Planet of the Apes Chronology

317 BCE - The Oberon crashes on an alien planet called Ashlar, with large casualties among the crew. The crew send out a distress signal, but receive no answer. Setting up a colony, Lt. Col. Grace Alexander begins to change the ape genetic make-up even more, so that the apes can provide them with much-needed assitance.

Pericle's pregnant mate, Aspasia, has her foetus genetically to increase intelligence and strength. However, this results in the ape's death when her son is born.

Molly Benavides gives birth to her own son around the same time, and the two children, David and Johnathan, grow up together. Commander Vasich tries to utilise the remaining pods to contact Earth, but the arrival of a new threat, the Brax, interferes with his plans.

298 BCE - The apes and humans work together to fight the Brax, a hive-like entity indigenous to the planet. As years pass, the apes begin to establish their own settlement outside of the human colony. Jonathan and David destroy the Brax Queen, although tensions are already running high between humans and apes.

Johnathan, who is now called Semos, leads a revolt against the humans, ousting the main group and imprisoning Grace Alexander in the Oberon's wreckage. Molly Benavides escapes in a pod. (Planet of the Apes: The Fall)

2?? BCE - Grace Alexander still lives on in a manner of speaking, on an artificial life-support within the Oberon. Regularly visited by Semos, she manipulates him into expanding the ape colony. Unbeknownst to the ape leader, she is in regular contact with David and the other humans. Twenty years after Semos' coup, he reveals the secret of their past to his two sons, Zaius and Thados. He then sends the pair on a mission to establish a second ape city in a distant part of the continent. However, the expedition encounter another indigenous species, a race of intelligent reptiles, resulting in a war between the two sides. The humans sit on the sidelines, watching the ensuing conflict. Grace Alexander finally dies, having gotten her revenge on Semos and the apes. (Planet of the Apes: Colony)

2?? BCE- The apes defeat the reptiles, but the humans still harass them.

1??? CE - Hanuman, a wise leader of the apes, leads his people away from the ongoing attacks of the humans. He spilts the population up and sends them off to populate different parts of the continent. His son, Pharo, builds the first substantial ape city. However, the apes interbreed, producing gigantic offspring called the Chimerae. Pharo, an orangutan, marries a gorilla and their son, Kine, is the first of the Chimerae. Fearful of these arrogant creatures, they abandon the first ape city and move into exile some distance away. The Chimerae devolve into a more animal-like state, but retain the power of speech. They attack and kill both ape and human alike. (Planet of the Apes: Old Gods)

16?? CE - The city of Hitek is hit by a plague, forcing humans and apes to work together to find a cure. Most of the city's population is wiped out before the answer is found, with mass graves being filled with the bodies of the dead. The incident passes on into folklore in ape culture, but the humans remember that meeda is the cure. Records of this time are recorded in pictures, but ape society refuses to accept them as anything but fantasy. (Planet of the Apes: Force)

1825 CE - The Raid Wars occur, with conflict between different ape factions. (Planet of the Apes: Force)

2029 CE - The space station Oberon is in orbit around Saturn. Onboard is a human crew, along with a group of the most advanced genetically-engineered monkeys and apes. These primates are trained to fly short range reconnaisance missions for the US Air Force. The station also carries genetic material from other species as well. On an ecologically and politcally-unstable Earth, the human race continues to grow and develop, utilising genetic engineering on other species as well. Organisations such as the Animal Rights Coalition demand more rights for animals, including voting rights. They even have some political support in the form of some senators in the US government.

The Oberon encounters an anomaly in space and sends out a probe piloted by Pericles, their most advanced chimpanzee. The pod vanishes and, against direct orders of his superior, Leo Davison takes a pod to try to rescue Pericles and investigate the storm. His pod also vanishes. (Planet of the Apes/ The Fall)

The Oberon moves away from the anomaly, but sends out three further probes, piloted by apes. They all vanish and the anomaly engulfs the space station. The Oberon also receives a distress signal, as well as signals from different time periods. (Planet of the Apes: The Fall)

2??? CE - Genetic experiments on apes continue on Earth. Thade emerges the time storm in a pod, landing on Earth. He leads a rebellion against the humans, liberating the genetically-altered apes from enslavement.

2075 CE - The ape city of Hitek is ravaged by a plague. The last remaining survivors take refuge in the Temple of Semos. The humans are aware of a cure for the disease, though. The rest of the ape population embark on the Eastwards Migration, at the end of which Derkein is established. All ape tribes are united under one nation.(Planet of the Apes: Force)

2155 CE - Leo Davison's pod reappears, heading towards Earth. His ship malfunctions, forcing him to crashland in Washington. However, he is greeted by a number of apes and sees a monument to General Thade, the liberator of the ape species. (Planet of the Apes)

2??? CE - The apes establish the enclave of Ultimar, where the humans are treated as slaves. The people rise up in revolt, which is ruthlessly crushed by the apes. A number of humans flee into the surrounding forests, becoming nomads.(Planet of the Apes: Blood Lines)

2663 CE- Attar is making his way up in the military, while his friend, Ari, takes a more pacifist stance. Border patrols around the main city are increased, with more humans being captured and put to work as slaves. Ari investigates a period of ape history called the Dark Ages, where a plague affected both ape and human. She stows away on an expedition to Hitek, where the apes find the ruins of an ancient ape city and remnants of the last citizens in a temple. Ape bodies had been found in a burial pit. A group of humans attack the expedition, forcing them to leave the ruins. Ari becomes ill and, during one attack, becomes separated from the rest of the expedition. Sarai, the leader of one human tribe, finds her and provides the cure. Meanwhile, Sarai works to agree a truce between humans and apes, with Ari as her ally. Her plan is to free the human slaves and build a human city to rival that of the ape capital. Ari becomes aware of human and ape records which show the two species living and working together some one thousand Ashlar years earlier. (Planet of the Apes #1 - Force)

Ari works covertly with Sarai to try and bring equal opportunities for humans, but Thade increases patrols around the city and more humans are captured. Sarai aims to free the human slaves and build a city of their own. (Planet of the Apes #2 - Resistance)

Sarai unites the human clans and builds a settlement to rival that of Derkein. However, Attar finds out its location due to Ari, with Thade's army attacking and destroying the city. Sarai is killed and the remaing humans flee.(Planet of the Apes #3 - Rule)

Thade's forces pursue Daena and the other human survivors from the city, but their temporary refuge in some caverns places both species in danger, as they are attacked by gigantic beetles. The humans and some of the apes work together to defeat the creatures. (Planet of the Apes #4 - Extinction)

26?? CE - Attar and his brother, Tolan, are attacked by humans hoping to free some of their tribe from the apes' cages. Attar catches a human child, but her father manages to place a blade at Tolan's throat. Attar lets the girl go and the man releases Tolan. But Tolan kills him as he tries to flee back i nto the forest. (Dark Horse Extra: Planet of the Apes Episodes 1, 2 and 3)

26?? CE - General Thade has kept the blind ape, Oracle, imprisoned underneath Derkein, hidden from everyone including her own son. She is able to foresee the future and, during one consultation with her jailer, she foretells his fate as the true saviour of apekind comes down from the sky. (Collector's Comic! Planet of the Apes)

2675 CE - Davison's damaged pod appears over Ashlar. He crashlands on the planet, with his pod sinking into a swamp. He escapes, but his arrival is seen by two gorillas. Davison finds himself at odds with the apes and is captured, along with a number of other humans. They are taken to the ape capital, where Davison and the others are put to work as servants. He manages to get the attention of Ari, a human rights activist.

The gorillas report the sighting to General Thade, who has them killed. He consults with his dying father, who shows him an ancient laser pistol and informs him of some of the history behind their origins.

Davison manages to escape from the city with Ari, Krull, Daena and a number of others. They return to where Davison's pod crashed and he retrieves a gun and other equipment. He uses the gun, but Krull grabs it and destroys the weapon. Davison uses his locator to follow the signal from the Oberon and they head into the Fortbidden Zone topwards Calima.

Thade follows them with an army, ready to exterminate the humans once and for all. Arriving at Calima, Davison finds out the truth about the Oberon's fate. Humans from local tribes have heard about him and have gathered at Calima. He tries to organise them into a fighting force, but he know the chances are slim against the invading army. Ari goes to try and negotiate with Thade, but he rejects the female chimpanzee and brands her as a slave.

The apes attack the humans at Calima, but Davison uses the ship's engines to decimate a large part of their army. The fighting is interrupted by the arrival of a pod from the Oberon: Pericles lands the ship, apparently fulfilling a prophecy that such an ape would return one day from the sky. Davison runs to meet his friend, but Thade intercedes. Davison fights with Thade in the confines of the wrecked station, but the General gets the upperhand and gains postion of the gun. Davison manages to close a hatch, sealing Thade in a control room with no way out.

Despite requests for him to stay, Davison leaves the planet in Pericle's pod and heads back through the time storm.

26?? CE- An Ape Action Committee, led by Ari, finally receives Senate approval to dredge the Mauro Bog in search of Davidson pod. Once salvaged from the bottom of Lower Mauro Bog, the pod was the focus of intense study and speculation as nothing like it had ever been seen before. Its discovery and resurrection subsequently presented more questions than it did answers. (Planet of the Apes Official Site)

With the peace between humans and apes failing, General Thade is released from his prison and is able to gain access to the resurrected pod. With the pod, the knowledge he has accumlated from the Oberon's computers, and the help of Pericles, Thade is able to follow Leo back through the time storm. (Apes Insight Official Site) However, his family believes he has died, leaving his lover to gain possession of some of his belongings. She does not realise their significance or power.(Planet of the Apes: The Human War)

2??? CE- War between humans and apes continues for some decades, with the events at Calima fading into legend. General Attar is in exile, while Ari is missing. Insurrectionists, led by a human called Esau and an ape called Seneca, battle with the ape forces. This causes much consternation in the ape capital, Derkein, with rival political factions vying to use the war for their own ends. Shiva, Thade's granddaughter, makes a bid for power, having gained possession of a number of the General's possessions from her grandmother. She plans to go to Calima and utilise the human techonology there for her own ends. Word gets to General Attar, who sends information to the insurrectionists . Seneca and Esau follow Shiva, but are ambushed by her forces. Journeying on to Calima, Shiva discusses Attar with her companion, the General's grandson Kharim. Meanwhile, the two insurrectionists defeat the ape forces and struggle onwards. Shiva tries to utilise the power of the wrecked spacestation and activates the reactor core and almost destroys the entire area before she is killed by the others. (Planet of the Apes: The Human War)

Seneca and Esau escape, but remain fugitives. With the insurrection now put down, they are pursued by forces from Derkein and captured. Taken back to the capital, they are rescued from execution by a recently-escaped Attar. The General has decided to search for Ari, as well as help the insurrectionists. The three escape into the more remote regions and come across a place where humans and apes are fighting a common enemy. The leader, Paracelcus, tells them of raids by an unknown ape enemy. Esau helps Attar to set up some defences, but he encoutners a difference of opinion from a woman called Crow, who shares a different view of the apes to the insurrectionist. The three fugitives help the outpost to repel another raid and Attar realises who the enemy is: Chimerae. Attar sets off to attack the enemy on his own, but Esau, Seneca and Crow follow. The fugitives encounter the Chimerae and Attar kills their leader, Saghat. The rest of the rogue tribe turns on Attar and the group are saved by Crow. The fate of the other Chimarae is unknown. (Planet of the Apes: Old Gods)

The renegades seek shelter in Ultimar, an ape enclave, but find themselves unwelcome. Pursued and almost captured by ape forces, Crow, Seneca, Esau and Attar are helped by a mysterious warrior ape, who leads them to a human settlement. Unfortunately, the inhabitants are hostile to apes and try to kill Attar and Seneca. Crow and Esau intevene and save the two apes from death while the lone warrior stands by. Meanwhile, survivors report back to the main ape force, saying that they have found the settlement of the forest humans at last. Crow and Esau find themsleves at odds with the sentiments of the villagers: treated well, they try to extol the interests of humans and ape working together to survive. Ewan explains the history of his people and why they hate apes. The lone warrior talks to Seneca and Attar, but does not free them. Inside the camp, the village council discusses the fate of the two apes. The humans cast votes on whether to execute them or not, but are interrupted by the lone warrior sounding a warning. The ape forces from Ulitmar launch an attack, leading the warrior to free Attar and Seneca. Crow, Esau and the other humans help the three apes to fight their Ultimar counterparts, but Ewan is killed. The warrior is cut down by Lord Scarak, but the renegades overwhelm the ape soldiers, forcing them to flee. They bury the lone warrior, Keyser. Esau and his friends move on, hoping that the ape's death will mean something to the villagers he had protected for so long. (Planet of the Apes: Blood Lines)

2??? CE - Like other parts of their history, ape society rewrites the events of the previous decades.

A number of mysterious drawings are found by the apes at the edge of the Forbidden Zone, causing controversy in ape society. These detail not only the events of Captain Davison's visit, but some subsequent events such as Shiva's plans for power. Unable to believe that these have been drawn by humans, Secturus, the Keeper of Records at Derkein, compiles these in a sketchbook, insisting they have been created by misguided apes. However, the mystery remains over one comment: "They are surprisingly strong and fierce -- the chimps of our own world would seem so docile." (Planet of the Apes Sketchbook)