Profile – “It is said that there is only one true ruler of Outworld. And that ruler had returned: Onaga, former emperor of Outworld, the Dragon King. The prophecy had been fulfilled. The Dragon King had indeed returned to Outworld to reclaim his army and impose his dominance. Death awaited all who stood in his way.”

Fighting Styles – Dragon
Weapon Style- – None
Special Moves – Yes
Fatalities – No

Special Moves:

Fireball - Forward, Back, Square
Air Throw - Forward, Forward, Triangle
Wind - Forward, Forward, X
Stomp - Forward, Forward, Square

Ending -

"My enemies had failed to prevent me from fusing all the weapons of the Elder Gods into one. I used this ultimate weapon to warp reality, merging the realms into a singular existence. Not satisfied with merely ruling only one realm, I took all that exists and merged it into myself. There can only be one consciousness. I am everything. I have become... The One Being."