Mike Wired, a USAF pilot, is shot down over the Atlantic and, bailing out of his aircraft, parachutes towards the sea below. An enemy plane brings its guns to bear to kill him, but he suddenly disappears, to reappear in hyperspace where the Mother Computer and Trinity have the surviving dinosaurs from the Noah’s Ark plan. Guided by Dylan Morton, Mike meets up with Paula, the Colonel’s daughter, and together they fight their way across the barren landscape to the Mother Computer.

As the pair try to escape from marauding dinosaurs in a jeep, reality around them continues to fall apart.

Destroying Trinity, who perceives them as a threat to the dinosaurs, they reprogram the main computer and the dinosaurs continue on to their destination in the Cretaceous Period.

During this time, a woman seems to be hunting the dinosaurs in this area, although her origins are unknown.

Paula and Mike fall in love with each in the brief but intense time they are together. Mike is informed by Dylan that he was chosen because of the risk that anyone undertaking this mission may have died in the fighting, so someone who was about to die anyway would not have caused any changes to the timeline. However, just after Mike is sent back to his own time, Paula erases the bullets that are about to hit Mike, allowing him to continue to live on in his own time.