3 Million Years In The Future

The dinosaurs arrive in a similar environment to that of the Cretaceous Period, with a number of humans to act as guardians. An orbital gun platform is also sent up to act as a defence, seemingly based on the original designs by Dr Kirk and Colonel Clay. A Mother Computer oversees the entire operation, with a genetically-engineered dinosaur called Trinity to act as a means of monitoring the creatures. Another accident occurs and the timegate disappears, stranding the team there. The remaining survivors struggle to recover the gate. However, despite the establishment of a base, conflict between the humans and their wards leaves the facility all but wiped out. With only the Superintendant, Dylan, left, the children of the facility’s are placed in life-support chambers to preserve both their and the dinosaurs’ future. Losing his wife in the battles, his injured daughter is placed in the support units along with the other children. They grow up with little or no speech, as the chambers were designed for dinosaurs. Fed knowledge on dinosaurs and how to co-exist with them, the children grow up with a protective instinct towards the reptiles. Leaving a message for his younger self, he knows what is to come and that the remainder of the children will be taken of by the people of the past.

14/1/???? - the Military Base, Research Facility and Edward City appear far into the future. Due to the presence of dinosaurs, they think they are 65 million years in the past. However, they are approximately 3 million years in the future.

Over the next ten years, supplies run out and encroachment by the dinosaurs wear the inhabitants down. Mysterious humans appear, attacking the survivors. Aged in their late teens, these assailants refuse to acknowledge any attempt at communication. Finding one of the attackers dead, they plan to do an autopsy, but they are unable to do so.

In a desperate attempt to clear the area of dinosaurs, the military plan to input third energy information into a missile and fire it at the local jungle.

TRAT and SORT teams arrive to investigate the disappearance of Edward City and the military base. Their team is all but wiped out by raptors, with only Regina, Dylan and David escaping. Investigating the three facilities, they find that dinosaurs have infested the entire area. Strange humans attack the team, apparently protecting the dinosaurs. Capturing one, she seems to recognise Dylan. They arrive at Edwards City, but they are too late to save the last inhabitants. Recovering the Third Energy data disk, they escape, but Dylan is washed down river and comes ashore outside the Noah’s Ark Facility. Meeting up with the survivor from the hostile humans, they enter the base and Dylan discovers the truth behind the noah’s ark plan and that the teenager Regina captured is his daughter. They send the other survivors of the Noah’s Ark Plan through the timegate, but before they can follow, they are attacked by a Gigantosaur. Dylan uses the orbital laser platform to kill the creature, but the auto-destruct has been set by the last of the teenagers from the facility. With Paula trapped underneath falling machinery, Dylan sends Regina back through the timegate after the life-support pods, instructing her to perfect timegate technology and come back to get them.

Dylan and Paula are rescued by Regina.

With the crisis now past in the Cretaceous Period and history restored, the Mother Computer is to transport the dinosaurs back to their own time. However, the computer malfunctions and the creatures are lost in hyperspace. Dylan Morton sends his daughter back to the location in hyperspace, liaising with MikeWired in the past to rectify the problem and return the dinosaurs to their own time. Dylan then goes back to his own time to prepare the Noah’s Ark Plan.