Hyperspace Anomaly

As reality begins to unravel in hyperspace, more anomalies in space and time occur. A number of buildings, vehicles and items appear in the vicinity of the Mother computer as its control over the situation continues to deteriorate. Among the strange phenomena is the sighting of an Umbrella Corporation building, as well as an item of corporate property, the “Woman Drawing Water” statue (previously known to be located at the Spencer Mansion in the Arklay Mountains, USA): both are present in the city through which Mike and Paula drive.

Although the link is uncertain, a SORT agent, bearing a striking resemblance to Regina, is also seen. The woman seems to be fighting a variety of monsters and mutants in a section of what has been identified as a part of Raccoon City in 1998. The woman utilises weapons consistent with the STARS and UBCS teams of that period and location.

This incident may have a number of explanations:

* - This is a mission undertaken by Regina (or another agent) on behalf of SORT in 1998.

* - Regina (or another agent) has come back in time to 1998 in order to correct some anomaly which threatens the timeline in the future.

* - The reality is a false one, where the distortions in space and time create phantom events and people.

* - The events occurred in a parallel timeline and are somehow reflected in hyperspace now due to the immense strain on the fabric of space and time.

Whatever the reason, the SORT agent’s presence in Raccoon City, as well as that of Umbrella Corporation and its statue in hyperspace, remain a mystery.