA. Charles informs them of Alice’s apparent death and Roger’s condition. However, Charles’ real identity is that if Hans Davis, although there is no evidence of that connection remaining. He plans to dump his old contacts with in both the underworld and at BEAGLE. While he admits that Alice remains powerful, she is only a child. Charles plans to focus on the potential of Solid Snake instead.

Minette reveals her true identity, that of No. 104 and proceeds to attack Lena, who realises that No. 14 is the real Neoteny ...

Politicians and leaders from different countries convene to discuss the internal conflicts of a particular continent. They discuss options, including using a border skirmish as a precursor to a ceasefire. Rather than using “managed chaos” the different countries now seem to favour a meeting of leaders to decide on a course of events, all in the interests of the economies of various powers.

20?? – Solid Snake dies.

20?? – SaintLogic rescues the remains of Metal Gear Pythagoras and obtains genetic material from Solid Snake's body.

20?? - Metal Gear Chaioth Ha Qadesh is developed by SaintLogic, designed to control test subjects. It can also launch a neutron bomb. A Solid Snake clone is made and grown by SaintLogic. He is a Model 3 Test Subject, designed by Lucinda Koppelthorn. Venus, a newer Model Test Subject, is also made.

20?? - An uprising by Model 2 Test Subjects on Serena Island is suppressed by Solid Snake and Venus, becoming known as the Praulia Massacre. Under the orders of Wiseman, a ranking official at the Department of Defence, the test subjects are pushed to their very limits. On Wiseman’s orders, Venus then shoots Snake, resulting in his total amnesia. However, Lucinda Koppelthorn helps Snake to escape SaintLogic.

20?? – Professor Koppelthorn continues with the development of Metal Gear Chaioth Ha Qadesh and the repair of Metal Gear Pythagarus, now codenamed Metal Gear Kodoque. He also creates a test subject called Lucy, who has the consciousness of Koppelthorn’s wife. Dr Takiyama performs experimental surgery on living test subjects, although she does not report all of her findings to her superior.

20?? – Professor Koppelthorn, Vice President of SaintLogic, steals Metal Gear Chaioth Ha Qadesh and threatens to use its nuclear warheads unless his demands are met: the release of a number of officials. He also demands the Lucinda File and the release of Solid Snake, who he accuses of murdering his wife three years before.

Solid Snake’s clone arrives in the USA, apparently suffering from amnesia. He is captured by Dalton, who is investigating SaintLogic. The ex-FBI agent makes a deal with Snake and recruits him to infiltrate the lab. However, Wiseman requisitions Dalton’s ship and takes over command of Snake’s mission. He then offers to tell Snake about his past in return for containing the situation at SaintLogic.

Accompanying Snake is Venus, one of Wiseman’s own operatives. Like Snake, she has no memories of her past. The pair infiltrates the lab and encounters the resurrected Metal Gear Kodoque, succeeding in destroying it. The pair fights a number of hostile test subjects. They also encounter Lucy, a young girl, before finally meeting with Dr Koppelthorn himself. Some of the details of the Lucinda File now come out into the open. Lucy kills Koppelthorn and attacks the others in Metal Gear Chaioth Ha Qadesh. She is defeated and the other two move on.

They then locate Dr Takiyama and recover the Lucinda File itself. Under orders from Wiseman, Venus turns on Snake, but is defeated. They then try to escape the building, which is rigged with explosives, but Snake is left behind. He uses the Metal Gear to escape just before US military planes attack it. Although severely injured, he survives.

Venus, Snake and Dr Takiyama escape from the island, while Wiseman is arrested on suspicion of war crimes.

20?? – Venus is integrated in mainstream society, working in a supermarket.

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