Researcher's Notes

Until the next DC game comes out, the main timeline is now complete.

28/2/10 - An update after two years ... is this due to Dino Crisis 4?!!! Hell no, but it is an update relating to a Japanese game, Namco X Capcom. Although released in 2005 in Japan, this has only come to my attention (I do have a life outside of this site, you know!). Although it does not fit into the main DC world as such, it does fit in with the oft-cited relationship between the Resident Evil and Dino Crisis universes:

- Bruce McGivern, a member of the organisation that took down Umbrella, not only knows of Regina (her codename, by the way, not her real name), but also of the Third Energy experiments. Similarly, she knows of his organisation and of Umbrella Corporation.

- The infamous RE references as seen in Dino Stalker.

- The collapse of spacetime as seen in Dino Stalker.

- Regina's "appearance" in RE 3.

Looking at the spacetime instabilities seen throughout the DC timeline, the events of NXC fit in very nicely. Last thought: what if all those anomalies were caused by the Quakes?!!!

16/5/08 - Moved to a new server.

20/7/07 - So much for that theory: the translation seems to be a pared down version of the Japanese release. What little there is from the game has been added to the relevant page. We'll try and locate some official documentation which may give more details.

19/7/07 - Looks like Dino Crisis: Dungeon in Chaos game may have been translated and released as Dino Crisis 3D. Lets hope it's a direct translation and not a revamp of the first game, which is the impression the articles and the blurb give.

3/1/07 - Some bits added from the IGN guide to the 2009 and 2010 pages. It is unknown if these are completely canon (or official) but the dates tie up with what is established in the opening scenes of the game: pre-release stuff has turned up in these kinds of guides before (e.g. Mortal Kombat). This includes the ages of Gail and Dr Kirk, which have been scavenged from the Prima Guide.

31/12/06 - Added two new pictures to the 1998 Alternate Page: the RE3 pictures look better on the PC version. To be added: Dino Crisis 1 & 2 files, which are needed to make those pages more detailed. Next up, the weapons from all four games, with some DC3 concept art (see previous entry). Happy New Year!

17/9/06 - We have some concept art on the way from Japan (if all goes well): we'll update the site as necessary if we get anything from that. Meanwhile, we've decided to expand beyond the timeline with a bestiary for DC3. there will be one for the other games as well, plus characters and weapons. Also, we've added a picture of the Ozymandias captain.

20/11/05 - We've loaded up some up the concept art for DC3 on one or two pages. More of this if we can squeeze it in somewhere. The original Dino Crisis 3 storyboards set the game in 2048, so we have included this as an alternate universe timeline. This may have been where the ship went back in time, possibly due to the Third Energy reactor. If we can get a translation, we'll update that part of the site accordingly.

16/11/05 - Looking at the presence of an Umbrella Corporation building in Dino Stalker (not to mention a statue from the first RE game), we've decided to use this to link the Dino Crisis universe to that of RE. The universes seem to be separate but, because of Regina's appearance in Raccoon City, there could a distortion in time and space bridging the two. This is supported by all the weird stuff dropping into hyperspace (everything from old cars to modern aircraft carriers), suggesting temporal problems. Not a perfect answer, but it's as good as it gets without something official from the makers of RE and DC.

13/11/05 - Having tried (and failed) to get a hold of the Dino Crisis: Dungeon in Chaos game for the mobile phone, a basic translation of the official Capcom website has been added to this site's timeline. If ever the full game is ever released in the West, or someone gets a translation for us (HINT HINT!!), that's all we can do at the moment. The Dino Duel/Colosseum has also been added and tied in with the multiplayer option on the mobile phone game. Other than that, the timeline is complete, unless there is another Dino Crisis game released in the future.

10/7/05 - This Dino Crisis timeline is definately a work-in-progress at the moment. It is nearly finished, but the main Dino Crisis game missions need to be given more depth. The games have been used, as well as some of the info in the official strategy guides and some of the ads (e.g. Japanese Gun Survivor promos). As such, it's up to you if you take these latter parts seriously! There are also one or two assumptions, mainly to do with the echoes seen throughout the games:

* - The use of an orbital gun platform in Dino Crisis 2, which reflects Kirk's plans in the first game.

* - The ways in which both Mother computers go off the rails in Gun Survivor 3 (Dino Stalker) and Dino Crisis 3.

There will more sections added, mainly to do with characters and weapons, when we get time. And we'll be pondering whether Dino Crisis is a part of the Resident Evil universe. We suspect not, but we WILL be doing something with Regina's appearance in Resident Evil 3 ...

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