Netherrealm Konquest Dialogue


Leave me be. I tire of your blathering.
I was sent here to regain some taint I lost
I will train you if you help me find quanchi
I will help you find quanchi
well done now take what you've learned and find quanchi
you will not escape me quan chi
I am ermac I'm looking for a soulstone.
you have restored enough taint to leave
have you found quanchi yet?
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
None shall pass at this time!
You are a guard? I did not recognize you. Next time wear your armor!
You have all done well! The zombies have been kept outside the city and the oni have been sufficiently intimidated. The mages are pleased! Here is your pay.
There is something not right about you.
I should hang you from a pole for striking me!
Paid in koins again? I was hoping for mortal flesh!
Our pay is nothing compared to the bribes we get from sorcerers.
We should be paid more for having to deal with these oni scum.
We thought he had koins. We were wrong. He did not.
He was no match for us. Too bad for him!
We should leave before the guards find out what we have done.
Get away! You will attract the guards!
What are you looking at?!
I must flee!
I do not know how this zombie managed to get inside the city, but we dealt with it.
Zombies are beings who are punished to roam the wastes as animated dead.
This meat is unfit to eat. I say we throw it over the wall!
Move along! Nothing to see here!
Stand back or we will chop you to pieces as well!
Go about your business! We will deal with this carcass!
The oni of the Netherrealm usually populate the lower regions, but occasionally they can be found in this plane.
It is unknown to most of us what the structure to the north is for. Many think it does nothing. The Brotherhood of Shadow may have the answer.
Were it not for sorcerers such as Quan Chi, this town would be much like the wastelands of the lower planes.
Lord Shinnok has taken this city for his own. He is a welcome ruler.
They say when Lord Shinnok battled Lucifer for control, many treasures were scattered across the Netherrealm.
The Brotherhood of Shadow guard their stronghold well!
I enjoy watching the bodies burn in town during the Festival of Torment.
Shao Kahn's assassin Ermac has been seen lurking in the wastelands! I wonder what he is searching for.
Ashrah was once a vicious demon. But since she has begun slaying other demons with her sword, she looks more like a hideous Earthrealm human!
Sorcerers cannot stay long in the lower planes of the Netherrealm. It drains their magic power and eventually traps them there.
Sometimes the gates close and no one gets in or out.
There is something special about that pillar with the hole in the middle. I should check the archives to see if I can discover any information.
Lovely hanging decorations, are they not? I killed them myself!
Do not question me further!
You annoy me!
If you do not wish to suffer on the rack, I suggest you pester me no more!
You tempt fate! I will see you burn for your arrogance!
The smell of charred flesh reminds me of my youth!
Mind yourself, stranger. Shinnok's rule is not to be challenged.
Most of us were oni at one time. Those like myself, however, have found ways to improve our appearance and intelligence.
This town was founded by sorcerers as an oasis from the wastelands. It is only here that magic users are unaffected by the drain of the Netherrealm.
Fear not. Shao Kahn has no desire to occupy this forsaken realm.
There are spirits that have wandered too far into the lower reaches of the Netherrealm. Many are said to have been trapped there forever.
Quan Chi helped to create this city. Most sorcerers do not venture far from its protection.
If you dare to venture beyond the walls, be wary. Many corpses wander the wastes just outside of town.
Zombies are not allowed inside the city walls. They are cut to pieces on sight by the guards.
A loose alliance with the oni of the lower planes allows them to venture into the city.
if you are looking for places of interest, venture to the north. There is a structure there that seems to defy purpose.
Those vile oni! They are beneath us! They do nothing to conceal their treachery and thievery.
Enough! I tire of your ramblings.
Be off with you! I will waste no more time with your questions!
If you have further questioning, talk to someone else.
Your treachery is not unlike the oni!
You have wandered into the wrong place, stranger! This is the realm of demons!
The denizens of the city think they are more important than oni. They forget they were once demons themselves!
You will not find many sorcerers or mages as you travel farther from the city. The lower planes drain them of their power.
Yes, there are many kinds of oni. Some of us are large, and some are small. But all are vicious and hatefull!
When a sorcerer from another realm has need of a demon or oni, the three-headed god Kochal transports us there.
You are new to this realm. Watch yourself! You may become a meal!
Quan Chi? Yes, I knew Quan Chi before he became a sorcerer. He was not much different from me then.
Curse these walking corpses! They are not fit to eat!
Yes, there are many walking dead in these parts. They are being punished for displeasing Shinnok.
One day we demons will spew forth and consume Earthrealm! Until then, we are cursed to serve sorcerers.
I like to eat brains charred. Heh heh.
Our truce with the denizens of the city is a fragile one.
Beware of Moloch! He is an oni whose temper is short!
Aahh! Go away! I cannot take your soft words any longer!
If you do not stop asking me questions, I will sink my teeth into your skull!
I must go! There are things to be stolen!
RrrrRRrAAAHHH!!! Kochal will hear of this!
We guards have been created by the sorcerers to keep the oni under control and to prevent the zombies from entering the city.
Halt! You do not look like a denizen of this realm. Mind yourself or I will hang you from a post.
The oni of this town are suspected of thievery. Many sorcerers report missing items.
If you see a zombie or walking corpse within the walls of this city, inform one of the guards. We will deal with it.
I love the smell of magma in the morning!
There is a truce between the denizens of this city and the oni that wander the lower planes. I am charged with enforcing that truce.
We guards are paid in koins every day at noon in front of the guardhouse by the gate.
When I am ordered to, I lower the gates to the city. During those times, no one is allowed in or out.
Lord Shinnok searches for an amulet. If you see it, take it to him.
Sorcerers are allowed to kill each other in this realm as long as no one witnesses the slaying.
We guards do not set foot outside the walls of this town. We are oni transformed by sorcery and would be undone in the lower planes.
Lucifer was once the custodian of this realm, much like Raiden is to Earthrealm. It was Shinnok who overthrew him.
Sword and shield, mail and helm! Marching through the Netherrealm!
Sorcerers of this city have been known to pay guards to kill other sorcerers.
Is there someone you would like me to kill for you?
I am on duty! Begone!
Unless you are willing to pay me for my time, go away!
I sense something... different... about your aura. I will be watching you.
I should hang you from a fire pike for that!
You there! I need for you to tell three other guards to meet me here for an important gathering. Go now or face torture.
Do not waste any more time. Find the other guards!
I will see you suffer for that.
A gathering? I will not delay!
Yes! It has begun! I will meet with the other guards!
They are gathering? I will not delay!
You have done well. The others have joined me for the gathering. Here is your reward.
May evil prevail!
We will triumph!
Our time has come!
Will you join us?
Blast! An oni has stolen my book of spells. I believe he is still within the walls of the city.
If someone were to retrieve the book for me, I would bestow riches upon him beyond compare.
If only I had my book of spells...
If I had my book, I would find a spell to punish you!
The book is MINE!
Yes! My book of spells! I will now conjure a valuable item as payment for its return.
Begone! You have outlived your usefulness.
It is true! Our greatest warrior was defeated in battle many ages ago. It is said that he carried a bone shield into kombat when he was slain in the southern wastelands.
If you find it for me, stranger, I will give you a reward.
If I were to get my claws on that bone shield, I would be able to lead the oni into battle against the sorcerers.
I will eat your flesh for that!
You have found it! The bone shield! Take your reward. I must show this to my oni bretheren!
This shield is heavy!
I have held this sword as long as I can bear! It was cursed by a mage to burn my skin! Take it to a sorcerer to cleanse it for me. I will reward you when you return.
Have you not rid the curse from my sword?
You will regret that!
The curse has been removed from my sword! I can carry it to battle once more. Take this as payment.
Do not bother me further or I will hack you to pieces!
You have a what? A cursed sword? Yes, I can cleanse it.
I am a great sorcerer. Come to me if you ever need magical assistance.
I am busy. Bother me no longer.
The Brotherhood of Shadow will hunt you down for your insolence!
You there! I have lost my wristblades somewhere in the city. Should you find them, return them to me.
I am still looking for my wristblades.
If I had my wristblades, I would gut you like an oni!
My wristblades! You found them! I can slay demons once again. Here is your reward.
I will gut you if you pester me further!
I am Nightwolf. A powerful talisman, the Bear Totem, has been stolen from my people. A demon brought it to this accursed realm.
Help me find it and I will reward your efforts. I last saw the demon in the wastelands to the east.
The longer you wait, the further the demon runs.
Why did you attack me?
Keep away, mortal! I know you are after my totem! It is MINE!!
The talisman! You have recovered it! I give you these koins as a show of thanks.
My time here in the Netherrealm is not yet finished.
Greetings, mortal. I am Shinnok. I was unjustly imprisoned in this realm many ages ago. I seek a lost amulet -- my means of escape.
The sorcerer Quan Chi sent word that he had left it somewhere in this city. I will grant you a large sum of koins if you return it to me.
Do not test my patience, mortal. Find my amulet!
Your attacks do not affect me. But mine will destroy you!
Excellent! You have found my amulet, though it seems somehow... different. Take these koins as your reward.
When next we meet, I will no doubt be supreme ruler of all the realms. I will remember your service to me.
Your service to me will be rewarded in due time, mortal.
We search for Sareena, a member of the Brotherhood of Shadow who has been missing for some time now.
We fear she has betrayed us and aids an Earthrealm warrior. Find her or suffer upon the fire pikes!
Find the infidel Sareena!
When I have dealt with Sareena, you will be next!
The Brotherhood of Shadow are searching for me? This is not good.
I must leave this place now. Shujinko, please do not report back to them. I realize this puts your life in peril. Take these koins as compensation.
There have been reports of you talking with Sareena and Sub-Zero. If this is true, we will flay your soul.
Stay away! You are attracting attention to me!
You there! I am Moloch the Destroyer! I have trapped many victims in a cave near here.
Find Drahmin and tell him he must bring me... that which we need... so that we may feast.
He will know what you speak of. Go now or we will consume you as well!
Is that all you can muster?
What is this? First Moloch wants me to fetch onyx shards... Now he has need of the... device?
Wait... He must have captured food! I shall fetch it immediately!
Not a nice place, this Netherrealm. Even someone as nasty as myself will find it a bit unnerving! Name's Jarek.
I'm here to prove to the Black Dragon that I'm the toughest bastard in the clan by pulling the teeth outta the jaws of an oni.
What they don't know is that demons lose their teeth all the time.
If you find any lying around, bring 'em to me and spare me an actual fight with an oni. I'll pay good koin fer three of 'em.
Don't bother me until you find those teeth!
I just may pull your teeth out for that!
You found some oni teeth! Now I can leave this stinkin' place. Here's yer money.
Buzz off!
Is this not what you expected?
This place... It feels... dark.
As dark as every heart that inhabits it. Normally your presence here would not be possible. Only evil resides in the Netherrealm.
So how is it that I am here?
Perhaps your time with the Lin Kuei has left a small stain of corruption on your soul.
But you must not dwell on that. What is important is your quest. Most likely, the Netherrealm Kamidogu will not be found within the walls of this city. You must venture deep into these wretched planes of Hell if you are to recover it.
This is not going to be pleasant, but I will complete my task.
I am Shujinko. Pardon my intrusion, but you do not look like a demon of the Netherrealm.
I am Ashrah. I was once like the others -- before I found the means to purge myself of the evil taint that permeates all who reside here.
By slaying demons with an enchanted sword, I will gradually transform into a being whom this realm cannot contain. Eventually I will be free. And how is it you exist in this place? You do not seem to belong here yourself.
I am from Earthrealm.
I see. Be warned, Shujinko. The Netherrealm is quite hostile to outsiders. If you are to survive against its denizens, you will need special skills. I offer to train you in the art of kombat that will be most effective here.
I accept your most gracious offer, Ashrah.
Then let your training begin.
I have now shown you the techniques for fighting the demons of this place, Shujinko. May this knowledge serve you well.
Thank you, Ashrah. I believe I am ready to brave the depths of the Netherrealm.
Perhaps a test is in order. Meet me at the temple outside of town. I will find you a suitable opponent. We will see if you have indeed learned all I have taught you.
I look forward to this chance to test myself.
So this is the demon known as Ashrah! Your notoriety extends as far as Outworld. Many of Shao Kahn's Netherrealm allies have fallen to your blade. Thus, he has sent an assassin to deal with you.
Yes, I am aware of the demon known as Ermac. I welcome his arrival. Until then, you will serve as kombat practice.
That Tarkatan was not a pure demon, but a mutated hybrid of demon and mortal races. There was not much to gain from his death. Were I to defeat the powerful demon Ermac, however, I would surely ascend from this place much sooner.
If while on your quest you should encounter him, lead him to me. It is here that I am most powerful.
If I see him, I will do as you ask.
What manner of beast are you?
I am no beast. I am Shujinko from Earthrealm and I am in search of a powerful demon. I have an acquaintance who wants to... deal with him.
As commanded by the Emperor Shao Kahn, We search for a powerful demon as well. But We are bound together by sorcery, and the lower planes of this realm drain magical power.
Our bond, Our strength, is fading. We fear that We will not have the strength to destroy Our enemy.
Why do you say 'we' and 'our'?
We... will explain later if you help Us.There is not much time.
I will most certainly help you. What must I do?
Help Us find a Soul Stone... a large red monolith covered with ancient runes. We can replenish the magic power that binds Our souls together and continue Our trek.
Do this for Us, and We will reveal to you Our knowledge of kombat as payment.
I will search for the Soul Stone.
This appears to be the Soul Stone that warrior mentioned. I must inform him of its location.
How odd... I feel a strange sensation the closer I get to this structure.
Greetings! I have found the Soul Stone! It is to the east not far from here.
We must go there immediately. Come, We will reward you once We have regained Our strength.
Yes... This is it... a Soul Stone! We can feel Our strength returning!
What exactly is a Soul Stone?
Many ages ago, the first sorcerers toiled for the Elder Gods, linking the realms with portals. The lower planes of the Netherrealm are quite hazardous to beings of magic.
In these inhospitable places, they erected Soul Stones, which restored their energies as they worked.
We Ourselves are comprised of many warrior souls, bound together by sorcery. Eventually We would have become undone had you not shown Us the Soul Stone.
Why did the sorcerers build the portals for the Elder Gods?
They were built as a defense from some unforeseen cataclysm. We do not concern Ourselves with such myths, however.
Now We will honor Our promise and impart to you Our kombat knowledge. Prepare yourself, as the power of Ermac is revealed.
Ermac... He is the one Ashrah is looking for. I must lead him to her.
Ermac, the demon you seek... Does it have a name?
Her name is Ashrah. She has slain many of Shao Kahn's Netherrealm allies -- for this, he has commanded Us to destroy her.
Interesting... She is looking for you as well. She believes you are a demon and will kombat you to purify her soul.
Her misconceptions are of no importance. You must reveal to Us her location!
She is near a temple to the northwest. She is waiting for you.
Then we must leave at once.
At last I will defeat the demon Ermac. Your death will bring me closer to purification and ultimately, my release from this realm.
We are no demon! Surely you can sense that We are not of your kind.
Nonetheless, there must be some evil residing within you or you could not have entered the Netherrealm.
Enough! You have killed many of Shao Kahn's allies in your quest to purify your soul. You will pay for your insolence!
Is this the sum of your might, Ashrah? It will take much more to defeat Us!
And more you shall receive!
This must be the Netherrealm Kamidogu. Damashi will be pleased.
Damashi! Damashi, where are you?!
Who dares summon me to this... Oh... Shujinko! It has been many years since last we met.
Why have I not seen you in so long a time?
I... take precautions to avoid this place. It drains me. If my avatar were to stay here for too long, or descend too far into the lower planes, I could be trapped here forever.
Your avatar? I do not understand.
I am without a physical body and am only able to appear to you by extending my spirit into the realms. It is my hope that I will one day return to the physical world. Until then I must guide you as a simple apparition. And how goes your search?
I have found the Netherrealm Kamidogu!
So it seems! Well done, Shujinko. Return to the Nexus and place the Kamidogu on the altar.
Unless you have knowledge of the sorcerer Quan Chi's whereabouts, do not waste my time, stranger.
I have no knowledge of this Quan Chi, but I may be able to help you find him. I am Shujinko. I have explored this realm before and have become quite familiar with it. I have returned to the Netherrealm once again to absorb its impurities.
I will likely be wandering these wastes for some time to come. If I discover this Quan Chi, I will relay to you what information I can... for a price.
It would seem that you have already regained some of the Netherrealm's dark taint. What price do you ask?
You are obviously quite powerful in this realm. If I were to learn your kombat skills, perhaps I would absorb enough negative energy to lessen my time here.
Teaching you the dark rage that has consumed me since my death will only serve to delay my vengeance upon Quan Chi. I refuse your offer!
Delay you it will, but you will also gain an ally to aid your search. You will likely find Quan Chi sooner if I search with you.
Your argument has merit. Very well. I will teach you my kombat skills. I warn you, however: The rage of Scorpion burns deeply.
I did not realize that such all-consuming hatred was possible!
Quan Chi killed my family and clan and then deceived me into believing Sub-Zero was their murderer. I have been corrupted by Quan Chi's wickedness. Now it is his turn to suffer.
It is a heavy burden you carry.
And one that will be lifted once I have destroyed the evil sorcerer. Go now and search for Quan Chi.
But be warned, Shujinko: Do not leave this realm until you have found him. I will be tracking you to ensure that you do not abandon your promise.
I will remain in the Netherrealm until he is found, Scorpion.
Who are you? What do you want?
I am Shujinko. I am searching for the sorcerer Quan Chi.
You have found him. I do not recognize you as a Brother of Shadow. Who has sent you?
I sent him!
You thought you could elude me here? In the lower reaches of the Netherrealm, my strength increases while yours fades. I will make you suffer for killing my family and clan!
There is nowhere you can run, sorcerer. I will have my revenge!
I will torment you forever, sorcerer!
Back! Stay back! I command you!!
Did you hear that?
It sounds like battle! Come! We will feast upon the loser!
Shujinko! I sense you have regained enough of the essence of this realm to continue your quest.
I encountered a ninja spectre named Scorpion from whom I absorbed much rage.
Well done. You may leave the Netherrealm.
Thank you Damashi. I do not wish to remain another moment longer.