Third Energy project is developed in Borganian Republic by Dr Kirk, finanaced by the military under Colonel Clay. The aim is to develop an orbital energy weapon, with a network of gun platforms that can target any place on the planet. A research facility is established on Ibis Island.

03/09 - The scientists are aware that Third Energy is being developed for military use, but they are unaware as to the exact nature of Clay's plans, hoping that they can benefit from Dr Kirk's project.

04/09 - The team of scientists on Ibis Island suspect that Kirk has a secret laboratory and try to discover where it is. Dr Kirk’s presence becomes known to SORT and an agent, Tom, is sent to investigate the reappearance of the scientist. Soon, he is able to gain the trust of the doctor and infiltrate the main facility.

07/09 - Mike, one of the researchers, locates some clues as to the location of the secret lab, communicating this to a companion, Paul. They try to forge an identity card and gain access to Dr Kirk's lab.

An initial experiment results in the emergence of a number of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous Period. Although an unseen side-effect, the military are impressed with this and order another experiment. Before this can occur, the facility is overrun by the creatures. Tom is severely injured by a dinosaur.

Operation Dr Kirk has a Secret Operation Raid Team sent in to extract Dr Kirk, which encounters the dinosaurs. Former TRAT team leader Regina, Gail and Rick infiltrate the facility and fight a number of different dinosaurs. They lose one member and later find Tom, who is killed by a raptor.


Mission successful
Mission successful, but Gail dies
Mission successful, but Dr Kirk is missing
Mission fails