Outworld Konquest Dialogue


Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Yes, I am Kai, the White Lotus member you are seeking. I have finished my journeys in Earthrealm and have just begun to wander Outworld. I will return to Earthrealm when my travels here are done.
Take this staff to Kung Lao. It once belonged to Raiden. It might help him to rebuild the White Lotus.
There was a time, stranger, when Outworld was ruled by a dragon lord!
If I were you, I would keep a low profile. There are many savage warriors in this realm looking to test their kombat might!
There is a cave to the northwest that is unusually cold. It is said that a race of cryomancers have buried their dead deep within its caverns.
I have just come from the Living Forest. I swear I was being watched!
This realm is in a constant state of upheaval. Evil rulers come and go, but the spirit of the people will never be extinguished.
Have you seen the Shokan? They are a half-dragon people with four arms!
Ssshhh! Keep your voice down! The enemy has spies everywhere.
Master Bo' Rai Cho was born in this realm, but he has spent many years in Earthrealm training its heroes to defend against Shao Kahn.
If you see a centaur, it is best to stay out of his way. They are powerful warriors.
It is true that Shang Tsung has been a servant of Shao Kahn for many years.
The walled city of Lei Chen is an impenetrable fortress ruled by Overlord Zeffeero.
Mind yourself. The Tarkata are vile creatures who will not hesitate to kill you if you should cross their path.
The Tarkata often surround their camps with walls to keep intruders out.
It is said that the Dragon King will return upon the birth of a Great Dragon. How could this be possible?
Many would-be rulers have been slain by Shao Kahn's extermination squads before they could rise to power.
Is this true? I hear that Earthrealm's rice wine puts Outworld liquor to shame.
I must be on my way.
I must not be seen talking to you. Shao Kahn has spies everywhere!
I think I have told you enough.
You are no better than Shao Kahn's henchmen!
My father challenged Shao Kahn's rule many years ago. As punishment, he was slain by Reptile.
I have heard of a place called Earthrealm. It is said that Shao Kahn seeks to possess it.
The Living Forest is a dangerous place. I suggest you not venture there.
The city of Lei Chen is ruled by Overlord Zeffeero. He has served Shao Kahn for many years, but recently he has challenged the emperor.
You would be wise to stay far away from Shao Kahn's barracks in the southwest.
Many Earthrealm warriors such as yourself have come to Outworld. All have served the emperor or have perished.
If you are looking for a safe place to stay, I recommend the town by the water in the south.
I have heard that Noob Saibot serves the Brotherhood of Shadow in the Netherrealm. He only aids Shao Kahn by order of Quan Chi.
You are from Earthrealm? I have always wanted to travel there. Maybe someday, when Outworld is free.
I might be crazy, but it seems as though Reptile is changing. How can this be?
Overlord Zeffeero is right to challenge the emperor. It is time for new leadership in Outworld!
As if we do not have enough villany in Outworld, the Black Dragon member Kano now calls this realm home.
I have seen a woman dressed in green hiding amongst the trees in the Living Forest. I do not know who she is or what she is doing there.
There is an Earthrealm warrior who frequents the area near the docks. He has challenged many of Outworld's best in kombat.
The Seidan Guard have longed to bring Order to this realm. Perhaps someday they will get their chance.
I fear for my family! The Tarkatan horde have been seen in this area!
I have much to do. I have no time for conversation.
Please excuse me. I must be going.
Why do you continue to pester me?
I knew you were not to be trusted!
Shao Kahn will rule Edenia again. It is only a matter of time.
We are searching for information. If you should find any ancient documents, you will bring them to us.
General Reiko will lead us to another victory. HAIL REIKO!
Once Edenia has fallen, Shao Kahn will merge it with Outworld.
None shall oppose the might of Shao Kahn. He will rule all!
We could use warriors such as yourself. You should join Shao Kahn's militia.
Kitana is a traitor! She has abandoned Shao Kahn's rule!
My men need food! They cannot fight on an empty stomach!
I cannot believe we must invade Edenia once again! I am not paid enough for this!
It is true. Queen Sindel was once an ally of Shao Kahn, until her daughter freed her from Shao Kahn's influence.
Unless you have information leading to the capture of Queen Sindel, do not waste my time.
If you do not wish to have your belly ripped open, I suggest you move along!
This area is off limits to all but Shao Kahn's militia. Leave now!
Do not test my patience, fool! I am no mere soldier!
You do not look so tough, human! Your teeth are too small!
Shao Kahn has ordered us to seize the city of Lei Chen if the overlord does not surrender himself to us.
We are Tarkata! We are STRONG!
Mileena is so beautiful! One day I will make her my woman!
You are a student of Bo' Rai Cho? We know of him. We have done battle with him many times.
It is the way of the Tarkata to serve a powerful master. For many thousands of years, that master has been Shao Kahn.
We will fight! We will taste human blood!
Baraka is our leader, but soon I will challenge him in battle for control of the horde.
The food we pillaged from a nearby town has almost run out! We must form another raiding party soon.
I hunger for meat!
Shujinko? What kind of a weakling name is Shujinko?
My teeth are like swords. My blades are like spears!
Shao Kahn does not forgive failure. If we do not take the town of Lei Chen, he will destroy us all!
Our kind is well suited for raids in the Netherrealm, for we Tarkata are part demon!
We Tarkata do not take betrayal lightly. Turn on us and you will be torn apart!
The ninja Karasu does not frequent this realm.
Do not stand in my way, human!
Stop your questioning, or my blades will answer for me!
I grow tired of your humanspeak!
RRRAAHHH!!!! You tempt fate, weakling!
I was about to continue my eternal quest, but I cannot remember what it is. A spell has taken my memory. Please find me a potion to restore it.
Holy men ambushed me and forced me to guard a dragon egg, but the dragon has been reborn and I am now free.
Please find a potion to restore my memory.
Have you found a memory potion yet?
That was uncalled for!
A memory potion? Yes, here is my last bottle.
I must make another batch of memory potion. I do not have time to talk.
Never ask me for a potion again!
You have returned with the memory potion! Ahhh, yes! I remember my quest! Many thanks, stranger. Take these fire gems for your trouble.
I have no time for talk. I must continue my quest.
Like you, I am not a native of this place. My realm was merged with this one by Shao Kahn.
An orb keeps them fused together. Find me this orb and I will pay you well.
I have waited many centuries to free my realm. I cannot wait any longer. Find the orb!
The orb! You have delivered it to me! Take these gems.
You shall regret striking me!
The orb is mine now! You cannot have it!
Please excuse my odd request, sir, but if you happen to see a vampire, would you be so kind as to inform me of its location?
I will pay you for any information you may discover.
I am still searching for vampires. Unless you have information, please do not interrupt me.
I will drive a stake through your heart for that!
Yes, I am a vampire. I am called Nitara. Why do you ask?
I do not wish to converse with you further. Leave me.
I will drain your blood for that!!
You have found a vampire where? Excellent! I will go there at once. Here is your payment for the information.
I must find the vampire Nitara before she disappears!
You there! You are a member of the Lin Kuei, are you not?
I have important information you must relay to Sub-Zero in Earthrealm immediately.
What are you waiting for? Relay the message to Sub-Zero.
Assaulting a member of the Lin Kuei is an offense punishable by death!
Sub-Zero has been given the message? Very good. I am sure we will both be promoted for our service.
I have another mission to accomplish. I must leave you.
Braan has offended me for the last time! If you see him, stranger, tell him Gohsk awaits his return. I will fight him to the death!
I will finish him for sure!
When I am done with Braan, I will finish you as well!
Gohsk is angry? It was just a simple prank! This is not good. Here, take these koins. You never saw me.
Gohsk will finish me for sure!
Now you wish to finish me off?
Ah, kind sir. Perhaps you could help me with something. I am the local apothecary, and I am attempting to make a balm to cure the effects of the rot.
One of the ingredients I require is Llas'al root. If you find some for me, I shall reward you handsomely.
Please, I have much work to do. Do not return until you have discovered a source of Llas'al root.
Sir, what did I do to deserve such treatment?
I see you have returned with Llas'al root! Here are some koins for your efforts.
My customers, er, I mean, the victims suffering from the rot will benefit greatly from your aid.
Thank you again, sir. My profits on the Llas'al balm are the highest I've ever seen.
Please, sir, I beg of you. I have not had a proper meal in days. Could you help me?
All I ask for is a small piece of food.
Please sir, I beg your mercy!
Some food? Sir, is that for me? Oh, thank you! Thank you, sir!
I wish I were able to repay you in some way, but alas, I am very poor.
A thousand thanks! You may have saved my life. I can never repay your kindness.
Well met, stranger.
I wonder if you would be willing to help me. I'm attempting to forge a decorative sword as a gift to my father-in-law.
Yet sadly, I have not been able to obtain any precious metals.
Should you find anything appropriate, I would gladly compensate you.
Have you found any metal ore for me?
Please, sir. I am clearly not the warrior you are.
You found it! As promised, here is what I hope is a fair sum in exchange for the ore.
Thanks again, sir.
Oh, thank goodness! I desperately need your help. I have prepared these hot meals for some local guards, but I am too busy to deliver them myself.
If they are not delivered hot, my reputation will be ruined.
Please, deliver these meals within several hours to the guards and keep their payment as a reward for your help.
Please, I am simply much too busy to speak with you right now.
Please -- deliver the meals I gave you, or my reputation will be ruined!
How dare you strike a chef of my talents!
I see you delivered them all in time. My reputation is secure. I thank you for your help.
The guards will be sure to purchase many meals from me in the future, thanks to your efforts.
Sir, I could use your help. I need to fashion some new clothes for Shao Kahn, but I did not realize his favorite color is red.
Should you know of a source of red cloth or red dye, I would be grateful.
Please sir, I am in trouble. How can one create red clothing without red cloth?
No doubt Shao Kahn will be greatly displeased.
You would hit a woman? You filthy ruffian!
I cannot believe you found it! Thank you so much.
Please, take this money for your trouble. I can now fill the order for Shao Kahn.
You answered my prayers, kind sir. Without your help, I would have been ruined.
You dare approach Shao Kahn, emperor of Outworld? You will pay dearly for your insolence!
Shao Kahn?!? Damashi warned me of him -- I must be cautious..
I did not mean any disrespect, Your Eminence. Please allow me to rectify my error.
So you shall... The warrior known as Reptile is missing. Find him and inform him that he is to return with my tribute immediately! Complete the task and I will spare your life.
Do not speak to me until you have found Reptile!
You are playing with death, foolish one!
You stand before Reptile, stranger! What is this you say? Shao Kahn demands my return? Aaahhh! I lost his tribute somewhere in this forest! I must inform my master and beg for his mercy.
Leave me be!
You are weak!
Reptile did not return with my tribute, mortal. Therefore your debt is only partially repaid. You will complete another task for me, or face annihilation.
I have discovered that Reiko, formerly my most trusted general, has been entering my private chamber to wear my helmet.
Find him and tell him he faces death if I find my possessions tampered with again!
Find Reiko! Tell him I am not pleased by his intrusions.
I am Reiko, general of Shao Kahn's army. What is it you wish to tell me? Oh. Shao Kahn.. knows about that?
Tell him I will no longer enter his chamber or wear his helmet. But just between us... his helmet will belong to me in due time.
You will pay for assaulting a general of Shao Kahn's army!
One day I will rule as emperor of Outworld.
So... Reiko has admitted to having violated the sanctity of my chamber and has promised never to repeat the offense. You have done well. I release you from your debt. Take this and know that Shao Kahn is pleased.
I have no time for fools such as yourself.
Greetings, stranger. I am Frost. I am in search of the fabled Outworld Ice Caves. If you should discover them, report to me their location. I will reward you for this information.
Please look for the Ice Caves.
Do not test my patience!
I believe this is the entrance to the Ice Caves Frost was searching for. I must inform her of the location.
You have located the Ice Caves! I thank you! Take this as payment for your help.
You have been most helpful to me.
I am Tanya. My new lord, Shinnok, has instructed me to locate a place in which to trap the infidel Liu Kang. Find me a suitable cave and I will reward you with koins.
I cannot pay you unless you find a suitable place to trap Liu Kang.
You will answer to Shinnok for that!
I believe this cave would make a suitable location in which to trap Liu Kang. I must inform Tanya.
You have found a cave to use as a trap for Liu Kang? Excellent. Take these koins, and speak of this to no one.
You have already been paid.
Yes, I am Liu Kang. I have come to Outworld to defeat Shao Kahn and save Earthrealm from his tyranny.
Tanya has set a trap for me? Thank you for the warning! I must inform Kitana of Tanya's treachery! Take these koins as a token of my appreciation.
I am quite skilled in the art of kombat. Do not tempt me.
I will talk to you later, my friend.
I am Rain. I have been searching for a Shokan ceremonial dagger. Goro is believed to have lost it somewhere in this area.
If you find it, bring it to me and I will buy it from you.
Find the Shokan ceremonial dagger. I will wait here.
You will regret attacking me!
Yes! This is the Shokan dagger! Give it to me and I will reward you. Goro would be pleased to have it back, but I plan to keep it for myself.
You have been given your reward.
Welcome to Outworld, Shujinko.
This is Outworld? I have heard many stories about this realm. This is the domain of the Emperor Shao Kahn.
Emperor, indeed... He is a thief, a deceiver. He is not the rightful lord of this realm. There was a time when he was much like Raiden is to your Earthrealm -- an advisor. But he abandoned his position and stole Outworld for himself.
Who ruled Outworld before Shao Kahn?
A powerful military commander: Onaga, the Dragon King. In that age, Outworld was unified.
Under Shao Kahn's rule, however, Outworld has become a dangerous and chaotic place. Be wary as you continue with your quest.
I will keep my eyes open, Damashi.
Look at what we have here! Another straggler for Mileena to sink her teeth into!
I do not wish for trouble, but I will defend myself if necessary. I must warn you that I am quite skilled in the art of kombat.
Is that so? We will see how long you can endure my attacks. I will sharpen my teeth with your bones!
Impressive! You survived my assault! You are a great warrior. There is much we can gain from one as skilled as you.
I thank you for your kind words, Mileena.
Perhaps you would be interested in assisting our cause. Recently, the walled city of Lei Chen has defied the rule of the Emperor Shao Kahn. He has sent us, his Tarkatan forces, to take the head of the overlord there.
We would like to complete our objective without incident, but we will use force if necessary. Would you act as our voice and convince this fool of an overlord to surrender his life to Shao Kahn, so that his subjects will be spared?
What if the overlord refuses to surrender?
Everyone in the city will be slain. The city walls are strong, but they will not hinder our assault for long.
This is a most uncomfortable position for me, but if it means the citizens will be spared, I will see what I can do.
You have our word. Bring us the head of the overlord and we will spare them all.
Are you the ruler of this city?
Yes, I am Overlord Zeffeero. State your business. Shao Kahn has sent his Tarkatan horde to attack my city.
That is precisely why I am here. I have come to you with a message from the Tarkatan forces outside your walls.
You have my attention. Go on.
Shao Kahn has offered your people amnesty, under one condition: You must surrender your head.
My head?! Unacceptable! I will never surrender myself to Shao Kahn. Not even to save my people!
The Tarkata grow in number outside the walls of your city. It is only a matter of time before they overwhelm your military and destroy you all. For the sake of your people, I strongly --
There may be another solution... If word of our struggle were to reach Seido, the realm of Order, their elite guardsmen may give us aid.
If I can find that realm, I will tell them of your plight.
Excellent! You will need something of value to offer as payment. My city has been overtaxed by Shao Kahn and therefore I have nothing suitable here.
But there are rumors of a priceless object hidden somewhere in the Living Forest. If you can locate it, give it as payment to the Seidan for their assistance. Please do not delay!
Not to fear. I will bring help.
Who are you? What are you doing in the Living Forest?
I have been sent here to search for a valuable item said to be hidden in this area.
You are too late! I have already found it. My queen sent me to secure it from the tyrant Shao Kahn. It seems I located it just in time! Die, Outworld mutant!
You have uncovered the Outworld Kamidogu so soon? This is most fortunate!
I did not realize it was the Kamidogu! The overlord of Lei Chen had asked me to offer it to the Seidan Guardsmen as payment for their assistance in defending against the Tarkatan hordes.
It belongs to the Elder Gods and must be returned to them! You will place it on the altar with the others.
But I have given my word that I would bring back help from the realm of Order. How will I broker a deal with them if I cannot offer the Kamidogu?
The point is moot. You cannot enter the realm of Order without placing this Kamidogu on the altar. If indeed you wish to aid the overlord, I suggest you offer the command of his city to the Seidan militia.
Their principal philosophy is one of order and control.They will have little interest in defending a city unless they occupy it. Furthermore, they will not resist the chance to thwart Shao Kahn.
But the overlord did not give me the authority to --
What he wants is of no concern to us. The Kamidogu is not his to use as a bargaining chip. Broker a deal with the Seidan if you feel so compelled, but do not lose sight of your primary objective.
Return the Outworld Kamidogu to its rightful place in the Nexus and continue with your quest.
I will do as you ask, Damashi.
Shujinko! You have returned!
It is good to see you again, Hotaru. It seems the city is no longer under siege.
I drove off the invaders. They will most likely regroup and resume their assault, but I will stay to protect the city as long as is needed. I have taken control of this city in the name of Order, as we agreed; however, King Zeffeero seemed not to recall that arrangement.
Men often do not recall the details of bargains they make out of desperation.
It makes no difference. The agreement is binding. As punishment for his forgetfulness, I have stripped him of his position. I now rule this town in the name of Seido.
Uh... congratulations, Hotaru.
Now, if you will excuse me, I must see to its governing if I am to keep this town under control.
Come with us, human! Do not resist. You are outnumbered.
This is the overlord's emissary -- the one who brought the Seidan warrior Hotaru to defend the walled city of Lei Chen? I have lost many Tarkatan warriors to your treachery, human!
You were to convince the overlord to surrender, not bring him reinforcements!
He would not surrender. I did not wish to see his people suffer for his decision. Whatever quarrel you may have had with Overlord Zeffeero, you had no right to punish them as well.
Shao Kahn's order is all the right I need! Overlord Zeffeero defied him. When Shao Kahn discovers that our assault has failed, our punishment will be severe!
I should allow my horde to rip you to pieces!
Yes, allow your soldiers to do what you are too frightened to do yourself.
WHAAATT!? I am Baraka, leader of the Tarkata! I fear no one, least of all a human!
Then face me in kombat. If you are so sure of your strength, kill me yourself. But if I emerge victorious, you must complete one task for me.
Ha ha ha! Agreed! My warriors will enjoy eating your flesh when I am done with you!
You have defeated me, human. I would not have thought it possible. Tell me what I must do. And tell me quickly before I change my mind.
You are a powerful warrior, Baraka. I ask that you teach me your fighting techniques.
A great warrior I am, human. I will show you why I am the most feared Tarkatan in Shao Kahn's army.
Enough! I have shown you enough of my kombat skills! I must keep some techniques to myself.
I thank you for what you have shown me.
I will command my troops to allow you safe passage from our encampment. Go back to your portal and never return to this realm.
Yes, I will leave this realm at once. There is nothing more that I need here.
That's far enough! Stop where you are!
Is there a problem, sir?
Name's Kano. By the order of the sorcerers Quan Chi and Shang Tsung, all denizens of Outworld will submit to the rule of the Deadly Alliance.
I am not a 'denizen' of Outworld. I have traveled here from Earthrealm.
Makes no difference. My men will take you to the town of Sun Do. Quan Chi and Shang Tsung have a job for you, mate.
And if I refuse?
Do you really think you can kombat us all?
No, I suppose not.
Then shut up and follow me!
What's your name, anyway?
I am called Shujinko.
Well, Shujinko, welcome to Hell. Along with all the other peons of this town, you will be constructing a palace for Shang Tsung.
One that is large enough to house his army. Don't even think about trying to escape. I would hate to have to kill a villager because of your defiance. D'you get me?
I... I understand.
Good. Now make yourself useful. Get to work!
You are not from this town. Who are you? Why have you been enslaved here?
I am Shujinko. I am from Earthrealm, on a quest for the Elder Gods. I had been instructed to return to Outworld to confront a growing threat here. I seem to have found it.
I am Li Mei. My village was the first conquest of the Deadly Alliance. They have enslaved my people. For this, I will kill them in due time.
What is your plan of attack?
The Deadly Alliance have offered to free my village if I win their kombat tournament. I have accepted their challenge, but I intend to use the tournament as a way to get closer to them. I will attack when they least expect it!
Bold words, young one, but perhaps a bit foolish. What makes you think you can defeat them both?
I will concede that I am not ready to confront them yet, for I desperately need additional training.
Perhaps I may be of some help. Over the years I have absorbed much kombat skill.
Then you must teach me, Shujinko! Help me to save my people from oppression.
I will teach you what I can, Li Mei. But I do not approve of your intention to kombat the two sorcerers alone. I believe that course of action will end in misfortune.
Thank you for your training, Master Shujinko. Please accept this token of my appreciation.
I thank you for the gift, Li Mei. Perhaps your confrontation with the sorcerers is not necessary. I know of someone who might help to free your village.
His name is Hotaru. He once saved the walled city of Lei Chen from the Tarkatan hordes. I will journey there and ask for his assistance.
If you think he can drive out the Deadly Alliance, then by all means, find this Hotaru and tell him of our plight.
I will do my best to convince him to help. The guards are watching. I must not draw their attention if I am to escape your village. Goodbye, Li Mei.
Hotaru! It is good to see --
You have violated my ordinance. You were to go indoors when the toll sounded.
Ordinance? I just recently arrived. I had no knowledge of any ordinance.
Ignorance is not an excuse. I am placing you under arrest for disregarding the laws of this city. Your trial will take place in the realm of Order.