Lost In Space Movie Timeline

3rd Millenium BC – The Dolians, a highly-evolved civilisation, are devastated by a virus from a crashed spaceship. Studying the infection, they learn it will die out within five years. They put the population into cryogenic hibernation, intending only to stay in that state for five years. As a precaution, an android called Glimbus Two is built, acting as guardian in conjunction with the main computer. However, the computer malfunctions and the Dolians are not revived. The computer begins to draw passing spaceships and stealing their robots, digitising the crews and storing them in its memory. (Lost in Space: Robotworld)

The Barakans, a violent people, begin to eschew their hostile ways and focus on peace and science instead. Their new culture spreads across a large number of worlds over the next few thousand years. (Lost in Space: Warriors)

19th Century – The Rellkans construct a hypergate, through which they encounter new worlds and species. Encountering many hostile entities who try and invade their homeworld, they decide to construct a machine called, which hones the mental powers of its users. The Rellkans them send these individuals out to try and force change on their enemies. This is discovered and the other worlds sabotage the hypergate to prevent any further Rellkans agents from travelling to other worlds. The Rellkan machine also has some unpleasant side effects, bringing out the worst tendencies in some members of their species. They proceed to slaughter most of their own kind, leaving only a few thousand. These survivors come to believe that an invader has gotten through the gate just before its closed and possessed a number of their own kind. (Lost in Space: The Vault)

20th Century – A war between two worlds leads to the destruction of both the Chaquee and Aumook civilisations. In a vain attempt to win the war, Aumook scientists design a suit that retains the consciousness of its wearer even after their death. (Lost in Space comic)

2048 – The existence of a species nears it end. With their own planet’s sources of metal and ore nearly depleted, they launch their last working spaceship on a desperate mission to locate a planet with enough nutrition to sustain their race. With only three month’s worth of food, the crew of thirteen set out from their own system.

They encounter the Taurus, a colony space station en route to a new colony world. The aliens take over the ship, learning that, by merging with the humans, they could survive longer. However, only the entities called Caitlin and Carlos survive the transition, existing on the Taurus metal resources for the next two decades. (Lost in Space: The Passengers)

2058 – Pollution has rendered Earth all but uninhabitable. One of the main governments of Earth seeks to send a colonisation missions to Alpha Prime, a habitable planet in another solar system. To get there, John Robinson and his family plan to make the 10 year journey in stasis, constructing the second hypergate at Alpha Prime so that the population can then travel through to the new world. However, the Global Sedition, a rival power, is also in the process of constructing their own hypergate, so the Robinson’s mission is all the more crucial. Dr Smith, one of the mission’s key personnel, has been paid to sabotage the mission, but the Sedistionists betray him and leave him to his fate after the ship’s robot devastates parts of the Jupiter II.

With no other option, Don West activates the hyperdrive to avoid falling into the sun, but their destination is entirely random. They emerge in uncharted space, but sensors pick a strange anomaly nearby, which ill Robinson recognises as a time bubble. They take the ship into the bubble.

2063 – The Proteus launches from Earth, able to navigate hyperspace without the need for a hypergate. They are also able to track the Jupiter II’s passage through hyperspace, but they only find an alien ship instead. Docking, they are quickly overrun by a swarm of arachnid creatures. The only survivor is one of the alien crew …

2068 – The Jupiter II emerges from the time bubble, finding the two ships in orbit around a planet. Both are apparently deserted, but the Robinsons find the logs and begin to realise that this is a far more advanced craft than the Jupiter II. West recognises the captain, Jeb, who seems to have half a decade. The ship also has other technology more advanced than their own.

They find a small alien survivor, who Penny adopts and calls Blawp. But there are other passengers: spider-like creatures which swarm across the ship and attack the humans. Smith is bitten and becomes infected, The Jupiter II is forced to disengage, but becomes damaged, forcing a crashlanding on the planet below. They locate a power source nearby which may help them to repair the ship and restore power. West and Robinson investigate but find themselves moving through another time bubble. Dr Smith and Will Robinson also go through the second bubble.

West emerges from the second time bubble and tries to lift off before the planet is torn apart. But they do not have enough power to escape. John Robinson emegres from the time machine, armed with knowledge that can save the entire crew. Instead of flying up, they fly down and through the crumbling planet’s interior, allowing them to escape. However, the collapsing planet’s gravity prevents them from fully escaping, so West uses the hyperdrive to jump to another random point.

Alternate 2068 – The Jupiter II collides with a fragment of the planet and is destroyed, killing all onboard.

31/3/2068 - Penny updates her diary. She aims to keep a record of her adventures on the Jupiter II.

The Jupiter II emerges in the middle of an asteroid field and is forced to land on a nearby planet to conduct repairs. West and Smith go to investigate the surrounding area, with Smith falling into a deep hole. There he finds the body of a dead Aumook and a powersuit. Putting on the armour, he attacks the others, but becomes possessed by the remnants of the dead alien’s consciousness. Following a battle, he forces the Robinsons to take him back to his homeworld, where he finds that both sides have lost. The AI decides to destroy himself, as there is nothing left for him. Retrieving Smith, the humans leave the abandoned powersuit as a memorial. (Lost in Space comic)

The ship enters a system where a huge amount of space junk and derelict ships have collected across a 20 parsec area of space. In addition to the hazards from debris, the CPU of the Jupiter II is offline and a replacement is needed urgently. They locate a similar module onboard a derelict ship from Earth. The Robot is sent into the derelict ship to retrieve its CPU with which to replace the malfunctioning computer on the Jupiter II. Once inside, the Robot navigates through the ship to find the Computer Room where the CPU is kept. It finds the same species of vicious spiderbots previously encountered on the Proteus. Defending itself with its laser, the Robot locates the Computer Room and a much larger spiderbot, which seems to be the king or queen of this nest. Destroying this creature, it removes the CPU. However, the ship becomes destabilized and the Robot has 40 seconds to return to that ship's Engineering and restore the core. Systems are restored to normal and it proceeds back the Jupiter II with the CPU. He replaces the malfunctioning CPU with the one that The Robot has retrieved. With the ship's systems back online, he pilots the ship away and destroys the dangerously unstable derelict ship. Navigating his way through debris to escape this treacherous region of space, West also eliminates odd spiderbots that have survived the destruction of their nest. Knowing the destructive capabilities of even one of these creatures, he uses the ship's weapons to kill them all. The Jupiter II exits this region and into open space once more. (Lost in Space: The Game)

The Jupiter II encounters a planet-sized space station and the crew is transported aboard. There, they are treated as guests, but fall afoul of many of the unspoken rules. Rather than the paradise promised by the colony’s caretakers, the Robinsons discover a race that has a five year lifespan, at the end of which they are all destroyed, then regrown. During this time, they “learn” new things. The process is incomprehensible and shocking to the humans, who leave without quite understanding the reasons behind the alien civilisation. The experience brings the family closer together, though, forging a somewhat closer relationship between Judy and Dr Smith as well.(Lost in Space: Promised Land)

The Robinsons encounter a hostile ship and use the hyperdrive to escape. However, they do arrive at a planet which seems to have a partially-built hypergate in orbit. On the planet below, they detect a power source eminating from a solitary building. Investigating, they find rooms which seem to alter consciousness and perceptions of reality. The Robinsons experience the same changes as the Rellkans two hundred years before, only the humans are able to unravel the mystery and inform the Rellkan survivors of the dangers of the Vault. (Lost in Space: The Vault)

2069 - The Jupiter II passes the Dolian homeworld, with their robot being hijacked by the central computer on the planet. There, they find a world full of robots, but some of the humans are digitised before they can escape. Will and Penny help Glimbus Two to revive not only the sleeping Dolians, but their fellow humans as well. (Lost in Space: Robotworld)

The Robinsons pick up two survivors in an escape pod: Caitlin and Carlos. Will and Penny are happy to have some others of their own age, but Will becomes suspicious that not all is what it seems. Will traps the two aliens in the Jupiter II’s magnetic fields, and the aliens tell the humans about their homeworld and the doomed expedition. Caitlin and Carlos had only just escaped from the Taurus, having caused so much damage to the ship. They had planned to use the Jupiter II to find a new world, where they could start a new race, but this plan is ended when Dr Smith blasts the pair out into space. (Lost in Space: The Passengers)

A cosmic storm hits the Jupiter II, forcing them to make yet another hyperspace jump. Upon entering normal space, Will thinks he recognises a local constellation. The computers seem to confirm the constellation of Taurus, but before they can investigate any further, they encounter huge energy field. The ship breaches the Ring of Joh’el, a realm guarded by an entity called the Protector. Misreading the humans’ intentions, the Protector paralyses the ship and contemplates their fate. Removing the others, the Protector then puts Will and Penny through a number of trials, concluding that they are not the evil creatures first suspected. Because of the aliens’ desire for secrecy and solitude, the Jupiter II is placed at a point far outside the Ring of Joh’el, with all memories of their encounter removed. (Lost in Space The Perils of Quadrant X)

The Robinsons are forced to land on a planet due to a fuel shortage, but discover that it is the homeworld of Blawp’s species. The planet is in danger from the local star’s radiation, which will kill of the Blawps if the humans do not intervene. Penny figures out an answer and, with the aid of Robot, they are able to help the Blawps to shelter from the radiation. (Lost in Space Journey to the Planet of the Blawps)

The Jupiter II lands on a planet, so that the crew can gather much-needed fuel for the ship. However, Will meets Motivar, an alien boy who is undergoing the Ritual of Dangers. He draws Will into this rites of passage, but after a number of dangerous conflicts, Will realises that the dangers are eminating from Motivar himself. Will rescues his counterpart and the pair encounter Motivar’s parents. Motivar has been trying to prove himself a warrior, having been made fun of by other children of his age for being the son of scientists rather than warriors. The aliens leave, allowing the humans to finish mining for the much-needed fuel. (Lost in Space: Warriors)

Locating an Earth-type world, the humans decide to land for a short period. However, the planet’s inhabitants, Morphs, capture some of the human crew. Penny and Will manage to set them free again and they escape from the hostile planet. (Lost in Space: The Virus)

Dr Smith’s mutation is been suspended by Judy’s treatment, but he begins to show the initial signs and characteristics of his transformation. In an ironic contrast, Penny contracts the Chameleon virus from Blawp and gains the ability to blend into many environments.

The Jupiter II finally arrives at Alpha Prime, but is forced to crashland on the planet. The family set out to cross the surface to the main colony. However, the Global Seditionists have beaten them to the planet, with most of the human population left back on Earth to die. The robot proves to be an invaluable ally, with 10 year’s worth of data helping the Robinsons to combat their enemies. The Seditionists use Judy’s feelings for Don against the family, but the Robinsons manage to open a stable hypergate, allowing the forces and population from Earth to cross over to the new world before the mother planet burns up. (Lost in Space movie – DVD commentary)

Alternate future 2090’s – West and Robinson emerge from the second time bubble, where they encounter a grown Will Robinson. He has constructed a time machine, using the remnants of the crashed spacecraft to power it. Dr Smith has also survived, but he has mutated into a monster due to the infection from the spiders. He has killed all of the others from the mission and now plans to use Will’s time machine to travel to Earth and lay waste to the planet. The younger Will convinces the rebuilt Robot to help them. Professor Robinson fights the spider creature, while West and the others returns to the crashed ship. Smith is killed, but Robinson and his son witness the destruction of the Jupiter II as it struggles to escape from the planet. Will allows his time machine to send John Robinson back to the point where the ship is just taking off. (Lost In Space movie)

Notes: Often seen as a one-off with little beyond the main movie's somewhat confusing timeline, it is obvious that, with a little research, quite a lot more of this universe exists in various forms. The graphic novel provides the immediate sequel to the main film, followed by the two paperback novels and the New Journeys series. Although the latter is for younger reader, they echo what is established in the preceeding stories: humanity is not alone in the universe. The game found on the remnants of the old official site has been included, as it features a new encounter with the spiders from the film (now called spiderbots). There are two alternate futures at least, one of which the Robinsons end up in as they do not cross back over through the first time bubble they encounter (see the DVD commentary). The commentary also gives details for the proposed movie sequel, which effectively ends the Jupiter II's journey on Alpha Prime. This provides a nice closure to the timeline, unlike many other series that end prematurely with no resolution (including the original LIS TV show).