Universal Century Timeline

U.C. 0001 (A.D. 2045)
With Earth's population at 9 billion, an ambitious space colonization program begins. The calendar is changed to the Universal Century era.

U.C. 0027
Von Braun, the first permanent lunar settlement, is established.

U.C. 0040
40% of the human population (roughly 5 billion people) have emigrated to space.

U.C. 0045
The asteroid Juno - later known as Luna II - is placed in Earth orbit to help with space colony construction.
The Minovsky Physics Society is founded at the Side 3 colony cluster.

U.C. 0050
The human population reaches 11 billion people, 9 billion of whom have emigrated to space. The following year, the Earth Federation halts construction of new space colonies, and the colonization program is effectively ended.

U.C. 0052
Zeon Zum Deikun moves to Side 3 to spread his ideology. Deikun argues that humanity should complete its migration to space, and that the space colonies should be treated as independent nations.

U.C. 0058
Side 3 declares its independence, and the Republic of Zeon is established.

U.C. 0060
The Federation Forces begin an arms buildup, organizing the Earth Federation Space Force and converting Luna II into a military base.

U.C. 0065
The researchers of the Minovsky Physics Society observe a unique electromagnetic effect, which leads to the discovery of the Minovsky particle.

U.C. 0068
Zeon Zum Deikun dies under suspicious circumstances, and Degwin Sodo Zabi succeeds him as leader.

U.C. 0069.08.15
Degwin Sodo Zabi declares himself sovereign and establishes the Principality of Zeon. Zeon Zum Deikun's followers are purged, and his children Casval and Artesia are taken to Earth for their protection.

U.C. 0070
The Principality of Zeon experiments with scattering Minovsky particle to jam radar, and completes a mega particle cannon based on Minovsky physics.
The Principality of Zeon commissions its first Chivvay-class space cruiser.
The Federation Forces begin production of Salamis- and Magellan-class space warships.

U.C. 0071
The Principality of Zeon begins development of new weapons for use in the era of Minovsky physics.

U.C. 0072
In the asteroid belt, the Principality of Zeon begins construction of the asteroid base Axis as a way-station for its Jupiter Fleet.

U.C. 0073
The Principality of Zeon completes the first prototype mobile suit, the MS-01.

U.C. 0074.02
The Principality of Zeon completes a prototype version of the MS-05 Zaku. This prototype mobile suit is equipped with a super-compact fusion reactor based on Minovsky physics.

U.C. 0075.05
The Principality of Zeon rolls out a combat-ready version of the MS-05 Zaku. Later this year, the first mobile suit training battalion is formed.

U.C. 0075.07
The Principality of Zeon commissions its first Musai-class space cruiser, the first warship designed to carry mobile suits.

U.C. 0076.04
The Principality of Zeon expands its mobile suit production facilities, and begins mass production of the MS-05 Zaku.

U.C. 0076.12
Anticipating a possible Earth invasion, the Principality of Zeon begins developing specialized mobile suits for land and sea warfare.

U.C. 0078.01
The Principality of Zeon begins mass production of a new model of mobile suit, the MS-06 Zaku II.

U.C. 0078.03
The Federation Forces launch the RX Project, a secret mobile suit development program.

U.C. 0078.10
The Principality of Zeon announces a state of national mobilization. The Zeon military is divided into a Space Attack Force commanded by Dozle Zabi, and a Mobile Assault Force led by Kycilia Zabi.

U.C. 0079.01.03
The One Year War begins. The Principality of Zeon declares war against the Earth Federation and launches surprise attacks on Side 1, 2, and 4. During this first week of the war, the indiscriminate use of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons claims the lives of 2.8 billion space colonists.
The Principality of Zeon forces a space colony out of orbit in an attempt to destroy Jaburo, the Federation Forces headquarters. Though the colony drop misses its target, it hits Sydney, Australia and drastically alters Earth's climate.

U.C. 0079.01.11
The space colonies of Side 6 declare their neutrality.

U.C. 0079.01.15
The Battle of Loum begins at Side 5. The Federation Space Force is wiped out, and the Principality of Zeon captures fleet commander General Revil. The Side 5 colony cluster is completely destroyed.

U.C. 0079.01.31
With half the human race wiped out and both sides exhausted, representatives of the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation meet in Antarctica to negotiate a peace treaty. Though the war continues, the Antarctic Treaty bans the use of nuclear weapons, prohibits colony drops and other tactics of mass destruction, and guarantees the neutrality of Side 6 and the lunar cities.

U.C. 0079.02
The Principality of Zeon forms an Earth Attack Force, commanded by Garma Zabi. The following month, the Earth Attack Force carries out a series of drop operations and captures most of Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

U.C. 0079.03.01
The Principality's Earth Attack Force stages its first landing operation. The 1st Terrestrial Mobile Division is deployed to Central Asia, and proceeds onward into Europe and the Middle East.

U.C. 0079.03.04
The Principality of Zeon deploys a resource mining unit to Central Asia.

U.C. 0079.03.11
The Principality's Earth Attack Force stages its second landing operation. The 2nd and 3rd Terrestrial Mobile Divisions are deployed to the west and east coasts of North America, respectively.

U.C. 0079.03.13
The Principality of Zeon captures the Federation Forces' California base, which now becomes the stronghold of the Principality's Earth Attack Force.

U.C. 0079.03.18
The Principality's Earth Attack Force stages its third landing operation. The 4th Terrestrial Mobile Division is deployed to Oceania and Australasia.

U.C. 0079.04.01
The Federation Forces launch "Operation V," a crash program to develop mobile suits and carrier ships, and the "Vinson Plan," to rebuild their space fleet.

U.C. 0079.04.04
The Principality of Zeon lands reserve forces on Earth, and deploys its "foreign legion" to Africa and the Middle East. Using captured resources and facilities, the Principality begins building up its military power.

U.C. 0079.06
In space, the Principality of Zeon completes its defensive line, consisting of the asteroid fortresses Solomon and A Baoa Qu and the lunar base Granada.
The Flanagan Institute is established to investigate Newtype phenomena.

U.C. 0079.07
The Federation Forces develop compact beam weapons that can be used by mobile suits. The first RX-78 Gundam is completed, and trial production of the RX-79 model begins.
The mobile assault carrier White Base, first of the Pegasus class, is commissioned.

U.C. 0079.08
The Federation Forces begin final testing of the RX-78 Gundam, and other prototype mobile suits, at the Side 7 research colony. Development of the RX-78NT-1 Gundam begins at the Augusta Base in North America.
U.C. 0079.09.18
A Principality special forces team commanded by Lt. Commander Char Aznable attacks Side 7. The RX-78 Gundam enters combat, destroying two Zakus, and the survivors of the attack are evacuated aboard the White Base. [Mobile Suit Gundam, episode 1]

U.C. 0079.10
The Federation Forces begin mass production of their own mobile suits.
The Flanagan Institute completes a prototype psycommu (psycho-communicator) system.

U.C. 0079.10.04
Captain Garma Zabi, commander of the Earth Attack Force, falls in battle. [Mobile Suit Gundam, episode 10]

U.C. 0079.10.06
Admiral Gihren Zabi, supreme military leader of the Principality of Zeon, speaks at his brother Garma's funeral. His fiery speech is broadcast worldwide. [Mobile Suit Gundam, episode 10]
En route to Earth, Shiro Amada meets Principality test pilot Aina Sahalin. [The 08th MS Team, episode 1]

U.C. 0079.11.07
In Eastern Europe, the Federation Forces launch Operation Odessa. [Mobile Suit Gundam, episode 25]

U.C. 0079.11.09
Operation Odessa ends in victory for the Federation. From Europe through Asia, the Principality of Zeon's fighting power begins to collapse.
The 08th MS Team intercepts the mobile armor Apsalus at its desert testing ground. [The 08th MS Team, episode 7]

U.C. 0079.11.20
The Federation Forces begin full-scale deployment of the RGM-79 GM.
The Federation Forces carry out an inquiry regarding Shiro Amada's conduct. [The 08th MS Team, Miller's Report]

U.C. 0079.11.25
The Federation Forces capture Alice Springs, Australia. [Gundam Side Story 0079]

U.C. 0079.11.30
The Principality of Zeon launches a drop operation against Jaburo, the headquarters of the Federation Forces. The attack, led by Captain Char Aznable, ends in failure. [Mobile Suit Gundam, episode 29]

U.C. 0079.12.05
The Federation Forces launch mopping-up operations in Africa and North America.

U.C. 0079.12.07
The Federation Forces lay siege to a Principality base on the Tibetan Plateau. [The 08th MS Team, episodes 10-11]

U.C. 0079.12.08
The Principality of Zeon begins deployment of the MS-14 Gelgoog.

U.C. 0079.12.09
The Principality of Zeon's Cyclops Team attacks a Federation Forces base in the Arctic circle. [Gundam 0080, episode 1]

U.C. 0079.12.13
The Principality of Zeon attacks Side 6's Libot colony. [Gundam 0080, episode 1]

U.C. 0079.12.14
The Federation Forces begin their space offensive, launching their rebuilt space fleet from Jaburo. [Mobile Suit Gundam, episode 31]

U.C. 0079.12.15
The Cyclops Team infiltrates Side 6's Libot colony in order to locate and destroy the Gundam NT-1. [Gundam 0080, episode 2]

U.C. 0079.12.19
The Cyclops Team attacks the secret Federation base where the Gundam NT-1 is stored. [Gundam 0080, episode 4]

U.C. 0079.12.20
A Principality commander decides to attack the Libot colony with nuclear weapons. [Gundam 0080, episode 5]

U.C. 0079.12.24
The Federation Forces attack the asteroid fortress Solomon. Solomon is captured, and Space Attack Force commander Dozle Zabi falls in battle. [Mobile Suit Gundam, episodes 35-36]

U.C. 0079.12.25
The last member of the Cyclops Team attempts to destroy the Gundam NT-1, in order to prevent the annihilation of the Libot colony. [Gundam 0080, episode 6]

U.C. 0079.12.26
The Principality of Zeon attacks the Federation Forces' Torrington base in Australia. [Gundam Side Story 0079]

U.C. 0079.12.30
The Principality of Zeon activates its Solar Ray weapon. A third of the Federation fleet is wiped out, along with the Principality's own Sovereign Degwin. [Mobile Suit Gundam, episode 41]

U.C. 0079.12.31
The Federation Forces attack the space fortress A Baoa Qu. Anticipating the Principality's defeat, Captain Aiguille Delaz and his followers withdraw from the battlefield. [Mobile Suit Gundam, episodes 42-43]

U.C. 0080.01.01
The One Year War ends. The Earth Federation and the re-established Republic of Zeon sign a peace accord at the lunar city of Granada.

U.C. 0080.01.02
The Federation Forces capture the Principality's Hughenden base in Australia. [Gundam Side Story 0079]

U.C. 0080.01.14
The Earth Federation and the government of Side 6 sign a security treaty. [Gundam 0080, episode 6]

U.C. 0080.03
Aiguille Delaz gathers the Principality forces which remain in the Earth sphere. The Delaz Fleet relocates to a shoal zone and begins construction of the "Garden of Thorns."

U.C. 0080.06
The Federation Forces announce that the former Principality forces on the African front have now been disarmed.

U.C. 0081.03.28
Renegade Principality forces arrive at the asteroid base Axis. With them is the infant Mineva Lao Zabi, the Principality's heir.

U.C. 0081.05.05
At Axis, Dozle Zabi's widow Zenna succumbs to an illness.

U.C. 0081.10.03
The Federation Assembly approves the Federation Forces Reconstruction Plan.

U.C. 0081.10.20
As part of the Federation Forces Reconstruction Plan, the civilian company Anaheim Electronics begins the top-secret Gundam Development Project.

U.C. 0082.04
The Federation Forces secretly establish their own Newtype Labs.

U.C. 0082.05
The first Colony Reclamation Plan begins, relocating damaged space colonies from Side 4 to Side 3.

U.C. 0083.07.30
The Delaz Fleet drafts plans for a major resistance operation called Operation Stardust.

U.C. 0083.08.09
Axis leader Maharaja Karn dies. Two days later, his 16-year-old daughter Haman succeeds him as Mineva Zabi's regent.

U.C. 0083.09.18
Rollout of the RX-78GP02A Gundam at Anaheim Electronics' Von Braun factory.

U.C. 0083.09.29
Rollout of the RX-78GP01 Gundam and its Full Vernian conversion parts at Anaheim Electronics' Von Braun factory.

U.C. 0083.10.04
Rollout of the RX-78GP03 Gundam at Anaheim Electronics' Von Braun factory.

U.C. 0083.10.07
The mobile assault carrier Albion collects the GP01 and GP02A from Von Braun, then departs for the Federation Forces' Torrington base in Australia for field testing.

U.C. 0083.10.09
Lt. Commander Anavel Gato of the Delaz Fleet lands in Africa, joining forces with terrestrial remnants of the Principality of Zeon.

U.C. 0083.10.13
The Albion arrives at the Torrington base. Gato infiltrates the base, stealing the Gundam GP02A and its nuclear warhead. [Gundam 0083, episode 1]

U.C. 0083.10.14
Gato and the Gundam GP02A escape in the direction of Africa. The Albion begins pursuit. [Gundam 0083, episode 2]

U.C. 0083.10.16
The Albion arrives in Africa and begins searching for the stolen Gundam GP02A.

U.C. 0083.10.23
Gato and the Gundam GP02A escape to orbit in a Heavy-lift Launch Vehicle. [Gundam 0083, episode 4]

U.C. 0083.10.31
The Delaz Fleet's declaration of war is broadcast throughout the Earth sphere. [Gundam 0083, episode 5]

U.C. 0083.11.01
The second Colony Reclamation Plan is started, transferring damaged space colonies from Side 1 to Side 3.

U.C. 0083.11.02
The Albion docks at the lunar city of Von Braun. [Gundam 0083, episode 6]

U.C. 0083.11.04
Leaving the moon, the Albion sets course for the Sea of Solomon. [Gundam 0083, episode 7]

U.C. 0083.11.08
The Federation battleship Birmingham, aided by the Albion's pilots, battles Cima's Fleet. [Gundam 0083, episode 8]

U.C. 0083.11.10
A Federation Forces naval review is attacked by the Delaz Fleet, and 60% of the participating vessels are immobilized or destroyed. Meanwhile, two colonies are hijacked in mid-transfer, and one begins falling toward the moon. The Federation's remaining naval vessels hurriedly begin pursuit. [Gundam 0083, episodes 9-10]

U.C. 0083.11.11
The runaway colony's course is changed to an Earthward trajectory. The Albion launches in pursuit, accompanied by the Gundam GP03. [Gundam 0083, episode 11]

U.C. 0083.11.12
Using the Solar System II, the Federation Forces attempt to stop the colony's descent. [Gundam 0083, episode 12]

U.C. 0083.11.13
The colony falls on the North American continent. [Gundam 0083, episode 13]

U.C. 0083.11.23
Certain Albion crewmembers are court-martialed for their actions during the Delaz Conflict.

U.C. 0083.12.04
At the urging of Commodore Jamitov Hymem, the Federation Forces form an elite taskforce, called the Titans, to hunt down former Principality of Zeon forces.

U.C. 0084.03.10
The truth about the colony drop, and the details of the Gundam Development Project, are erased from official records. All sentences connected with these affairs are thus nullified.

U.C. 0084.06.17
After reorganizing the Sides, the Federation Assembly declares that the status quo of the Earth sphere will be maintained.

U.C. 0084.09.21
Char Aznable returns to the Earth sphere and illegally accesses the Federation's military register. He then infiltrates the Federation Forces under an assumed name.

U.C. 0085.07.31
The Titans use poison gas to suppress a demonstration at Colony 30 of Side 1, wiping out the colony's three million inhabitants. Anti-Federation resistance increases as a result, and the Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) is organized.

U.C. 0085.09.08
Construction of the space colony Gryps, the new Titan headquarters, begins at Side 7.

U.C. 0086.02.06
The asteroid Axis begins its journey back to the Earth sphere.

U.C. 0087.03.02
The AEUG warship Argama attacks Side 7, stealing three prototype RX-178 Gundam Mk.II units from the Titans. [Zeta Gundam, episode 1-3]

U.C. 0087.03.16
The Argama attacks a solar power satellite in Earth orbit. [Zeta Gundam, episode 6]

U.C. 0087.03.18
The Argama docks at Side 1's Colony 30. [Zeta Gundam, episode 7]

U.C. 0087.03.25
The Argama reaches the moon and docks at the lunar city of Amman. [Zeta Gundam, episode 8]

U.C. 0087.04.29
The Inter-Planetary Helium Carrier Jupitris returns to the Earth sphere.

U.C. 0087.05.03
The Argama rescues the space shuttle Temptation from an unknown mobile armor. The shuttle's captain, Commander Bright Noa, joins the AEUG. [Zeta Gundam, episode 10]

U.C. 0087.05.11
The AEUG attacks the Federation's Jaburo base in South America. The AEUG mobile suit force escapes aboard the transport plane Audhumla, and joins with the Karaba resistance group. [Zeta Gundam, episodes 11-12]

U.C. 0087.05.22
The Audhumla lands at Florida's Kennedy Spaceport. [Zeta Gundam, episode 13]

U.C. 0087.06.08
The Titans relocate Gryps and the asteroid formerly known as A Baoa Qu to the vicinity of Luna II. The Gate of Zedan is completed.

U.C. 0087.06.29
The Titans dispatch the MRX-009 Psyco Gundam to attack New Hong Kong. [Zeta Gundam, episode 17]

U.C. 0087.07.08
The Audhumla departs New Hong Kong. [Zeta Gundam, episode 19]

U.C. 0087.08.10
The Titans launch Operation Apollo, capturing the lunar city of Von Braun. [Zeta Gundam, episode 23]

U.C. 0087.08.16
The Earth Federation Assembly passes legislation placing the entire Federation Forces under Titan control. Commodore Blex Forer, leader of the AEUG, is assassinated the following day. [Zeta Gundam, episode 24]

U.C. 0087.08.24
The Titans attempt to drop a space colony on the lunar city of Granada. [Zeta Gundam, episode 25]

U.C. 0087.09.21
The Titans use poison gas to stage an unsuccessful attack on Side 2's Colony 25. [Zeta Gundam, episode 29]

U.C. 0087.10.12
The asteroid Axis arrives in the Earth sphere.

U.C. 0087.10.14
The AEUG sends a delegation to negotiate with the renegade Principality forces based at Axis, but the discussions break down. The following day, the Axis forces ally themselves with the Titans. [Zeta Gundam, episode 33]

U.C. 0087.11.02
A joint AEUG and Karaba force attacks the Federation's Kilimanjaro Base. The base collapses the following day. [Zeta Gundam, episodes 35-36]

U.C. 0087.11.16
The AEUG occupies the Federation Assembly building in Dakar, Senegal, and denounces the Titans before the whole world. [Zeta Gundam, episode 37]

U.C. 0087.11.24
The Argama stops at Side 2's Colony 13 for resupply. [Zeta Gundam, episode 39]

U.C. 0087.12.07
The Titans use the Gryps 2 colony laser to destroy Side 2's Colony 18. [Zeta Gundam, episode 40]

U.C. 0087.12.14
The Titans attack Side 2's Colony 21 with poison gas, wiping out all its inhabitants. [Zeta Gundam, episode 41]

U.C. 0088.01.18
The renegade Principality forces use the Axis asteroid to destroy the Gate of Zedan, and meanwhile capture the Gryps 2 colony laser for themselves. [Zeta Gundam, episode 45]

U.C. 0088.01.25
Negotiations between the renegade Principality forces and the Titans break down. Paptimus Scirocco seizes control of the Titans. [Zeta Gundam, episode 46]

U.C. 0088.02.02
The AEUG launches Operation Maelstrom and captures Gryps 2. [Zeta Gundam, episode 47]

U.C. 0088.02.20
The AEUG, Titans, and Axis forces meet in a three-way fleet battle around Gryps 2. [Zeta Gundam, episode 49]

U.C. 0088.02.22
The Titans are wiped out, while the AEUG loses the majority of its fleet. Char Aznable is missing in action. [Zeta Gundam, episode 50]

U.C. 0088.02.29
The renegade Principality forces based at Axis proclaim the revival of Zeon. Adopting the name "Neo Zeon," they dispatch forces to take control of each Side.

U.C. 0088.03.01
The Argama docks at Side 1's Colony 1 for resupply and repair. [Gundam ZZ, episode 2]

U.C. 0089.01.17
The first Neo Zeon movement is defeated. [Gundam ZZ, episode 47]

U.C. 0089.08.25
The Federation tightens sanctions against colonies that support spacenoid movements.

U.C. 0090.01
New anti-Federation organizations like EGUM become active.

U.C. 0090.02
The space colony Sweetwater is remodeled into a refugee facility.

U.C. 0090.03
The Federation Forces organize a new auxiliary unit, called Londo Bell, to deal with anti-Federation movements.

U.C. 0092.08
The Federation Forces headquarters are relocated to Lhasa, Tibet.

U.C. 0092.12.22
A Neo Zeon fleet commanded by Captain Char Aznable takes over the Sweetwater colony.

U.C. 0092.12.25
The Federation Forces provide Londo Bell with reinforcements, including Captain Bright Noa and the battleship Ra Cailum.

U.C. 0093.02.27
Char Aznable declares war against the Earth Federation in an interview program.

U.C. 0093.03.03
The Neo Zeon fleet seizes control of the asteroid 5th Luna.

U.C. 0093.03.04
5th Luna crashes into the Federation Forces headquarters in Lhasa, Tibet. [Char's Counterattack]

U.C. 0093.03.06
Neo Zeon and the Federation Forces hold secret peace negotiations at Side 1's Londenion colony. [Char's Counterattack]

U.C. 0093.03.12
Feigning surrender, the Neo Zeon fleet recaptures Axis and attempts to drop it onto Earth. [Char's Counterattack]

U.C. 0093.09
Intelligence agencies and research institutes within the Federation Forces are reorganized into the Strategic Naval Research Institute (SNRI).

U.C. 0100
The Republic of Zeon gives up its autonomy, and the Federation Forces declare the eradication of all conflict.

U.C. 0102
SNRI proposes to the Earth Federation Government that it should scale down its mobile suits.

U.C. 0105.11
At the request of the Federation Forces, Anaheim Electronics begins development of scaled-down mobile suits.

U.C. 0106
The Federation resumes construction of new space colonies.
The Buch Concern secretly establishes an elite military force called the Crossbone Vanguard.

U.C. 0108.07
Rollout of the Dessa type, the first scaled-down mobile suit, by Buch Aerodynamics.

U.C. 0111.09
SNRI completes the prototype F90 Gundam.

U.C. 0111.10
The Federation Forces decide on the development of a next-generation mobile suit. SNRI's Formula series is chosen over Anaheim's MSA-120.

U.C. 0111.12
Reconstruction of the Frontier Side begins in the region formerly known as Side 4.

U.C. 0116.07
Rollout of the F91 Gundam.

U.C. 0122.12
The F91 Gundam is brought to the space colony Frontier I for replacement of the computer in its head.

U.C. 0123.03.16
Crossbone Vanguard mobile suits attack the Frontier Side. More than 500 inhabitants of Frontier IV are slain, and 140,000 become refugees. [Gundam F91]

U.C. 0123.03.19
The Crossbone Vanguard attacks Frontier II and III. [Gundam F91]

U.C. 0123.03.22
The Crossbone Vanguard gains control of Frontier II and III. [Gundam F91]

U.C. 0123.03.24
The Inter-Planetary Helium Carrier Thousandth Jupiter arrives in the Earth sphere. It is captured by the Crossbone Vanguard, but its captain pledges his cooperation.

U.C. 0123.03.26
The Crossbone Vanguard proclaims the establishment of Cosmo Babylonia. The space colony Frontier IV is renamed Cosmo Babylon. [Gundam F91]

U.C. 0123.03.30
The Crossbone Vanguard's commander deploys lethal new weapons at Frontier I. [Gundam F91]

U.C. 0123.03.31
With the battle at Frontier I concluded, the Crossbone Vanguard's Dorel and Zabine squadrons return in triumph to Cosmo Babylon. [Gundam F91]

U.C. 0123 - 0199
Earth Federation becomes more and more corrupt over the course of this century.[G-SAVIOUR Full Weapon]
U.C. 0200
The Illuminati, a covert military organisation, establishes the Lightning Squad.[G-SAVIOUR Full Weapon]

U.C. 0217
The Earth government cracks down on the colonies, attempting to end conflicts with military force.[G-SAVIOUR Full Weapon]

U.C. 0218
The Earth Federation Army comes under great pressure in a number of colonies. The food shortages on Earth worsen. The Illuminati strive to maintain a military balance by forming the Saviour Team, developing mobile suit technology. On Earth, the government faces a crisis.[G-SAVIOUR Full Weapon]

U.C. 0221
Earth's military deploy the BUGU mobile suit as standard, but know it is inferior to the Illuminati's Saviour series.[G-SAVIOUR Full Weapon]

U.C. 0222
The political crisis deepens, with the collpase of the federal government on Earth . A number of sides form an assembly, while Sides 1 and 4 oppose this new entity. Side 6, Gaea, is still under construction, remains independent. The assembly, the Congress of Settlement Nations, reorganises its military forces. [G-SAVIOUR Full Weapon] Mark Curran, a mobile suit pilot in the CONSENT forces, fails to save his comrade from being killed in action. Traumatized deeply by this incident, Mark quits the military and now refuses to get involved in any conflict. [G-Saviour film]

U.C. 0223
Humanity struggles to survive as wide-spread famine spreads throughout the Earth and its orbiting space settlements know as Sides. Ex-Congressional pilot, Mark Curran stumbles across a secret research project to produce a new energy source that could potentially end the severe food crisis. However, Congressional forces on Earth seek to suppress this discovery in order to maintain their control over the populace. Thrust into inevitable conflict, Curran must rely on the help of researcher Cynthia Graves, a secret organization know as the Illuminati, and an advanced mobile suit called the G-Saviour in order to protect the energy source at all cost.

At Hydro-Gen, an underwater agricultural laboratory, a military mobile suit crashes and sinks into the deep sea. Civilian Mark Curran rescues its pilot and returns to the lab. Back at Hydro-Gen, Mark unexpectedly runs into his former boss, Lt. Colonel Jack Halle, an officer of the Congress of Settlement Nations. The arrogant Jack announces that he and his men are there to suppress hostile intruders in the facility. The CONSENT soldiers abruptly open fire at a group of unarmed strangers; one is shot and killed, and a woman who appears to by their leader is arrested and taken away as a terrorist.

The next day, Mark is puzzled by the media report that tells a different story from what actually happened at the laboratory. At the request of General Garneaux, commanding officer of the CONSENT forces, Mark visits the military prison to talk with the arrested intruder.

The alleged female terrorist identifies herself Dr. Cynthia Graves, a scientist who works in one of the "Side Gaea" space settlements. She confesses that she's been trying to find a solution for the current food crisis on Earth, the birthplace of mankind. Working with Hydro-Gen's missing chief engineer, Cynthia has developed a revolutionary method of deep-sea agriculture which promises to solve the food shortage.

In search of the truth, Mark and Cynthia escape from the military prison, and the scheming Jack brands both as dangerous rebels against the CONSENT government. The two fugitives, with the help of Mark's girlfriend Mimi, successfully meet with the hiding survivor's of Cynthia's group. Together, the group escapes into outer space towards the "Side 4" space settlements.

Arriving in "New Manhattan," the capital settlement of Side 4, the group meets with a key member of the secret organization "Illuminati." Their contact turns out to be Mark's old friend Philippe San Simeone, another former CONSENT pilot. The mysterious Philippe reveals a huge humanoid machine - as Mark stands amazed, Philippe whispers: "It's ready for you to use!" And thus the ace pilot Mark is introduced to the "G-Saviour", an advanced mobile suit developed by the brilliant engineers of the Illuminati's Saviour team.

Carrying this formidable new weapon, the group's spaceship departs for Side Gaea, Cynthia's home settlement, where a dark conspiracy awaits them, and Mark is faced with the tough decision of whether to fight again as a mobile suit pilot.[G-Saviour film]

Following its victory over the military aggression of General Garneaux, of the Congressional Armed Force (CAF), Side Gaea earns its independence as Side 8 and has been endorsed as an autonomous region by the Congress of Settlement Nations (CONSENT). The event, however, provokes panic among the other regions still governed by CONSENT. Meanwhile, Colonel , General Garneaux's loyal confidant, has been secretly devleoping Project Raven, in a merciless atempt to enhance their military power. Illuminati, a secret group of warriors sworn to restore peace in the troubled Earth terrain, has launched the Lightning Squad to stop Project Raven. [G-Saviour videogame]

U.C. 0223.02.20
[G-Saviour: The Mission Before]
U.C. 0224
After the war, Commander 's ambition and his Porject Raven perishes completely. The power balance within CONSENT has been temporarily re-established.

Notes: The year 2045 A.D. is stated as the first year of the Universal Century calendar in the opening sequence of the G-Saviour film.


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