Johnny Cage

Profile – A Hollywood action star, Johnny Cage's most important role has been protecting Earthrealm from the forces of Evil. His latest movie, “Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance” was based on his battle against Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. During the assault on the Deadly Alliance, the Earthrealm warriors were overwhelmed by Tarkatan hordes. Cage was later resurrected by Onaga, who controlled his mind and commanded him to enforce his will.

Fighting Styles – Shinto Ryu, Jeet Kune Do
Weapon Style- – Nunchaku
Special Moves – No
Fatalities - No

Ending -

"In an outer chamber of the Dragon King's throne room, Ermac did battle with Liu Kang's enslaved comrades. Ermac was more than a match for the five warriors, but their defeat was not his objective. Liu Kang materialized and, one by one, freed their souls while Ermac occupied the rest. Eventually, all five were awakened from their enchantment and freed from Onaga's control."