14/2/2248 - Caren Velasquez is registered with the AI Development Department, joining her father on the Ozymandias' crew.

3/3/2248 - The Ozymandias colony ship is launched to the Alpha system, with Captain Sutoko Evans in command. Powered by Third Energy, the ship warps through space to travel to the Alpha system. The MTHR Computer controls the ship, carrying human colonists and dinosaur DNA stocks. The structure of the ship can be changed to adapt to different environments, with WASPS being used as both weapons and security access devices by the crew. During warp, disturbances in the ship's Energy Core cause abnormalities in the Deck Sector's environmental systems and Shaft Sector's gravity, as well as an energy leak in the Energy Sector. There are no human casaulties, but the defects in warp navigation are to be reviewed before further jumps. On arrival in the Alpha system, the mission focuses on the second planet from this star, named Alpha II, as a possible colonisation site. HIIIA android are developed by MTHR and Dr Velasquez, using Dr Jack Morton's technology developed in 2050. These multi-functional androids have highly advanced neuro-AI make ideal candidates for personnel support and assist the Science Division in several key projects. Dr Velasquez, leading authority on synthetic skin, neuro-AI development and amphibious robotics, thinks that further AI development may allow the androids to express emotions. The androids are expected to play a major role in the colonisation of Alpha II. His daughter, Caren, is used as a template for the androids. Dr Velasquez also designs the environmental control robots for use on the Alpha II colony.

23/8/2248 - Mark Hillman loses a Data Storage Media in the Deck Sector. This is found is Operations Room Portside and returned to him.

6/9/2248 - Radiation from the Alpha star causes irregular surges in the Ozymandias' energy distribution.

11/9/2248 - 40 patients treated for mild radiation poisoning.

12/9/2248 - The plants seeded on planet Alpha II seem to be holding out well. There is rumoured to be a lot of water on this world. Symptoms become more severe and results from blood tests show that leucocyte counts have increased. The results do not surprise Captain Evans.

13/9/2248 - Engineering inspected the ship's Power Station equipment, following the energy surges. The Deck Sector's main conduit is disconnected. Koh Westin loses his Level 1 Security Pass in the Deck Sector. Maintenance Staff locate it in the Hangar Deck Upper Level. A Power Conversion chip is lost by Gary Roper in the Shaft Sector Panel Room. Alternative facilities are used to supply this area until the unit is replaced.

At 1200, a radiation alert is sounded by MTHR. A lethal wave of cosmic rays from the Alpha sun hits the ship. Staff start to complain of intense headaches. The Medical Officer is told of the previously undetected bombardments of cosmic rays. The Science Division tries to find a way of minimising the ffects, assisted by the medical teams.

14/9/2248 - Even the Medical Block has been exposed to the cosmic rays, despite shielding. Key members of staff die and Captain Evans informs the crew of the situation.

15/9/2248 - Medical Block is overwhelmed by cases, with over 80% of the crew affected. HIIIA androids handle the funerals.

16/9/2248 - Medical Block becomes a morgue, with only a few staff left alive.

Captain Evans records a last message: the colonisation mission is a failure, with all human life dying from the radiation in interstellar space.

In an attempt to create life which can survive in this environment, the computer tries to develop an immigrant population for Alpha II from the human and dinosaur DNA.

The computer works on a number of different creatures, going through four phases of research:

Phase 1 - MTHR engineers several varieties of cell samples from the most human-like creatures, but fails to regenerate human life due to the cosmic rays.

Revised Phase 1 - MTHR discovers dinosaur DNA in the ship's stores and integrates these with human DNA to develop a hybrid. Several cultures are devloped:

- The Algol is developed from the DNA of the Velociraptor. By manipulating these genes to create a higher survival instinct, MTHR examines survival and group instincts in this research. These creatures hunt in packs and can release shock blasts from the electricity-generating organ in their heads.

- Australis originates from Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA, which is a failed attempt to create a creature capable of surviving in the vacuum of space. MTHR research is to try and verify space survival instincts. The computer fails to develop a suitable skin, which results in its musculature being exposed. It has self-healing properties and is equipped with an electricity-generating organ like the Algol.

- Miaplacidusí prime DNA source is Spinosaurus. The computer manipulates the genetic structure to develop amphibious qualities that allows survival on both land and water: this is aimed at survival on Alpha II. The Miaplacidus spits high-pressure jets of water at enemies.

- Based on the Ornithischia-Thyreophora, Regulusí DNA comes from the Ankylosaurus. Its back is covered with thick plates and organic armour capable of deflecting projectile attacks. It rolls up its body and rams its opponent in battle, but the creature's soft underbelly and slow speed makes it vulnerable.

- Kornephoros is developed from Velociraptor DNA and the genes of the Catarrhini group (humans, monkeys and apes). They are humanoid in shape and hunts systematically as a group, exhibiting some of the characteristics of the Catarrhini.

- Rigel is developed from Giganotosaurus DNA, with an aim into researching survival instinct and reproduction. Although not very dangerous on an individual basis, they are deadly with in large numbers with veracious appetites. The creatures tend to move en masse, focusing on feeding and reproduction. Their nests are called Domains, which may be formed within the body of another creature.

- Cebalrai is the Rigel's final stage of growth, which is a successful attempt at developing an ultimate life form. Cebalrai is extremely resilient, capable of surviving on land of in space. Having two or even three heads, they can emit powerful energy blasts.

Phase 2 - With no humans alive on the ship, MTHR releases the enhanced clones on the main bridge area for further observation, although the subjects are still vulnerable to the radiation from the local sun.

Phase 3 - Human-based species capable of surviving the cosmic rays are successfully developed. MTHR releases the remainder of the modified dinosaurs throughout the Ozymandias

Phase 4 - In orbit around Alpha II, MTHR analyses the planet's atmosphere and climate. The human hybrids are sent to the surface to est their survivability. The hybrids fail to thrive and die.

Phase 5 - MTHR abandons Alpha II to return to a planet she has records of in her memory files: a planet which could sustain life, called Earth. The HIIIA androids are mass-produced in preparation for the colonisation of Earth, with the androids nurturing and raising the hybrid dinosaurs to adulthood.