January - Despite the destruction of Dr Kirk’s second facility and the dangers posed by Third Energy, the government has resumed massive research into the area. Headed by Colonel Maison, the military has greater input on this project. They establish a working reactor and work on a timegate, which may be able to transport people from one time to another. However, the need for immediate results, plus neglect, result in another disaster, this time on a much larger scale.

14/1 - The military base, the Third Energy research facility and Edward City all vanish, replaced by a jungle. Dinosaurs infest the area where the base and town once were and, although they originated from the Late Cretaceous, these creatures have not been transported from that time. After dealing with the immediate threat of dinosaurs in the vicinity of where Edward City was, the military assesses the situation. The media gets ahold of the story, but it is suppressed by TRAT.

4/3 - Regina spends a quiet weekend in San Francisco with her husband, Shinji, at the Mark Hopkins hotel.

10/5 - Regina is briefed by an NSA colonel before arriving at the site. Her orders are to work with TRAT on a joint mission through a timegate. Their primary objective is to rescue the survivors of the incident, then to retrieve the Third Energy data from the facility computers.

TRAT and SORT send a specialised team to find the survivors of the accident and to return with the Third Energy data. Regina returns from that period and scientists use the Third Energy data in order to set about perfecting the timegate technology to rescue Dylan and his daughter. Knowing the effects of the Third Energy on human history, the Noah’s Ark Plan is devised, with the Earth of 3 million years in the future being made into the same environment as the Cretaceous.

SORT and TRAT devise a virtual reality facility, so that personnel can train in anti-dinosaur combat techniques. Different scenarios pitch humans against different dinosaur species, armed with the latest weapons. Vehicles such as tanks can also be used, or the combatants may utilise actual dinosaur similations, to see the battle from the enemy's point of view. Both artificial intelligence or human players control the different antagonists. Regina, Dylan, Gail and Rick use the VR training, fighting against the likes of the Comsognathus, Oviraptor, Velociraptor, Inostrancevia, Triceratop, Allosaurus and Tyrannosaur.