Gunhed Timeline

2005 - On Island 8JO, Cyber Tech Corporation's supercomputer, Kyron 5, is brought online. (Gunhed)

2020 - Island 8JO is brought under Kyron 5's complete control. Kyron 5 develops a plan to overcome his human creators, using a theoretical compund called Texmexium. (Gunhed)

Early 2020's - Gigantic mech units are developed by the Federation of Nations, called Heavy Elimination Devices (Heds). Able to change their physical configuration, they may be utilised in a variety of combat roles. These mechs include an AI, but usually carry a human crew. Their names usually denote their primary role: Gun Hed, Command Hed, Assault Hed, Search Hed. (Gun Hed: Aratanaru Tatakai)

Virtual reality simulators also include the Gun Hed unit, allowing trainees to select weapons, battle configurations and other options. Simulated environments included urban areas, with a variety of missions to test the different skills of the crews or the onboard AI. (Runabout 2 video game - Japanese version)

2025 - Kyron 5 declares independence from the Federation of Nations, although the ensuing war is merely a part of the computer's long-term plan. Within ten years, the humans will be able to produce texmexium, according to Kyron 5's forecasts. The resident scientists on 8JO are held hostage. Kyron 5 sets in a motion a ten year plan, hibernating while the biodroids implement various aspects of this strategy. Some of the scientists are deemed no longer useful and are executed, while some others are retained. A Heavy Elimination Device battalion is despatched to the island to shut down the computer: after a battle with Kyron 5's own mechs (Gun Hed: Aratanaru Tatakai), they move on to the main base. Only one Gun Hed makes it to Kyron's main base, but is defeated by Kyron 5's main mech, Aerobot. Only two of the scientists' children survive the hostage situation: one is encoded with a program to be used when the countdown reaches Zero Hour. Kyron 5 remains dormant for the next decade, guarded by biodroids and Aerobot. (Gunhed)

2030's - Texmexium is discovered, allowing development of a new generation of supercomputers to be developed. Supplies are closely guarded in the hyper-nuclear power facilities of all major cities. However, other natual resources are rare, promoting the scavenging of discarded materials for recycling. (Gunhed)

2038 - A mutiny by Model III biodroids draws the attention of the Texas Air Rangers. One biodroid breaks into a laboratory in Dallas and steals a data crystal, which will allow Kyron 5 to be reactivated and, using the texmexium incorporated in all of the world's computers, finally take control of humanity. A Texas Ranger called Nim pursues the biodroid to Island 8JO, where she becomes stranded. She is joined soon afterwards by a group of scavngers from the Mary Ann. They are helped by the two children who survived Kyron5's attack on their families. One crew member is accidentally fused with the bioroid sentinel, while another, Brooklyn, manages to repair a Gunhed unit and use it to attack Kyron 5. The group are forced to engage Aerobot, which all but destroys the Gunhed, but Brooklyn manages to bring one of the cannons back online to destroy the enemy mech. Kyron 5 activates a self-destruct sequence, but the survivors escape onboard the Mary Ann before the island is devastated. The Gunhed unit also survives, albeit in a severely-damaged form. (Gunhed)

2040 - Heavy Elimination Device battalions are despatched to 8JO island to combat a new threat from Kyron 5. Not only do these rival battalions fight each other in a race to eliminate the remnants of the rogue computer, but also have to face a restored Aerobot. However, the island still has a number of supply bases, factories and plants left, where the HEDS can refuel and resupply themselves. (Gun Hed: Aratanaru Tatakai)

2040's - Earth is attacked by the Dark Emperor, an alien who commands a formidable force called the Dark Squadron. Using both technological and biological weapons, the Emperor threatens the very existance of Earth. A single Gunhed Starfighter engages with the enemy and after a prolonged assault, destroys the alien juggernaut. (Gunhed/Blazing Lazers video game)


This is obviously based on the film, comic and videogames bearing the Gunhed monicker. Translation of the Japanese Gun Hed: Aratanaru Tatakai strategy game might provide some extra info. Date for the PC Engine game is speculation.