The Third Energy experiments continue ...

Careful attention is paid by the research and development team in a military laboratory, with safety control systems to make sure there are no foolish mistakes this time. Everyone is in no doubt that the accidents that plagued previous experiments will not happen this time.

But within the military research facility, the Third Energy furnaces burn out of control, due to recklessness and overconfidence. Communication with the outside world is lost.

Immediately, an investigator is dispatched, but after penetrating the lab, communication is cut off. The government confront the military leaders and the Army Special Forces are requested to go in and deal with the situation. Moving through the nine areas of the facility, the team encounter a range of dinosaurs. They utilise weapons such as Vulcan Lasers and Cannon Lasers to deal with the dinosaurs.

The Third Energy furnaces are put out and the dinosaurs are destroyed, but there are no survivors at the facility.

Building on the Dino Colosseum training facility, new scenarios and simulations are added to SORT and TRAT virtual reality training.