Sindel is, or rather was, Kitana's mother in an idyllic time eons ago, before Shao Kahn destroyed Outworld and remade it in his own image. After conquering Edenia, he made Sindel his bride and forced her to rule at his side, but when she died suddenly, he secretly had her buried on Earth. Now, he has resurrected her in a ghastly, gruesome form, and she is the key to Kahn's occupation of Earth. Kahn makes her head general of his Outworld invasion force, and she is completely devoted to his evil schemes.

Using her deadly hair whip, death shriek and levitation powers, Sindel leads Outworld's Extermination Squads. This will eventually lead her into direct confrontation with her daughter Kitana, who still harbors faint hopes that her mother can be turned away from Kahn's dark path.