In a parallel dimension, an organisation called Shinra works to prevent Quakes, openings between different worlds. A decade previously, in Shibuya, Tokyo, they prevented a rival organisation, Ouma, from opening these gateways, resulting in the area becoming an Isolation City. Now, the Quakes are opening again, allowing free travel between a myriad of worlds for all manner of creatures. Regina finds herself in the Material World, fighting alongside others in an attempt to prevent evil forces from merging the different realms. As the Quakes break through the barriers in time as well, an allosaurus from Ibis island also finds it way into the fray, dogging Regina and her allies with remarkable stamina. Contaminated by one of the viruses developed by Umbrella Corporation, it is finally dispatched with the aid of a catapult. Regina works alongside Bruce McGivern, an agent of the United States Strategic Command: both are familiar with each other's professional history. Ouma is finally defeated and the barriers between different time periods and worlds are sealed again.