Hidden Kombatants

As can be seen from the main Character Select screen, the original number of 30 kombatants (from MKU) has now expanded to 41 (Noob/Smoke can be played as either Noob or Smoke now). There are 48 individual fighters in total, some are alternative versions of their MKU selves (Liu Kang or Shujinko), some as MKDA versions of MKD characters (such as Kitana), the odd boss (Onaga) and some completely individual characters from MKDA (Sonya Blade, Quan Chi etc.). Most warriors have two fighting styles, plus one weapon, although this does vary. Some of the “unplayable” characters also have special moves: no one of these seems to have a fatality.

The table below shows which characters are playable in Deadly Alliance and Tournament Edition, which allows us to see who is missing from these games in UMKU.

There are nine characters not in the PSP version, including two of the cyberninjas, Reptile (unless you count Onaga), and assorted characters such as Mokap and Mavado.

In a sense, even these missing characters are in the game, either in Konquest mode or in the Dark Prison stage. Looking at the game coding, there seems to be a whole range of characters in there. Motaro is known to be in Konquest, but Khameleon? Here is some of the game's coding (with names separated out):


- ashrah
- baraka
- blaze
- boraicho
- cage
- drahmin
- ermac
- frost
- fujin
- hsu
- jade
- jarek
- jax
- kai
- kang
- kano
- kenshi
- kira
- kitana
- kobra
- kunglao
- limei
- mileena
- mokap
- moloc
- nightwolf
- noob
- rain
- reiko
- quanchi
- reptile
- sareena
- scorpion
- shangmk5
- sindel
- smoke
- sonya
- stryker
- subzero
- tanya
- cyrax
- sektor
- dairou
- raidenmk5
- raidenmk6
- darrius
- kabal
- shaok
- havik
- goro
- sheeva
- kintaro
- kang_lvng
- kang_dead
- shinnok
- nitara
- khameleon
- mavado

This appears to be a list of the character animations for the Krypt, and Khameleon seems to be in there. She also seems to have a Dark Prison and Konquest code entry, but there does not seem to be any record of finding her in these parts of the game. Alas, poor Chameleon is nowhere to be seen in the entire game, only getting a mention as part of Baraka's moves.

There is more to this, though. There are a number of MK characters in the Dark Prison cells. According to the game's coding, these are:

- Cage
- Cyrax
- Drahmin
- Sonya
- Fujin
- Kintaro
- Hsu
- Reiko
- Kai
- Kano
- Khameleon
- Kung Lao
- Mavado
- Mokap
- Moloch
- Motaro
- Nitara
- Quan Chi
- Rain
- Reptile
- Sareena
- Sektor
- Shang Tsung
- Sheeva
- Shinnok
- "Spec_Forc"
- Stryker

Note that Khameleon is mentioned. However, there are no female ninjas seen in the Dark Prison stage at all. What can be seen in the game are two versions of Reptile, his classic outfit and his MK4 look. Looking at the pictures at the top of this page, the green ninja shown is the version of Reptile seen in Konquest mode. So what about this other Reptile? I'd wager that this is Chameleon (rather than Khameleon), giving an indication that he is indeed of the same race as Khameleon and Reptile. There are no other candidates from the list above which really fit the evidence we have.

But wait, what's that at the bottom? "Spec_Forc"? Special Forces, no doubt. A little vague, but probably Jax. The MK Wikia reports he has been seen in the Dark Prison cells, so it's probably him.

The curious thing about many of these characters is that they do have detailed models and skins, as seen in the Dark Prison stage:

As yet, there are no codes for playing the characters seen here, but that could change. If these were playable, even as skins for characters with other moves, it would boost up the number of selectable characters considerably.