Orderrealm Konquest Dialogue


Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
If you are looking for a law school, you have come to the right place. This realm has many.
This part of town is so clean and beautiful. Everything is so perfect!
We are safe here in the realm of Order. The Seidan Guardsmen have performed their duty well.
Keep your voice down. Life may be peaceful here, but there is very little tolerance for freedom of speech.
The Resistance has caused many disruptions as of late. I fear the riots are far from over.
It is rumored that a man called Darrius is leading the Resistance. Have you ever seen him?
If you are looking for the courtroom, it is in Goldtown.
The prison you may have seen is actually a detention area for prisoners who are about to be tried in court.
Be wary of the Seidan Guardsmen, stranger. They do not tolerate any deviation from the law.
If you ask me, the realm of Chaos is behind the rioting. A man called Havik is constantly stirring up trouble.
Water is scarce here. We must occasionally take some from other realms to have enough.
Many ages ago, a leader from Seido tried to enforce law and order in the realm of Chaos. All that is left of his legacy there is a decaying prison.
Hotaru is our most celebrated hero. I believe he will rule this realm one day.
Your clothes seem to be wrinkled, friend. You are not from this realm, are you?
The bells and gongs that sound throughout the realm are to remind us of the ordered passing of time.
What separates this realm from others is our ability to organize. Nothing is left to chance.
Oh! Look at the time! I have an appointment!
I would love to chat, but I had not planned for any spontaneous conversations today.
I am beginning to think that you are from the realm of Chaos! Keep away from me!
You savage! I will inform the guards of your brutality!
I can tell that you are new to this realm. My advice to you is to stay out of trouble. The laws here are very strict.
There is not much crime here. The Seidan Guardsmen keep this realm safe and peaceful.
Yes, I agree. The scenery here is quite beautiful.
Although I appreciate the peace and stability of this realm, I do feel a bit stifled by all the rules and regulations.
If you see a riot begin, leave the area as quickly as possible. You would not want the Seidan Guards to think you are part of the Resistance.
How is it you came to the realm of Order? Did you have to undergo questioning first?
I've heard of a place called the Netherrealm. From what I have heard, it is a dark and evil place.
If you are in need of legal assistance, my father is a lawyer. He might be able to help.
Sometimes it seems that the punishments here are a bit harsh. My brother was imprisoned for years for not obeying a curfew.
There are rumors that men from the realm of Chaos have been instigating the riots here.
You have been to Outworld? You must be quite brave.
Everyone in Seido must adhere to a strict schedule. I find it odd that you are wandering around aimlessly.
I have heard of the Red Dragon clan in Earthrealm. They may be a criminal organizaion, but I must admire their discipline.
Koins? Yes, I saw a man somewhere around here who was trading koins.
I have some advice for you, stranger. If an Seidan Guardsman gives you an order, obey it.
My favorite sport is synchronized swimming. Oh! Did I say that out loud?
I am late! I must be going!
I have no time in my schedule for idle talk. Goodbye.
If you will excuse me, I must be in court soon.
How rude!
Many Guardsman have traveled to other realms to bring Order to the Chaos. What realm did you say you were from?
Where are you from, outsider? You have the stench of the Chaos realm on you.
If you see anything suspicious, please inform one of the Guardsmen.
The riots are increasing in frequency. Havik is no doubt behind this.
Our academy takes many recruits from other worlds. There have been very few from Earthrealm, however.
While you are visiting this realm you will obey our laws. Ignorance is no excuse for criminal activity.
If these riots continue, we may be forced to deputize more troops.
This realm was founded upon the principals of law and order, not freedom. Freedom leads to anarchy. Anarchy leads to Chaos. Chaos leads to suffering.
No Seidan Guardsman is allowed to assault a perpetrator without permission from his superior. An unauthorized assault will lead to imprisonment.
In my off time I like to relax by practicing my slide whistle. I have become quite good!
Stay out of trouble, outsider. I will be watching you.
There have been reports of a spiritual being conversing with citizens of this city. If you see such activity, report it at once.
I have noticed that you have been running around aimlessly. Please find something to do and stop your chaotic behavior.
The outlaw Darrius has been inciting riots. Do not take part in them or you will risk imprisonment.
We Seidan Guardsman train for many years to prepare ourselves for any disturbance.
No, there are no alcoholic beverages in this realm. Intoxication causes a lack of control.
Nothing to see here, citizen.
As you were, citizen.
I have no time for your questions. Move along.
Assaulting an officer is a serious offense, outsider!
Kind sir, I am creating jewelry for my children, and so I am in need of gems. I do not have time to search for them, however, so I ask that you find them for me.
You will find the first gem in Greentown.
Please find the green gem in Greentown.
Go away!
The green gem! My eldest son will love the ring I will make with it. Now please find me the golden nugget. It is located in Goldtown.
Please find the golden nugget in Goldtown.
A gold nugget! You have found one! My eldest daughter loves gold jewelry. Now please find me a fire opal. It is located in Redtown.
Please find the fire opal in Redtown.
You have found a fire opal! My youngest son will wear it proudly.
I need one item more. Please find me a winterstone. It is located in Bluetown.
Please find the winterstone in Bluetown.
A winterstone! Sadly, I will not be using it to make jewelry for my youngest daughter.
She has joined the Resistance Movement and I have disowned her. You may keep the winter stone for yourself.
Why yes, I have a green gem. they are worthless. Take it!
A gold nugget? They are quite common in this realm. Take one of mine.
A winter stone? I have one in my pocket. You may have it.
You are looking for a fire opal, are you? I'm surprised you have not found one sooner. It is the most common gemstone in Seido. You can have this one.
You need more gems? Ask someone else. I do not have any more.
What was that for?
Oh what a mess! Sir, I would pay you handsomely if you were to help me pick up all these boxes.
I cannot pay you until you pick up all of the boxes.
I will tell Hotaru about you, criminal!
Excellent job, Shujinko! The boxes have been put away. Here are the koins I promised you.
I am afraid there are no more boxes for you to put away. You will have to find employment elsewhere.
I have arrested this man because I suspect he has killed someone from another town with a knife.
If you find any evidence to prove his innocence or guilt, please bring it to me.
I did not kill anyone! Please, you must believe me!
Have you found any evidence in this man's case?
Ow! I said I did not kill anyone!
Assaulting an officer is a serious offense. If I did not have to guard this man, I would arrest you!
This journal you found shows that the murdered man was concerned that a woman was trying to kill him. This is enough evidence to convince me this man is innocent.
He is free to go. Take these koins for your service to the realm of Order.
Thank you, kind sir! I owe you my life!
This knife you found has the blood of the victim on it -- as well as the fingerprints of the man I have in custody! It proves that he is the murderer.
Take these koins for your service to the realm of Order.
I would have gotten away with it, were it not for your meddling!
Your service is no longer needed. This case is closed.
I would have gotten away with it, were it not for your meddling!
Excuse me, citizen. I am Governor Tallen. I have sent an emissary to meet with the Resistance.
The emissary, Parlos Cassina, has not returned in weeks. If you discover his whereabouts, please return to me. I will pay you for any information you uncover.
Have you discovered any information on Parlos Cassina?
Physical assault is an arrestable offense!
Yes, I know his whereabouts. He has joined the Resistance, from what I understand. But you did not hear that from me!
I told you all I know.
I did not join the Resistance! Why did you hit me?
Parlos Cassina has joined the Resistance?! Grave news, indeed. I must report this to the Council. Thank you. Here is the money I promised.
I have no time for conversation. I must report my findings to the Council.
Pardon me, but I need your help. I need to complete my census by filling in the ages of a few more citizens.
Would you help me by asking three more people their age? You will be compensated, of course.
Please ask more citizens for their age.
I am a census taker, not a punching bag!
My age? I am 354 years old.
Why did you hit me?
Well, if you must know, I am 132 years old.
I am 25 years old. Why do you ask?
Well, that was uncalled for!
You have the data I require! Here is your compensation.
I need no other data at this point in time.
The Seidan Guardsmen may have dispelled previous riots, but they will never completely stop them.
If you can incite five citizens to riot, I would appreciate it greatly.
I do not see a riot! Have you not converted a sufficient number of citizens yet?
Nice! I admire your unpredictability!
What? 'Chaos,' you say? AAAAHHH!!!!
Chaos returns? AAAAHHH!!!!
Chaos? AAAAHHH!!!!
Order is dead? AAAAHHH!!!!
It is the end of Order? AAAAHHH!!!!
The riots have begun anew! You have done well. Take this, with my thanks. May Chaos break the rules that bind.
I know you are, but what am I?
I am a member of the Resistance. There is a former member of the Seidan Guard being held near here.
Please give this key to the prisoner. It will unlock his cage.
Return to me when you're done and I will compensate you for your time.
Take the key to the jail.
Save it for the riots!
You have brought me what? A key? I thank you, stranger. Now I can escape!
He has the key? Very good. Here is a reward for aiding the Resistance.
Would you like to join the Resistance?
You are from Earthrealm, are you not? I am Fujin, god of wind. I have entered this realm to locate an old text on the laws of nature.
I might return to Earthrealm sooner if you help me find it. You will be rewarded for your efforts, of course.
Have you found the book yet? Neither have I. We must continue our search.
It is not wise to strike a god!
Yes! This is the book I was searching for. It will aid me greatly in my defense of Earthrealm. Take these trinkets as a reward.
I will see you in Earthrealm, my friend.
Excuse me, stranger. I am Mavado of the Red Dragon clan in Earthrealm. Our organization is stockpiling red koins for use in... covert activities.
I have 500 koins that I will gladly trade you for 1000 red koins, if you have any.
It was a pleasure doing business with you. Please do not mention to anyone that you have seen me here.
You do not have enough red koins to make the trade worth my efforts. Come back when you have more.
Have you gone insane?
Yes, I sell cyborg implants! Let me see your list. Ah, yes! I have the parts you need.
I have no more items for sale.
Guards! Guards!
How's it goin'? I'm Stryker. I'm here to train to be a Seidan Guard. The problem is that I can't find the academy. If you find out where it is, let me know and I'll give ya a few bucks.
Haven't found the academy yet, huh? Keep lookin'.
Let's not get pushy, OK, pal?
The military academy? I believe it is to the north.
The academy's north of here? Thanks! Here's a few bucks for your time.
Why did you hit me?
I thought I paid you already.
Behold, Shujinko! Seido -- the realm of Order! Tread carefully, for the Seidan Guard enforces the law without mercy.
But I am new to this place. How am I to abide by their laws if I do not know them?
This civilization has been built upon the concept of structure and organization. Deviation from this ideal is not tolerated. I cannot stress enough that you must avoid any entanglements in their legal system.
I believe the likelihood of that happening is small, but I will heed your warning, Damashi.
Please excuse my interruption, but I am Shujinko, champion of the Elder Gods. I bring a message from the king of Lei Chen requesting the aid of your Guardsmen in Outworld.
I am quite busy, 'Champion.' Get to your point!
Lei Chen is under siege and in need of reinforcements to help defend it. Overlord Zeffeero... has offered to give control of his city to your realm if your Guardsmen come to Outworld and defeat Shao Kahn's invading horde.
Shao Kahn? Long have we battled against his minions. It would benefit all the realms to further suppress his advance. I am Commander Hotaru. I would pledge my aid to the Outworld city, but I still have work to do here.
Help me end this riot by defeating the leader of the Resistance and I will defend this overlord. I would think a champion of the gods could end this uprising with ease...
I will assist you however I can.
Excellent. We will first need to train you to be a Seidan Guardsman, for you may not partake in an assault unless you are a deputized member of the Guard. That is our law.
Then, let us begin my training.
Follow me.
Congratulations. You are now an honorary member of the Seidan Guardsmen. Go now and defeat the leader of the Resistance. His name is Darrius. When you have completed this task, meet me here.
As you command!
Are you the warrior known as Darrius?
And what if I am?
If you are the leader of the Resistance, I have been ordered to defeat you in kombat and bring this riot under control.
You have found your man. I am Darrius. I look forward to resisting arrest.
You have not yet suppressed the rioters! Obey my orders or be severely punished.
Do not speak with me until you have finished your task of defeating Darrius!
I have defeated Darrius, Commander Hotaru.
Well done. It seems the rioters have been demoralized. Your service is no longer required. As promised, I will now depart for the city of Lei Chen in Outworld.
Thank you, Hotaru. I will meet you there.
I have no desire to converse with a criminal.
Am I not innocent until a court arrives at a verdict?
We shall see.
What is this place? Why have I been taken from my cell?
You are about to enter the Judicial Court of the Realm of Order. You have been brought here to defend yourself against the charges brought against you by Commander Hotaru.
After all these long years, justice will at last prevail. Surely I will not remain imprisoned for a law as frivolous as a curfew.
I would not be as confident if I were you.
These were the guards I was sent to dispose of? Pfah! Surely you could have slain them yourself.
Why have you killed them? Who are you?
I am Dairou. An associate of yours was concerned that... certain obligations you have to him are not being met. I was contracted to remove any.. obstacles.. you might be facing.
Damashi... I cannot believe that he would instruct you to kill these men in order to free me.
Not instructed -- paid. Mercenaries do not work for free. This... Damashi... offered me generous compensation to free you.
Do not be so sure of your chances with the judge. I was once a soldier among their ranks until I was unjustly imprisoned. You would have been incarcerated for decades for this seemingly minor charge, I assure you.
I cannot say that I approve of your actions, but... I suppose a certain amount of gratitude is in order, Dairou.
There is one other matter: I am to give you this key to the courtroom door. I took it from one of the guards.
I will leave you now, but if you ever have need of my services, search for me in the realm of Order. Just remember to bring plenty of koins.
Shujinko, I am disappointed with you.
I thought I had trained you to to appreciate Order... to obey the law. Now I find that you have killed two officers and have broken into a courtroom.
I did not kill those men. An assassin named Dairou...
Now you are consorting with known felons to free yourself. Had you simply waited for your trial, you would have no doubt been found innocent.
In fact, I had come here to testify in your defense. Now it seems that you will be facing a sentence of death.
If it has come to that... I have no other choice but to resist arrest.
Shujinko! You have the Order Realm Kamidogu, I see.
With the help of your assassin, yes. I do not understand how you could condone such an action. Are these the methods of the Elder Gods?
I am not an Elder God. I am merely your guide. In any event, do not presume to judge my methods. You yourself have done many dishonorable things during your lifelong journey.
To answer your question, however... the Elder Gods would not have objected to the methods applied.
I may have done questionable things during my service to the Elder Gods, but I have also grown much since my quest began. I cannot believe the Elder Gods would not take exception to such brutal tactics.
The Elder Gods do not directly interfere with the realms, nor do they judge the events that occur therein. Their duty is merely to assure that the realms exist.
And my quest plays some part in their duty?
I will not explain further. All will be revealed in time. Take the Kamidogu to the Nexus and continue your search.
Yes, Damashi, I will do as you ask. But I cannot help but feel disenchanted with the quest.