Nexus Konquest Dialogue


Wh... what is this place?
This is the Nexus. Constructed by the Elder Gods to aid their champion on his quest to save the realms.
To aid me?
These portals lead to each of the realms that conceals a Kamidogu. Each time you recover a Kamidogu, you must return it to the Nexus and place it on that altar. Doing so will unlock the portal to the next realm for you to search.
Which portal will open first?
Place the Earthrealm Kamidogu on the altar and you will know.
It would seem that the Elder Gods wish for their champion to search the Netherrealm next. I must warn you -- it is a dark and evil place.
I will be on my guard.
Stop where you are, intruder! I am the Elder Gods' Chosen Warrior. I have been sent to protect the Nexus from trespassers. Your presence has defiled this sacred place! Leave now, or face my wrath!
You are mistaken! I am the Elder Gods' champion! Stand down!
You leave me no choice. Prepare to be destroyed!
Shujinko! I bring good tidings.
What do you mean, Damashi?
You have sacrificed much in your service to the Elder Gods these long years.Therefore, they are granting you that which you have desired since your childhood: a chance to compete in the Mortal Kombat tournament in Earthrealm and defeat the sorcerer Shang Tsung.
I... do not know what to say! How did they know of my dreams of defeating Shang Tsung?
Long ago, I watched you from afar as you played with your childhood friends. It was quite clear that you worshipped the warrior Kung Lao. But unlike your hero, you will be more than a match for Shang Tsung.
You have absorbed the fighting styles of many great warriors. Now is your chance to fulfill your dream.
Thank you, Damashi! I will return to Earthrealm at once!
Greetings, Champion. I have need of your assistance.
Raiden! Whatever I can do to help you, do not hesitate to ask. My time in the Netherrealm is concluded.
Shang Tsung has allied with another sorcerer, Quan Chi, who has escaped from the Netherrealm.
Escaped! I had just seen him there!
Quan Chi possesses an item created by the Elder Gods -- an amulet that acts like a key. He understands only a fraction of its potential, but enough to use it to escape from Hell.
Is it a Kamidogu?
It is not a Kamidogu, but it is connected to them by its function. I am surprised that you would not know of it. Nevertheless, I am preparing an assault on the two sorcerers in Outworld.
Though they have already killed Earthrealm's greatest hero, Liu Kang, I am gathering together the few warriors I feel I can trust to attack this Deadly Alliance at their stronghold. Can I count on you to help?
I will go to Outworld to assist you any way I can.
Excellent. It will be good to have a champion of the Elder Gods on our side.
After all these long years, I have finally found the last of the Kamidogu. My quest is almost at an end.
What is ending is your meddling in the affairs of the Elder Gods, mortal!
Yes... and I remember you as well. We met in the Netherrealm. I taught you my fighting skills. Now I will give you your final lesson. FIGHT!
I have defeated him! Now I am free to complete my quest.
I do not understand! The Kamidogu should have been transported to the Elder Gods. Why is it not happening?
Because you have not completely finished the quest.
Who... What are you?
Ah, yes... Familiar words. Perhaps this will help you to understand...
Damashi! What has he done to you? Let him go!
Shujinko, please save me! Old fool!
Damashi does not exist! The avatar you see before you is merely a projection of my consciousness!
I manipulated this astral puppet from beyond the boundaries of death -- and in turn, manipulated you.
I deceived you into bringing me the means of attaining ultimate mastery over reality.
So it seems that I have indeed known you all these years. Then by what name shall I call you now? Tell me who you really are, demon!
I am Onaga, the Dragon King of Outworld and soon to be ruler of all that exists! I must thank you for bringing me so much power. The Kamidogu... are mine.
You may have them. They do nothing. You have wasted your time. Nothing happened when I placed them all on the altar.
Not all... If you had found the last piece, the altar would have transported them to the Elder Gods.
But the last piece is currently in Outworld in the possession of a fool sorcerer. I will deal with him later.
For now, I will take these artifacts you have so dutifully collected for me.
I'm afraid they will not make it into the hands of the Elder Gods after all. And so, Shujinko, your quest is done. Prepare for death!
The Dragon King has not emerged from the portal! Perhaps he has lost interest in pursuing me... More likely he has gone to Outworld and will confront the sorcerer who possesses the last remaining object.
I have been a fool! Blinded by the lure of adventure, I have endangered the realms and betrayed the Elder Gods. The blame is mine alone. What have I done?
The Dragon King now possesses the six Kamidogu
and has taken the ancient amulet from Quan Chi in Outworld.
Although each item is powerful beyond mortal comprehension,
individually they contain only a fraction of the power needed to create the realms.
To become all-powerful,
Onaga must discover a way to fuse them into a single, ultimate Kamidogu.
I have been a pawn in Onaga's scheme to rule all.
If I am to redeem myself, I must continue to learn all that I can
and prepare for this final battle against the Dragon King.
My journey is far from over.
You have unleashed Shujinko! With his kombat might, you can defeat the Dragon King!