Ozymandias Bestiary


R&D Code: D-01-001
Code Name: Rigel
DNA Prime: Giganotosaurus

Individually, this particular species poses no significant threat. However, an insatiable appetite coupled with a tendency to blindly feed on anything that moves, makes this a very dangerous creature when encountered in large numbers.


R&D Code: D-02-001
Code Name: Algol
DNA Prime: Velociraptor

The Algol is highly agile and has well-developed hind legs that enable tremendous jumps. When agitated, it can release shock blasts from the electricity-generating organ on its head. By manipulating its genes, high-level survival instinct have been installed. Algols are group-conscious, and hunt in packs.


R&D Code: D-01-10a
Code Name: Australis
DNA Prime: Tyrannosaurus Rex

A failed attempt to create a creature capable of surviving in the vacuum of space. Failure to develop a suitable skin resulted in its exposed musculature. However, its self-healing properties and ferocious disposition make it a formidable foe to any that cross its path. Equipped with an electricity-generating organ, the creature releases shock blasts.


R&D Code: D-099-09x
Code Name: Cebalrai
DNA Prime: Giganotosaurus

A successful attempt at developing an ultimate life form, Cebalrai is capable of surviving on land of in space. Extremely resilient, the creature is the Rigel's final stage of growth. Cebalrai displays and aggressiveness that is well beyond its predatory instinct.


R&D Code: D-3a-001
Code Name: Kornephoros
DNA Prime: Velociraptor

By restricting their evolution to a shape similar to that of primates, dinosaurs with human-like properties were devised. Using the genes of the Catarrhini group (humans, monkeys and apes), genetic manipulation was performed on the dinosaur DNA, altering muscles and skeletal framework. As a result, this modified species hunts systematically as a group, and exhibits some of the characteristics of the Catarrhini.


R&D Code: D-16-021
Code Name: Miaplacidus
DNA Prime: Spinosaurus

Genetically manipulated for amphibious qualities that would allow survival on both land and water, the Miaplacidus is an aggressive creature with a sharp dorsal fin. Miaplacidus is also capable of spitting high-pressure jets of water, giving it the ability for long-range attacks.


R&D Code: D-28-477
Code Name: Regulus
DNA Prime: Ankylosaurus

Based on the Ornithischia-Thyreophora. The skin of the Regulus' back is covered with thick plates or organic armor capable of deflecting projectile attacks. In combat, it rolls up its body and rams its opponent. However, the creature's soft underbelly and slow speed makes it vulnerable to well-placed attacks.