Earth Realm Konquest Dialogue


Shang Tsung. I will win the Mortal Kombat tournament, and free Earthrealm from your tyranny!

Is that so? Then it seems I will need a stronger opponent to defeat the great Kung Lao.
Goro... Fight!

We're late!


Here, take this.

Here, take this.

Here, take this.

Here, take this.

Here, take this.

Here, take this.

Hi! You must be Shujinko, the one Master Bo' Rai Cho mentioned.
I've seen you around before. You and your friends are always pretending to be famous warriors in that park over there.
My name is Apep. Master Bo' Rai Cho asked me to show you the other schools where he teaches martial arts.
Follow me!
Here it is!
This is another of Master Bo' Rai Cho's classrooms. I think he's starting another lesson right now.
You should go inside.
I will wait for you out here.
Good, you are finished.
Meet me at the bridge by the stream if you want to continue to the next class.
It gets a little more complicated as you go.

The other classroom is on the other side of that bridge.

The bridge is blocked off, so you will have to break the boards if you want to cross.
Good job!
That was just a test to see if you were paying attention.
Come on! Let's go to the next class!

Here it is!
Master Bo' Rai Cho says you are interested in becoming a real warrior.
If you are going to be the best, you will have to train hard. It is not easy, but it is worth it.
Go inside to watch the next lesson. I will wait for you.

Great job! You are getting good at this. Now follow me.
The next class is beyond this bridge.
We need to pay the toll to get across, but I have no money. We must find some other means to pay the guard.
I do not know what you said to the guard, but it worked! He is gone now and we can cross the bridge!

Let us go to the next lesson!
You can figure this out. Keep trying.
Here we are!

As usual, I will wait outside. I've already learned these lessons anyway.
You are halfway done!
Just one more training room before the main school. The bridge is clear now! Follow me!
Whew! I'm getting tired!

Go on inside. I will still be waiting for you out here.
You are back!
Now let's try a few more advanced maneuvers. Follow me!
Last stop: The Earthrealm Academy of Martial Arts!
Most of us call it 'Fight School.'
This is where students learn the more advanced techniques.
Some of the best warriors in Earthrealm have studied here.
I am training in Tai Chi these days, but I hope to learn many more fighting skills.
Someday I want to be the greatest warrior in Earthrealm. I will show the REAL Shang Tsung who is the best and kick him all the way back to Outworld.

Anyway, I have to go to class now, but I will see you later. I hope you decide to join our school! Bye!
What are you waiting for? Go inside the dojo!
Go ahead. Class is starting.

Hurry! If you do not go inside the dojo soon, you might miss Master Bo' Rai Cho's lesson!
What are you waiting for? Smash the boards!
You are back!
This way. Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Let's go!
Shujinko, you are awake! I was worried about you.
Do you realize you were out cold for two days?
From now on you should be careful not to pick up everything you see, OK?

It is too late to start any classes today.
Why don't you meet me here tomorrow morning at around six.
We can accomplish a lot if we get an early start.
See you tomorrow.
I am practicing Ninjitsu... the art of stealth.
Watch me disappear! You will never find me!
You found me!
As a reward, I will give you this key.
I cannot wait for dinner.
Have you seen my son? He usually practices Ninjitsu in the park.

If you do, tell him it is time to come home.

My boy is so lovely. He likes to play with magic.
Hello, how are you?
We have a temple here in the village.
When you have proven yourself to us you will be allowed to enter.
How do I prove myself?
You must speak to the guards at the temple gate.

OK, I will speak with them. Goodbye.

Peace be with you.
Be careful on your journey.
Hello there young man. Would you like to buy anything?
I have a wide variety of meat products. They are very popular with the local villagers.
This job can get rather bloody, but I still love it.

Aren't you supposed to be learning Mortal Kombat?
You seem confused. Why do you continue to approach me?
Are you even aware of what you are doing?
I should really just ignore you. Then perhaps you will go on your way.
You are lucky I need to stay here and work. Otherwise I would teach you a lesson you would never forget.

Someone should have taught you to respect your elders.
I have nothing for you here. Go buy your goods elsewhere.
I should call the authorities on you. You need to be taught how to respect others.
You throw a good punch. However, you would be even better if you took lessons from Master Bo' Rai Cho.
Beware sir, there are consequences to your actions.
You are right, the guard at the bridge must be hungry.
Please take this ham to him.

Shujinko, can you help me? I ate some bad kimchee and I feel very ill.
Would you please get some medicine from my mother?
She is the woman who is always hanging laundry near the fountain park.
Please hurry -- I am feeling worse than ever.
Shujinko, please, I'm really feeling sick.
Are you expecting anything more from me? Please get some medicine!
You saved my life! Thank you so much. I am in debt to you forever.
I should not tell you this, but I have a great secret to share with you.

Stand by the lamp post next to Bo' Rai Cho's second dojo at 4 a.m. Wednesday morning.
Keep an eye on the side of the house.
When you see a great treasure appear there, take it. You will not be sorry.
Thanks again. Do not forget what I told you.

What? My son is sick? Here, take this to him.
Hurry, my son does not have much time.
What did I do to deserve that?!
You have attacked me. Do not expect me to help you now.
Hello, young man. Are you looking for Master Bo' Rai Cho?
Have you met Apep yet?
You should listen to Apep. He will show you what you need to do.

You really are a curious one. You really should talk to Apep. He will have the answers you seek.

Young man, you will have to excuse me, but I cannot help you anymore.
I am in so much trouble. I cannot believe that I pawned my wedding ring to pay my debts.

Now my wife will not talk to me.

I do not have enough money to buy it back from the merchant to whom I sold it.
But if someone could get my ring back for me,
I would gladly reward him with what I money have left.
I hope I can get my wedding ring back somehow.
My wife is very mad. She will not even talk to me.
You found it! How did you...? Never mind. I do not want to know.

Here is the reward I promised you. It is all the money I have left.
Thank you again for returning my ring to me.

Did my loan shark send you?
My husband makes me so mad! He pawned his wedding ring to pay for his gambling debts!
I am not speaking to him!
My mother warned me not to marry him.
I guess gambling is more important to my husband than our marriage.
My husband told me he fought many men to get his wedding ring back!
He is so brave! Now I know why I married him!
Strike a lady will you?!

Would you like to buy a ring?
Ah, never mind. You could not afford such a precious item.
Ring for sale! Ring for sale!
Thief! Thief!
Hey Shujinko, that bully Mekko keeps taking our lunch money. I think he is in the park.

I wish someone would beat him up and get our money back.

Do you really think you can take on Mekko?
Since you beat Mekko, we have not seen him around much anymore.
Mekko has finally met his match! Thanks, Shujinko!
Hi, Shujinko. That bully, Mekko, knocked me down yesterday.
Shujinko, we are all afraid of Mekko. What should we do?

If you help us, you can join our club.
Everyone hates Mekko.
My father says fighting never solves anything. I guess he was wrong!

I am against violence, but Mekko had it coming.
I say we should all go beat up Mekko. But only if you come, that is.

You know, if I knew martial arts, no one would push me around.
Watch your money, Shujinko, or Mekko will rob you.
We really need your help. Please find Mekko and teach him a lesson.
Maybe if we all attacked Mekko, we could scare him off. Nah. You should do it.
You did it! You showed Mekko not to mess around with us!

All the kids are talking about your fight with Mekko!
Hey, Shujinko, maybe you should join our club!
What do you want, Shujinko?
Have you seen a group of boys recently? They were here not too long ago.

Oh... Hello, Mekko. I am not sure where everyone went. I have been busy training with Master Bo' Rai Cho.
I have... uh... unfinished business with them.
They were just here not too long ago.
If I see them, I will let them know you are looking for them.
Well, goodbye for now. I will talk to you soon, Shujinko.
Oh! Hey, Shujinko. Have you found those kids I was looking for?
Yes, Mekko, and they say you are bullying them and taking their money.
And what if I am? What are you going to do about it?

I am going to teach you a lesson. FIGHT!

Hey! What was that for?
You should find Apep. I heard he was waiting for you.
Have you seen that group of boys yet?
Have you had any luck finding those boys?
You defeated Mekko? That's great! Thank you! Take this key to my parents' hut.
There should be a reward for you inside.

Here. Take this.

Hello there, Shujinko. How are you doing today?
It was very kind of you to help the child across the street.

Have you noticed that child across the road? He does not look well.
Maybe you should see if there is something you can do for him.
I am still concerned for that young one over there.
Please, go see if you can help that child.
What do you suppose is wrong with him?
By helping that boy, you are on your way to becoming a local hero.
Greetings, Shujinko. How are you on this beautiful day?
It seems like a slow day for shopping.
Did you know that I have been a vendor here for over 10 years?
You do not look like you have money to buy anything.

This is some of the finest pottery I have.
Be careful. If you break it, you will buy it.
Shouldn't you be looking for Master Bo' Rai Cho instead of shopping?

Why do you continue to approach me, O Confused One?
You seem to be without a clue, young man.
Perhaps you should be on your way.
Don't you have something better to do than bothering me?

Please leave me alone. I need to deal with paying customers.

Do not hit me again. I just might retaliate.

The gods take a dim view of senseless violence.
You should be ashamed.
Be careful -- there are consequences to your actions.
Greetings, young man. If you have come for the auction, please -- step inside!
Step aside, child, you bother me.
Unless you are here to participate in the auction, please leave.

The rare coin in this auction is priceless! I will outbid anyone to have it for myself.

If you will excuse me, I need to check my funds.

I am sorry, but I need to prepare for the auction. Goodbye.
I am not so sure the coin is authentic. It might be a counterfeit.
Please excuse me. I need to study my notes to make sure the coin is really as valuable as they say.
I saaaid... EXCUSE ME... but I need to study my NOTES!
The coin in this auction is mine. I found it on a quest many years ago.
It is said to be a magical item.

If you will kindly excuse me, I must attend to the auction.
This auction is for serious bidders only.
I once spied on the Lin Kuei clan. Their grand master has the ability to freeze.

I have also heard that they train Lin Kuei warriors just outside the village.
If you ever venture past the gates, check to the southeast.
Wow! What else do you know about the Lin Kuei?
Have respect for your elders, boy. One day you, too, will be my age.

Have you found the Lin Kuei yet?

The Lin Kuei are masters of many deadly fighting styles.

Who are you? Oh... Shujinko.

The Lin Kuei have been recruiting again. I think my son has been initiated.
If you see him, tell him to come home right away.
Have you seen my son?
Some of the villagers have seen my son training by the school.
No, not yet.

What has happened to my son?

Will my boy ever return home?
Hello, how are you?

Did you need something from me?
Your mother is worried sick.

She wants you to go home right away.

I cannot. I'm joining the Lin Kuei. I need to practice.
If you talk to her, tell her you have not seen me.
I really need to practice. You will have to excuse me.
Remember, if you see my mother, do not tell her you saw me.
Ow! That hurt! I thought you were my friend!

Oh, hey, Shujinko.
What do you want?
I really need to practice. We are trying to join the Lin Kuei.
You hit me! You will pay for that when I am a Lin Kuei warrior!
Ooohhh! I should have taken better care of my teeth.

My tooth is causing me so much pain!

The local dentist is nowhere to be found.
What should I do?
Oooh... My lip is bleeding!
I feel a little dizzy from that 'dental work' you performed on me.
Ooohh... My aching tooth!
Please do not bother me. I need to find someone to remove this rotten tooth of mine.

My... My tooth! You knocked my tooth out!
The pain has gone away! Thank you, young man! You have done me a great service!
Take this money as payment for your 'dental services.'
Young man, my dog ran away and I have not seen him in a few days.
Please help me by asking people if they have seen my dog.
There is a reward for whoever returns him to me.

Have you found any information about my dog yet?

Oh, where is my dog? I miss him so much.

OH! You wicked little child!

Get away from me!
A stray dog? Uh... Yes, I found a stray dog.

I am sorry, but I did not realize that he was a pet.

I had the butcher cut him up for my dinner.
I feel awful. Here, take this. It is all that is left of him.
W-Why did you hit me?
I was going to invite you to my birthday party, but not anymore!

I already gave you the dog meat. What more do you want from me?
You should take the dog meat to the... previous... owner of the dog.

Any news about my... dog?! THIS is my DOG?!

Oh, nooo! Nikko! How could they do this to you?!

I promised a reward for whoever returned my dog to me...

Take this money, young man. I thank you for your efforts.
Oh well. I guess it is not a total loss. Will you join me later for some Nikko stew?

Oh, my poor doggie. My poor, poor doggie.
What do you want? I do not have time for foolish chatter.
I have been instructed to search for able men and women to increase the ranks of my clan.
You cannot possibly possess skills worthy of a Lin Kuei warrior.

Be gone with you!
Be thankful I do not slit your throat!
That was a cowardly attack. If we meet outside the protection of this town, there is nowhere you can hide.
Hey, do you see that guy down there?

I have been spying on him. I think he is a Lin Kuei warrior.

I wonder what he is doing...

Why don't you go see what that Lin Kuei warrior is up to?
Don't talk to me. You'll draw the attention of that Lin Kuei warrior.
Hey! It is not fair to hit someone when they are not expecting it.
Hello, young man.
Will you do an old woman a favor?
If I can.
I have much shopping to do, but I also need to deliver a note to the blacksmith.

I will take it to him, if that is what you are asking.
Oh, thank you so much.
Here it is. I appreciate this very much, young man.
Have you delivered my note yet?
The blacksmith is by the last bridge in town.
Hello there! Need anything fixed? I am the blacksmith for the job!
Right now I am fixing a pot for a woman who lives near here.

What can I do for you?
A woman asked me to give this note to you.
A note? Let me see that.

The note says that the fishermen outside the town have been robbed by a band of brigands!
They will need new equipment as soon as possible.
I will have to start working right away!

Unless you need my services, please leave me be.

I have much work to do. Please excuse me.
Hello there. You are the one they call Shujinko, right?
I am studying the art of meditation. You should, too. It will help you in the future.
Let me show you how.

Pressing the appropriate button will start you meditating = .
Now, if you will excuse me, I would like to continue my meditation.
Please, let me meditate.

I have told you everything I know.
I need to be left alone now, so I can meditate.
Violence is for the weak. We no longer have any reason to speak to each other.
Hello there. You look about the same age as my grandson.

I think you can learn a lot from him about the benefits of meditation.
There is much you can learn from my grandson.
There is no need to be afraid. He is a nice young man.
Do you need anything else from me?
None may pass.
You shall not pass.
Move along. This bridge is off limits.
Good day, young man. Stay out of trouble.
That boy by the dojo is waving to you. Go bother him instead of me.
The boy standing next to the dojo is calling for you. You should see what he wants.
I have heard that the martial arts student Apep is looking for you. You should find him and see what he wants.
Go play with Apep. I see him down by the dojo.
Begone! I have no time for conversations.
Go away.

Ham! I love ham! Thank you very much!
Oh, hello, Shujinko.

I lost the key to my house when we were playing Mortal Kombat earlier.
If you see my key, please bring it to me.
My parents will kill me if someone uses my key to rob our house.

Please, leave me alone now.
You have not found my key yet, have you?

Go bother someone else, Shujinko.
Oh! You found my key! Thank you! Now I will not get into trouble!
I am not talking to you. You punched me.

What do you want, Shujinko?
I cannot find my brother. If you find him, tell him I am looking for him.
My brother is lazy and needs to do his chores.
I am not going to do his chores for him.

My brother is right -- you stink at Mortal Kombat.
Leave me alone or my brother and I will beat you up!

Where is my brother? Have you seen him yet?
Thank you for waking me up.
Take this ninja star I found as a reward.
Thank you for finding my brother. Now he can do his own chores.

Stay away from me!
Yaaaawn. Huh? What?
I better get home to do my chores.
Hey! Wake up! Your brother is looking for you.
Hi. Are you going to take lessons from Master Bo' Rai Cho?
Isn't your name Shujinko? I have heard of you.
I think you need to find Apep He will show you what you need to do.
If I practice hard, then I can take lessons from Master Bo' Rai Cho, too.
Sorry, but I have got to get back to my training.
Why did you hit me? Just leave me alone.

Hello, Shujinko. I think Apep is waiting for you.
Did you want something from me?
I really need to practice. You will have to excuse me.
I have nothing for you. Go bother someone else and let me practice.
Hello there. You are Shujinko, yes? I have heard my students speaking of you.
I am teaching these young ones the basics of kombat, but I think you will learn much more from Master Bo' Rai Cho.
Perhaps you should find Master Bo' Rai Cho. Apep should be able to help you with that.
Now if you do not mind, I need to get back to my students.
You are too aggressive for your own good. Please go.

You need to respect your elders!

Well, hello there! You look like a nice young man.
Please excuse me, but I have to go put my money in a safe place.

It is probably not too safe for an old woman to keep her valuables at home.
I am sorry youngster, but I have things to do.
Beware, young one. There are many dangers outside the main gates.
It would be best if you took lessons from Master Bo' Rai Cho.
I should not be telling you this, but there is an elderly woman in town from whom you can benefit greatly.
If you see her, speak with her.
I have already said too much to you. Go on now.
We should not be talking anymore. I have already said too much.
Please go -- I should not have told you that.
You do not want me to hurt you... do you?
You attack me, and then you want something from me? Go away!

Without the town walls, there would be no way to protect this village.
There is much to fear outside the gates at night.
Even the greatest Lin Kuei warriors could not get past me.
Did you hear that? I thought I heard something moving over there. Uh, you wouldn't mind checking it out for me, would you?

I have heard talk of an assassin's guild operating in this province, but I have never seen them.

Surely you do not believe this nonsense about other realms? If there were other realms, I am certain someone of my importance would have visited them by now.
Hello, Shujinko. I am sorry, but I cannot let you past these gates.
Master Bo' Rai Cho is waiting for you.
I believe I saw a Lin Kuei over by those students.
Have you seen him yet?
I cannot help you anymore, Shujinko. You need to find Apep.
What is it that you want, young one?

You do not want me to hurt you... do you?
You attack me, then you want something from me? Go away!

You would be wise to go home now.
I hope you have a good reason for being out at this late hour.
If you train hard, someday you might be able to defeat me. Not tonight, however.

Night or day, we must remain ever vigilant.
There are reports that a ninja has been prowling the town.
Tonight is Mah-Jongg Night, and I have to stand guard! I never get a break.
I need to get across the bridge, but the guard won't move.
I heard the guard say that his favorite meal is ham.

I have seen this guard at the butcher down the street.
Psssstt! Give the guard some HAM!
Beware, young man, for strangers have been seen running about.
You are still here? That is strange.

I am not talking to you. You struck me.
I know I should not tell you this, but my fellow Shaolin monks believe there is a portal to another realm nearby.
I am sorry, but I must be going back to the monastery.
Your aggression will be your downfall.
Some people say that there is a realm where there is nothing but chaos.
Oooh! Look at the time! I must be going now!

Stay away from me!
Greetings, young man! Be sure to tell your parents of the auction! It is not far from here.
Auction today! Bid on valuable items! Auction today!

If I were not working right now, I would crush your skull!
Be on your guard. Lin Kuei operatives have been known to frequent this street.
Uh, I said, the Lin Kuei are known to frequent these streets. Did you not hear me before?
Guards! This boy is a Lin Kuei! Guards!
Meditation helps to pass the time. Just ask the young man near the bridge.
What? Oh. Sorry. I was meditating. Such a peaceful feeling.
Back off, before I rip out your spine and use it to unclog my commode!
There is a boy sleeping amongst the trees near here. How lazy this younger generation is!
Is that Apep I hear calling?

You hit me! What did I do to deserve THAT?
You know, to be proficient in martial arts, one must endure many years of intense training.
I do not think I can endure any more of your chatter.
This abuse is more than I can endure! Go away!
Good day, young man. Could you please point me in the direction of the Martial Arts Academy?

Yes, I know. The academy is further down this street.
Stay away from me! I'll find the academy on my own!
Have you heard the rumor that the sorcerer Shang Tsung is a servant of Shao Kahn?
Find me again tomorrow. I will be happy to talk to you then.
Leave my sight at once! Guards! Guards!
How ridiculous! The Shaolin monks say that the Elder Gods predate the creation of the realms!
Should you not be bothering someone else right now?
I'm not talking to you. You struck me!
I have seen strangers hiding in the bushes of our town. What could that mean?
I am sorry youngster, but I have things to do.
Back off! Or else!
I am on an important mission. I have no time for your questions.

Enough! I tire of your chatter!
Keep it moving, young man.
I'm a little princess! Would you care to dance?
Did you know that even the old people of this town do not remember who built the walls of this town?

You seem confused. Why do you continue to approach me?
By the gods! What is wrong with you?

Yes, this is the main street of the town. You can get anywhere you want to go by following it.
I have much work to do. Please excuse me.
Guards! Guards! I have been attacked!
Master Bo' Rai Cho has many schools in town. Some of his students spend their entire lifetimes training.

You should enroll in one of Master Bo' Rai Cho's schools.
You are an evil... little... boy.
I have important business two blocks further down the road. I have no time to talk to you.
I am sorry, youngster, but I have things to do.
Stay away from me!
It is a shame what happened to Edenia so many ages ago. I hope Earthrealm avoids such a fate.
I have already told you too much. Leave me be.
I am not talking to you. You struck me.
The archeologist down the road told me that a humanoid race of reptiles once roamed Earthrealm.
You seem confused. Did my comments not make sense?
Leave my sight at once, or I will call the authorities!
Be wary at night, Shujinko. Creatures from another realm have been known to drink the blood of our townspeople after dark.
You are a vampire, aren't you?
Vampire! He's a vampire!!
So, you have heard of the Lin Kuei clan, have you? But did you know of the secretive Red Dragon clan?
Spies are all around us. We must not be seen together.
Aahh! You knocked out my tooth!
Master Bo' Rai Cho has a martial arts school on each city block. I will be heading to the one on this block soon.
I have to go. Maybe I will see you later.
I will get you when you least expect it!

Although Master Bo' Rai Cho drinks heavily, he does not promote or condone underage drinking.
I do not have time for this. I must be going.
Are you insane? You are not allowed to strike people like that!
Do you remember my brother? He trained with master Bo' Rai Cho for five years before he was an able fighter.

Aren't you supposed to be training right now?
Master Bo' Rai Cho would never condone such aggressive behavior!

You know, I am glad we have these walls to protect us.
I said, I am glad we have these walls to protect us. Are you deaf?
Leave my sight at once, or I will call the authorities!
Many children have seen strange glowing lights in this part of town.

I must investigate the children's sightings of strange glowing lights.
You punched me! Now I am seeing lights!
Excuse me, but if you intend to leave the town, please be careful not to leave the main gate open.
I am sorry, youngster, but I check to see that the main gate is closed.
My NOSE! My NOSE! You broke my NOSE!

Hmmm. I think Master Bo' Rai Cho is down by the main gate. I wonder who he is waiting for?
Maybe Master Bo' Rai Cho is waiting for YOU.

The guards will hear of your unprovoked aggression!
Shujinko, be wary. Lately this area seems haunted by strange spirits.
I have already said too much to you. You probably think I am crazy.
Stay away from me!
Not to worry, young man. My men and I can defend this town from the perils of the outside world.

Did you see that ninja? He just... disappeared!
I am busy. Go pester someone else.
I should arrest you for striking an officer of the law!
If you were smart, young man, you would not venture past the gates. I never have.
I am headed back to a safer part of town.
I will see to it that you are banished from this town forever!
Shujinko! I am surprised to see you this far from your home. Are you lost?
You should go home before your parents become worried.
I am glad you are here!
There is a man who looks through my window each night at 2 a.m.
I would be most grateful if you could scare him away for me.

Have you seen the Peeping Tom yet?
Why are you here? You should be looking for the man who watches me undress!
I can't believe this! You are worse than the Peeping Tom!
You hit me?! In my own home?!
Thank goodness you took care of that Peeping Tom.
Now I can undress in private.
You should see this!

At 2 a.m. every night, the woman in this house undresses in front of this window!
I think she is undressing in front of the window on purpose!

Clearly she is in love with me.
I am suddenly reminded I need to buy some melons at the market tomorrow.

Sadly, this is as close as I will ever be to a nude woman.
Do you know of the Lin Kuei? I hear they are a clan of cutthroat ninjas.

Have you heard of the Red Dragon? They are a mysterious clan of warriors.
I hear the Lin Kuei ninja clan are recruiting again!

Shang Tsung must be defeated if Earthrealm is to be saved.
There are rumors that people have seen a spirit near the gate!
Be gone! This area is off limits!
This area is restricted. You do not have authorization to enter.

No one may pass this gate.
I do not know how this is possible,
but every night between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m., money appears by the well.
I have no idea where the mysterious money comes from.
Who do you think is leaving the money by the well each night?
Just for that, I am not going to tell you where the naked woman dances in front of her window!
Oof! That is not fair, hitting a guy down there!


Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Have you seen it? There is a structure near here that is older than recorded history!
The Shaolin monks train many great warriors. Some have even entered the Mortal Kombat tournament.
I have heard that the White Lotus Society was formed by the thunder god, Raiden!
Keep an eye out, stranger! The Lin Kuei lurk behind every tree!
It is well known that the Lin Kuei and Shirai-Ryu ninja clans are ancient rivals.
The Black Dragon clan was formed by ex-members of the Red Dragon clan.
It is said that none may enter the Netherrealm without some amount of corruption in their soul.
I have heard of a realm where nothing makes sense. Everything is chaotic!
Oh! You startled me! I thought you were a ninja!
Earthrealm is much safer than Outworld! Any place that could spawn a four-armed creature like Goro must be dangerous!
Yes, the war between the realms of Order and Chaos is a neverending battle.
Someday I will travel to the realm of Seido. I hear it is quite safe... except for the rioting, that is.
Good day! It is for me, at least -- I keep finding koins lying about!
It is not appropriate for you to persistently badger me.
Please excuse me, but I am quite busy.
That will be enough questioning for now. I must be going.
Because you attacked me, I will tell you nothing!
There is a tribe near here that claims to have a shaman who can sense evil in a person's heart.
Feel safe, neighbor! The White Lotus Society was formed to protect Earthrealm from otherworldly threats.
Beware! Shang Tsung has been known to wander Earthrealm in search of warriors for his tournament. I suspect he is merely inviting them to consume their souls!
I have never ventured to other realms, though I have always wanted to.
Yes, the island where Shang Tsung holds his tournament is located in the Lost Sea. I do not recommend you visit him anytime soon.
The most frightening of the Lin Kuei is the one who summons ice. It has been said that he is not of Earthrealm descent.
Have you seen the Westerners? They bring their technology to study the ancient ruins.
The Black Dragon are a menace to this world. May they all be destroyed!
Fujin is our wind god. He will bring us favorable weather.
Strange people from other realms continually travel to Earthrealm. I saw one just the other day!
The realm of Chaos may seem like an awful place to live, but in a place with no rules, could you not do whatever you wanted?
I once heard of a holy sword left in the Netherrealm by a god. It is said that the sword allows demons to purify their souls and ascend from that terrible place.
There have been many battles in this area. Sometimes one can find trinkets left behind during the fighting.
I have seen you conversing with a spirit! Stay away from me!
I cannot dawdle any longer. I have many things to do today. Goodbye.
If you must know, yes, I am married. And no, I am not interested in you.
You will never marry if you treat women that way!
The only Outworlder I trust is Bo' Rai Cho. I have known him since I was a child!
I was once a great warrior! I trained with Master Bo' Rai Cho.
Be wary of the spirit world, stranger. Some ghosts are friendly, but others are quite malicious.
I once traveled to Seido. It was much safer than Earthrealm, but not a lot of fun.
In my day, we did not have the fancy kung fu. We just smacked our heads together... and we LIKED it!
Outworld is filled with strange creatures -- and an evil emperor who is said to have been just like Raiden at one time.
Careful, stranger. The Brotherhood of Shadow might get you! Heh heh heh heee!
Someone must rid Earthrealm of Shang Tsung's tyranny!
MORTALL KOMBAAAATTTTT!!!! (cough) (cough)
I have heard tales that the realms are actually a consciousness trying to wake up. That would mean we are nothing but dreams! Ho ho ho!
I have heard that the Seidan Guard protect the realms from chaos. They will side with anyone strong enough to control the masses.
You ask too many questions.
You are the one I was warned about! I must not speak with you!
I am NOT a cranky old man! Go away!
If I were younger, I would break you in half for striking me that way!
Shang Tsung once invited me to compete in his tournament. I almost accepted, until I witnessed him drain the soul from another warrior!
I do not trust the Westerners who have been seen in these parts. They do not respect our customs!
Goodness, you startled me, Shujinko! What are you doing in these parts?
The realm of Edenia seemed like such a nice place before Shao Kahn conquered it.
There have been rumors of another realm where the law is valued above all else!
Oh my goodness! Who was that behind you? He dashed into the shadows over there!
It is a shame. I have seen many warriors sail to their doom from this beach. The Mortal Kombat tournament claims many lives.
Damashi? I know of no such person.
It is said that many ages ago, sorcerers constructed a portal here in Earthrealm for the Elder Gods.
Listen closely: There are ancient stone tablets that tell of a dragon-like king of Outworld who was overthrown by Shao Kahn.
I have seen many sorcerers in my day, Shujinko. None is more formidable than Quan Chi of the Netherrealm.
Clerics from the realm of Chaos have been to Earthrealm many times. They bring nothing but trouble!
I choose to avoid conflict. I could not have lived this long if I had been a troublemaker.
You cannot fool me with your pleasant conversation! You are a villain trying to lure me into an ambush! Help! Help!
I must get to town before the gates are locked.
I do not feel very well. I must take leave of you now.
What kind of miscreant would strike an old woman?!
So, Shujinko -- have you had any luck finding my Warrior's Medallion?
I am afraid not, Master Bo' Rai Cho. But I am still looking.
Try looking by the docks, Shujinko. I recall last having it there.
Try looking by the fishing docks, Shujinko. That is where I recall last having the medallion.
Uh, no. I have not yet found the medallion, Master Bo' Rai Cho.
You have found my medallion! Thank you, Shujinko.
You performed a good deed without promise of reward! I commend you.
Take these koins as an expression of my gratitude.
Welcome back, Shujinko. I see that your skills as a kombatant continue to grow.
Perhaps one day you may even participate in the Mortal Kombat tournament.
Sadly, and though I may greatly desire to, I cannot fight on Earthrealm's behalf as I am originally from Outworld.
Do you wish to review your training, Shujinko? If so, step inside my dojo, and we shall repeat your lessons.
Step inside and you will be trained to fight as a Lin Kuei. Your teacher will be none other than Sub-Zero himself.
Have you found the artifact yet? The grand master is growing impatient.
You were told not to return to the compound until the artifact was found. Now go find it!
You have failed to secure the artifact from the Black Dragon, but retrieving this strange cybernetic processor more than makes up for it.
The ability to control the thoughts of our assassins should make them deadlier than ever. We will begin adapting this technology immediately.
You are not worthy of the Lin Kuei. Only skilled warriors may join our ranks.
Leave here now!
As I told you before, only skilled warriors may join our ranks.
Get lost!
Go away, unless you want me to insult you again!
I will only speak with those who have been initiated into the ways of the Lin Kuei.
Only initiates are allowed in the compound. You must leave at once!
Leave this area NOW!
Ahh, a fellow member of the order. Well, initiate, you may have proven yourself to the master, but you have hardly proven your loyalty to the rest of us.
The Lin Kuei are feared throughout this province for their prowess and stealth.
A rival clan of ninja is attempting to secure a foothold here. They must not be allowed to succeed.
If you wish to prove your worth to the rest of us, you must find and remove these would-be adversaries from the countryside.
Only then will you secure a place among the Lin Kuei. Bring proof of success, if you are able.
Keep searching, Shujinko. Their enclave must be very well hidden. They are clearly formidable opponents.
Ahh, the master has indeed chosen wisely. You are a true brother of the Lin Kuei, and a true son of the Ice Dragon.
Your loyalty is evident. Take this payment as reward for ridding us of those troublesome ninja.
Your loyalty has been proven, Shujinko. I have no quarrel with you.
Watch it!
None shall pass!
You have not yet proven yourself worthy of entering this hallowed ground.
You may pass.
Watch yourself...
You may not pass!
Only those who have proven themselves worthy may approach this shrine.
You are free to walk these grounds.
You behavior does not befit this sacred place.
Greetings, young man. Are you a student of Master Bo' Rai Cho?
Good day, Shujinko. You may wish to come inside and shelter yourself from this foul weather.
Why did you strike me?
Hey, have you happened to notice any shiny objects nearby?
I very much enjoy exploring the countryside.
My fellow villagers tend to overlook the little treasures that I have been able to find during my wanderings.
You would be advised to use a keen eye while you are exploring.
Strike a lady, will you?
Young man, you had best be careful. For the last few nights I have heard someone trying to open the door of my house.
Who would have thought that our peaceful community would become home to a burglar?
It is strange, but I suspect that the would-be thief has departed our community.
What is wrong with you?
Here in this temple, we honor the thunder god, Lord Raiden, and attempt to shelter humanity from the encroaching darkness of Outworld.
So mind yourself, young master. Foolishness will not be tolerated.
Please do not disturb the monks as they go about their meditations.
What are you...?! What the...?!
Please do not badger us.
It is our duty to guarantee that the traquility of this monastery is not disturbed.
How dare you!
We must always be on guard.
Rumor has it that several guilds of assassins have taken hold in this province.
Why do you hit me?
Be warned! Legend has it that Lord Raiden has struck down several who dared violate the peace of this monastery with their profanity.
I should never have taken this job. My mother wanted me to be a guard in the village. I am told it is much safer there.
Begone from this place, if you will not behave yourself.
Violent behavior will not be tolerated on the grounds of this temple.
We must remain vigilant. One never knows when the Red Dragon might strike.
I am not paid enough to put up with people like you.
Do not distract me by babbling about your petty problems.
Distracting us puts this whole temple at risk.
Someone should to teach you the error of your ways!
May Raiden watch over you.
Please, sir, do not interrupt our daily recitation of the Storm Kantos.
Sir, I have lost my place in the Kantos, and now must start over. Please, do not interrupt me again!
Sir, perhaps this is not the best place for idle chatter.
Perhaps you should hone your skills by challenging one of the other monks.
Were you taught the art of kombat by Bo' Rai Cho? I can see his style in your maneuvers.
Only a coward would strike a priest deep in meditative thought.
One who is quick to violence rarely lives a life of happiness.
Greetings child, and welcome to the Temple of the Order of Light
Greetings, young man, and welcome to the Temple of the Order of Light.
I am Wu, humble monk and head of this order. It is my pleasure to welcome you to this most noble monastery.
Through the teachings of the Shaolin and Wushu masters, we attempt to educate the members of our local communities in ways of defending this realm from the unspeakable evil that lives beyond the veil between worlds.
I only ask that you please leave the monks to their meditations and do not disturb them as they walk about the grounds.
Please my friend, do not disturb the tranquility of our monastic order with pointless muttering and gossip.
Violence has its place, but not here.
I see that you have spoken with both Master Shen and Wen the Elder. No doubt you have piqued their interest. You must be a skilled kombatant.
Our order plans to send a representative to compete in the Mortal Kombat tournament of the vile sorcerer Shang Tsung.
Many Shaolin wish to fight for Earthrealm, but only one may compete. To this end, we will hold our own tournament, to determine who is most worthy to represent Earthrealm.
Normally we would only allow Shaolin to participate, but should Shen and Wen deem you suitable, perhaps you can participate in the Shaolin tournament.
Return when Shen and Wen have determined you are of sufficient skill to join the kontest of the Shaolin.
Greetings. You must be Master Bo' Rai Cho's new pupil.
No doubt Master Shen would appreciate meeting you.
The White Lotus has a great responsibility. If we select our champion for the tournament of Mortal Kombat poorly, this realm and its inhabitants risk the oppression of Outworld and its vile emperor.
The tournament may be years away, but we believe it wise to begin preparing early. The Outworld champion, Goro, is not one to be underestimated.
The current Outworld champion is from a race of half-dragons known as the Shokan. He is Prince Goro, heir apparent to Kuatan, and winner of the last nine Mortal Kombat tournaments.
Shen spoke of invaders from outside Earthrealm. How is this possible?
Yes. Though it may seem incredible, there are other worlds beyond this one. The great stone circle to the northeast is believed to be a doorway to these alien places.
I am honored to consider you a member of our order, Shujinko.
That is behavior unbecoming a student of Master Bo' Rai Cho!
Hello. You must be Master Bo' Rai Cho's new student. You should consult Master Shen about training for the great tournament.
Ahhh, I see you have spoken with Master Shen. I am Wen, known to many as the Elder.
Yes, Master Shen spoke of my joining the White Lotus. I am very interested in doing so. I want to do my part to protect Earthrealm.
Though you clearly have potential, not just anyone may compete in a tournament in which Earthrealm's survival hangs in the balance.
What Shen may not have told you is that Earthrealm has already lost the previous nine tournaments of Mortal Kombat, and that our fate, the fate of our very world, rests in whomever we select as champion.
Return to me when you feel you have mastered the art of kombat, and you will be considered for the task of representing the White Lotus in the tournament.
Though you have mastered many aspects of the art of kombat, you are clearly not ready. Please Shujinko, only return when you feel you have learned enough.
You are not ready yet, Shujinko. Do not return until you have advanced in your training.
Welcome back, Shujinko. We observed your training from afar, and believe you are now proficient in the deadly arts.
Yet... There is something odd about your chi. I sense a strange emptiness within you.
Please speak with the monks at the Temple of the Order of Light. Perhaps they can determine the cause.
I am sorry, Shujinko, but we cannot allow you to represent the White Lotus in the Mortal Kombat tournament if your soul is tainted. Doing so could prove to be disastrous.
Shujinko, I am sorry. I know you trained hard to enter the tournament, but sadly, the White Lotus could not wait for your return.
Liu Kang is a more than able kombatant and will represent the White Lotus honorably.
Nonetheless, you can still aid Earthrealm as a member of the White Lotus. We have heard of several strange beast men roaming the countryside.
Destroy these beings and report back to Master Shen. He will compensate you for your efforts.
Dispatch the strange beast men and report back to Master Shen. He will compensate you for your efforts.
Once again you have proven your worth to the White Lotus. Continue your adventures and see if you can discover why these Tarkata were sent to our realm.
How dare you strike an elder! Such insolence!
Good day, Shujinko. I am Master Shen.
Hmm... As I have not met you before, how do you know who I am?
Your selection by Master Bo' Rai Cho brought you to our attention. If he is able to trust you with the secrets of kombat, no doubt we can share with you the knowledge of the White Lotus.
What exactly is this 'White Lotus'?
It is a secret society of mortals, created by the thunder god, Raiden.
The White Lotus serves many purposes, but paramount among them is the defense of Earthrealm from outside invaders.
The emperor of Outworld, a world beyond this one, has been attempting to gain control of our realm for millennia.
Every 50 years, a great tournament of Mortal Kombat is held between the champions of Earthrealm and Outworld.
Should we ever lose 10 consecutive tournaments to the forces of Outworld, our realm will be forfeit.
For this reason, Lord Raiden formed the White Lotus and taught our very first members the art of kombat.
If you wish to be initiated into the White Lotus and aid in the protection of Earthrealm, you must first see Wen the Elder. He lives nearby.
Shujinko, you must do as Wen the Elder requests if you wish to be initiated into the White Lotus Society.
I regret you were unable to attend the contest of the Shaolin. No doubt you would have fought impressively.
I am quite pleased you were deemed worthy of the White Lotus. Bo' Rai Cho would be very proud.
Shujinko, were you able to defeat the strange beast men that recently invaded Earthrealm?
Yes, Master Shen. They were Tarkatan warriors from Outworld, bizarre mutants in the service of Shao Khan.
Agents of the emperor of Outworld? Perhaps they are advance scouts of some sort. Shujinko, we require you to investigate this further.
Return to Outworld and gather what information you can regarding this breach of our realm.
The Shaolin have much to teach, if you are willing to listen.
Watch it!
Gnnaaaaa.... Fresh meat! Smells like a warrior. Shao Khan promised us a koin for each of their teeth.
Let us feast, my brothers, and suck the marrow from his bones!
Who are you, stranger? No doubt you are another assassin sent to exterminate the remnants of our once-vibrant Shaolin order.
No, my name is Shu --
The Order of Light has suffered enough pain already. Prepare to meet your doom, assassin!
You... you fight like one trained by the White Lotus. It seems you have been trained by Bo' Rai Cho himself! How is this possible?
As I was trying to explain earlier...My name is Shujinko. I too am a member of the White Lotus. Can you tell me happened here? Where are all the other Shaolin monks?
Murdered. They were all murdered to satisfy Shao Khan's lust for power. Could anything be worth the lives of so many innocent men?
All of them? Even Wu?
Yes. They even seem to have overwhelmed Master Shen. The few of us that survived were in Outworld at the time, hunting down some of Shao Kahn's Tarkata.
Is there anything I can do to help?
A fellow member of the White Lotus named Kai is still in Outworld. Please find him and tell him he is needed here to help restore the Shaolin.
Have you found Kai yet?
Kai is desperately needed here if we are to restore this monastery to its former glory.
Senseless violence is not warranted, Shujinko.
Yes, I found him. He will return to the temple shortly.
Excellent. I see he gave you Raiden's thunder staff. You must use it to strike back at Shao Khan and take from him what he took from us.
Shujinko, it is a time for action, not words. Exact vengeance for the White Lotus and Shaolin.
So you are the Shujinko Master Bo' Rai Cho has spoken of so proudly. Perhaps you can solve a mystery for me.
I have recently noticed strange noises coming from the dwelling south of here.
It sounds as though kombat is taking place, yet we know of no warriors but Bo' Rai Cho in our little community.
I would investigate myself, but I feel this matter would best be left to a warrior of your stature.
Were you able to find out what was happening in that hut to the south?
Not yet.
It was strange. There was a man inside, and when he saw me, he disappeared in a puff of smoke. He left a note behind mentioning something about a guild of assassins near the Shaolin monastery.
Assassins? They probably know we have been inquiring about the goings-on in that hut. I must leave this area as soon as possible, and recommend you do the same.
There is no time to talk. I must escape this place before this assassins guild finds me.
You would leave if you knew what was best!
Why did you hit me?
Oh no! Someone has caught me!
So! You believe you are an able kombatant? If you desire a fight, you shall have one!
Do you think I can be defeated that easily?
You dare to strike me? Prepare to defend yourself!
May Raiden watch over you.
Lord Raiden would hardly approve of such actions.
May the thunder god bless you.
Lord Raiden teaches us to be calm in the face of senseless violence.
You are most welcome at our fire. Join us and warm yourself.
How can you repay our generousity with such insolence?
Join us at our fire. Its heat is to be shared.
Please, can we all not get along?
We are but humble worshippers of the Lord Raiden. You are most welcome in our camp and may share our fire.
Raiden teaches that we must protect all things from the encroaching darkness.
Please join with us, and let the love of Lord Raiden fill your heart with joy.
Cease this deception! Worshippers of Lord Raiden would not be members of an assassins guild.
So, you have discovered the truth. No matter. You will not live long enough to tell any others. None survive encounters with the Shirai-Ryu.
Then the Shirai-Ryu have not faced a member of the Lin Kuei before!
You... You killed them all?! You have not heard the last of this! We Shirai-Ryu will return, and we will have our revenge on the Lin Kuei!
Get away from me!
Quiet boy. You will frighten the fish away.
Ah, Bo' Rai Cho's pupil. I assume you have had no success in retrieving my tackle box from those malcontents?
Not as of yet, sir.
Please try, young man. I cannot get back into my home without the key inside that tackle box.
Young man, would you please go bother someone else? We are quite busy.
Would you happen to have seen Master Bo' Rai Cho's Warrior's Medallion?
You may want to ask the fisherman at the end of the dock. He seems to spend a lot of time drinking with the old master.
Would you happen to have seen a tackle box?
The old fisherman on the dock says it was stolen by a group of ruffians.
Ah that would probably be Fong and his band.
They used to be quite harmless, but lately have become terrors to our little fishing community.
If someone were able to put them in their place, we would all greatly appreciate it.
Good luck in your searching, friend. I hope you are able to aid the old man.
Your search would be more fruitful if you questioned Fong and his band. They can be found east of here.
Thank you, sir! Thank you!
I am not quite sure what you did, but Fong and his group appear to have stopped harassing our community.
On behalf of us all, please accept this humble reward.
Thank you again for taking care of Fong.
Why, you are no better than Fong and his cronies!
Excuse me, but have you seen Master Bo' Rai Cho's Warrior's Medallion?
Hmm... Alas, I have not. But you may want to ask the old fisherman on the dock nearby. He and Bo' Rai Cho seem to enjoy spending a lot of time together.
Please, sir, do not bother us. We are busy discussing the poor fishing this season.
Please, do not interrupt. We are in the middle of an important discussion.
Would you happen to have seen the old fisherman's tackle box? I am helping him to look for it.
I have heard that Fong and his group of malcontents may have taken it.
They are the sort of people you would want to avoid.
If you insist on finding them, try looking east of here.
They can often be found near a cluster of huts over that way on the beach, stirring up trouble.
Good luck, friend. I pray you are able to convince Fong and his band to return the tackle box to the old fisherman.
Perhaps you should look elsewhere.
Many thanks for getting Fong and his band to reform their behavior.
You smell of fish.
Sir, would you care to buy a fish? It is quite fresh.
It is said that many years ago, a fish caught on this shore was found to contain a jeweled ring.
Perhaps this very fish is blessed with such a prize. You will never know unless you buy it!
Fish for sale! Fresh fish for sale!
Sorry sir, but I am only interested in speaking to potential customers.
Sorry sir, but I refuse to speak to ruffians such as yourself.
Sir, would you care to buy a fish? I caught it just a few hours ago.
My wife and I only sell the finest of seafood. I assure you, this is a most special fish. It will make for a succulent meal.
Fish for sale! Fresh fish for sale!
I am quite sorry sir, but if you do not wish to purchase this fish, I must ask you to be on your way.
You have embarrassed me in front of my wife. How dare you!
My friend and I were wondering why such a formidable warrior as Master Bo' Rai Cho has never fought in a Mortal Kombat tournament. As you know the master well, could you find out for us?
We will gladly reward you for your trouble.
Have you been able to broach the subject of the Mortal Kombat tournament with Master Bo' Rai Cho?
Ahh -- Bo' Rai Cho is originally from Outworld. If he were to enter the tournament, it would be on the side of Outworld!
Please, take these koins. Perhaps they can somehow atone for our doubting such a great man.
How will I ever live down the shame of thinking such bad things about a true hero?
I cannot believe you would strike a defenseless woman!
If Bo' Rai Cho is so brave, why has he not competed in the Mortal Kombat tournament? Why does he train youngsters to fight in his place?
Have you asked that coward Bo' Rai Cho our question yet?
What? He is from Outworld? I see... If he were to fight in the tournament, he would have to fight on their behalf! That would prove disastrous!
He trains our warriors to participate because he himself cannot. As you are one of his students, please allow us to show our support -- take these koins.
Please do not tell Bo' Rai Cho of our conversation.
Please, sir. I hardly deserve such treatment.
Good day to you, sir! I'm part of a United Nations task force assembled to investigate strange stone circles like the one east of here.
According to local mythology, the strange circular stones were placed there eons ago by the gods.
Should you ever discover anything about them, do come and speak with me.
Have you found anything out about the great stone circle to the east?
You say it's a portal to another world? How can that be possible? I shall have to investigate further.
I have to thank you again. I must report back to headquarters about your findings.
I say! Such behavior is quite inappropriate!
Watch where you are going!
Get out of my way, imbecile!
Fool! Can you not see we do not want to talk to the likes of you?
Would you happen to have seen the old fisherman's tackle box?
That old fossil? Perhaps he should keep a tighter hold on his possessions.
Wait... Do you admit to taking it?
What business is it of yours? The only way he will get his tackle box back is if he can take it back.
He is much too old and weak to do that. Keep to your own affairs and you will live a lot longer.
Please, do not hit me again, sir. I have learned my lesson.
Please sir, I beg for your mercy. From this day forward, I shall treat my elders with respect.
Do not worry, sir. We will not bother the old fisherman anymore, and we will certainly not be stealing again.
This is our beach. Leave here at once!
Fong runs this beach, and if you value your life, you will do as he says.
Fool! This beach is ours! If you wish to pass this way, you must deal with us.
Your kind is not wanted here. Leave this beach at once!
Master Bo' Rai Cho's house lies to the northeast. I should head in that direction.
This must be the dock that Master Bo' Rai Cho mentioned. I should ask if anyone here knows what happened to the medallion.
I wonder where I am supposed to meet these Lin Kuei? It must be somewhere right around here.
Halt! What is the password?
Uh... 'Damashi'?
Uh... 'Toasty'?
Would it be... 'Frosty'?
Is it 'Password'?
Hmm... Is it 'Goski'?
Uhhh... 'Lin Kuei'?
I have NO idea.
Incorrect, fool! You are clearly not meant to be here!
Leave at once, or your life will be forfeit.
Please, you must help me. I have lost the ring I was planning to give to my beloved.
I am fairly sure that I last had it somewhere along this riverbank. I would be grateful if you were to aid me in my search.
Please do not distract me -- I am looking for my lost ring.
You found it? I cannot thank you enough! Here, please take this reward. I would give you more, but I spent all my money on this ring.
Thank you again for your help.
Please! Have mercy, sir!
Www... What? Is there someone there? Come closer so I can see you better!
Hh... Hey... Who's out there? I can hear you! Go bother someone else!
AHHH! Who... Who's there? Come on, speak up! This is a nasty thing to do to a tired old man.
OOOOHHHH! My heart!
Hey! That hurt! Who did that?
Hey, you want to help me pull a practical joke on my uncle? He is the old man standing by that shack to the north.
My uncle is a very nervous person, so it can be a great deal of fun to sneak up on him and scare him.
If you are able to put a good fright into him, I shall happily pay you.
Ha ha ha ha! That was great! Do it again, and this time I will pay you double.
Ah ha ha! You put a good fright into him. I'll bet his heart is racing. Do it again!
By the gods! What have you done? You killed him! How could you do that to an innocent old man?!?
Leave me be, murderer!
Why did you do that, you jerk?
This is a greeting 0.
This is a greeting 1.
Could you deliver this package for me? I need to get it to the young woman in the far southwest village. Simply follow the road to get there.
Have you delivered the package for me?
Ah, my customer has sent earrings as payment. Here are some koins for a job well done.
Thanks once again, my friend. If you are ever in need of work, come and see me.
I did not deserve to be treated that way!
I see you have a package from Lo.
But wait... This package contains purple lotus petals, not those of the black lotus! These are not anywhere near as potent.
I suppose beggars cannot be choosers. Please give these earrings to Lo as payment.
I will never make the mistake of buying black lotus petals from Lo again.
Stay away. You have nothing of interest to me.
How dare you!
Would you help me? I have traveled far from my township and have become quite lost.
If you could find something to help guide me back home, I would be most grateful.
A lodestone! They are magnetic and always point north. I could easily find my way back home with that!
May I buy it from you, sir? Would 50 jade koins be enough?
I will surely find my way back to my township with the lodestone you sold me. Many thanks, sir.
I cannot find my way home. I seem to be going in circles!
Please, I must be on my way. My family back home must be worried by now.
What did I do to deserve that?
They were waiting for me... I never saw the bandits coming. Without some kyra root for a salve, my wounds will not heal properly.
Please, stranger, bring me a piece of kyra root from south of here.
Well, it certainly took you long enough to retrieve the kyra root for me!
In any case, you did retrieve it, so I thank you. Take these koins as payment for your trouble.
The salve I made of the kyra root seems to be helping nicely. With any luck, I shall soon be healthy enough to find those bandits.
What kind of person would not help an injured man?
Once I feel healthy again, those bandits will surely pay. Oh, how they shall pay!
You tore my wounds open again, you filthy ruffian!
Please sir, I beg your aid. My father's sword was all I had left of him. Now it is missing. If you find it, please return it to me.
I cannot believe you were able to find my father's sword! Take these koins as a reward.
Thanks again, stranger. The sword helps remind me of how great a warrior my father was.
Have you had any luck finding my father's sword? I last remember having it while hunting in the woods.
I am very thankful, stranger. But I would like to be left alone now, to properly mourn my father's passing.
How could you strike me? I gave you no good reason!
Have you discovered the whereabouts of Shang Tsung yet? No? Then keep searching.
Shujinko! I see you have passed your test.
Yes, Damashi, the power you gave me to copy other warriors worked well! I really felt as if I could fight like Master Bo' Rai Cho! He was so impressed that he offered to train me personally!
Excellent! There is much you can learn from him. But first, you should begin your quest. You must find six items of great importance -- the Kamidogu. Think of them as tools of the gods.
There is an impending doom that threatens the survival of all the realms. With these tools, the Elder Gods will vanquish this menace.
Where do I find these 'Kamidogu'?
They have been scattered throughout reality. Each one lies hidden in a different realm.
The Elder Gods are unable to retrieve these items themselves, and therefore must elect a champion born from within the realms to collect them. They have constructed portals and the Nexus to aid their champion in his quest.
What is the Nexus? Where do I find it?
Once you have found the first Kamidogu, I will show you what to do. Until then, good luck with your search.
Thank you, Damashi.
Greetings, Shujinko! It is good to see you again. As promised, I will now impart to you my most powerful techniques.
I am honored, Master Bo' Rai Cho.
I train my most promising students here at my home, away from prying eyes, to assure that my secrets are known only to those I trust. Now... let us begin your training.
Congratulations, Shujinko! You have completed your training! It has always amazed me how quickly you learn. You have excelled far beyond my other students these past five years.
It is as if you have been granted a gift by the Elder Gods themselves! Ha Ha!
I'm grateful for your kind words, Master. And I am grateful for all that you have taught me.
You have learned much as my pupil, but my training can only take you so far. Experience is the ultimate teacher. To further your training, you must venture into the world.
Through your journeys in this realm and others, you will attain enlightenment. May I suggest, for your first adventure, that you help me find my Warrior's Medallion. I seem to have lost it.
Very well, Master, I will help search for your medallion. May I ask where you saw it last?
I seem to recall having it a few nights ago at the docks. Perhaps you can begin your search there. I will stay here and look around the house. Farewell, Shujinko, and good luck!
Farewell, Master Bo' Rai Cho!
Excuse me, but have you seen Master Bo' Rai Cho's Warrior's Medallion? He says he last remembers having it somewhere around here.
Ah, yes! He left it here a few nights ago when we were drinking Outworld wine on the dock.
I put it in my water house for safe keeping, but some brigands attacked me and stole the tackle box in which I kept my key.
Attacking an unarmed fisherman? What cowards!
Indeed! Now I am locked out and I cannot retrieve the medallion for you.
Is there anything I can do to help?
If you could get my key back from the brigands, I could get you the medallion. They usually do not stray far from the beach.
I will return with your key, fisherman... and these brigands will know the fist of Shujinko!
I thank you, young man. Uuhh... Who is Shujinko?
I have returned with your key. The brigands will not likely harass you further.
Splendid, young man! Come inside and you will find the medallion.
Thank you, young man. When you see Bo' Rai Cho, tell him I will drink him under the table when next we meet! Hee hee hee heee!
Greetings, Shujinko! It has been five years since you began your quest for the Kamidogu. Have you made any progress?
I am afraid not, Damashi. But I have learned Master Bo' Rai Cho's fighting styles and I have recovered his lost Warrior's Medallion. I was on my way to return it to him.
I see. That is quite an impressive artifact! I suggest you keep the medallion for yourself. Do not return it to Bo' Rai Cho just yet. Such an item will give you credibility among master warriors.
That credibility might aid you in your quest.
I will do as you ask.
Good... very good. I must leave you now, but you will see me again. Good luck on your journey!
I have returned!
Good to see you again, Damashi!
Indeed! It is good to see you as well! I bring you a warning... and advice.
A warning?
It seems that you have entered Lin Kuei territory. You must be wary. The Lin Kuei are dangerous and are not to be taken lightly. They are exceptional warriors and do not welcome outsiders.
Should I leave this province?
No. I feel that the Lin Kuei may play a significant role in helping you acquire the Earthrealm Kamidogu. You must join them.
Join the Lin Kuei? But they are --
They are a brutal clan of ninjas, but they are also a means to accomplishing your quest. You must discover a way to earn their respect -- and infiltrate their ranks. The Elder Gods are counting on you.
I do not like the idea of joining the Lin Kuei, but I will find a way -- for the Elder Gods.
Stop, infidel! Only great warriors are allowed to enter the Lin Keui Temple.
I am a great warrior. I have been personally trained by Master Bo' Rai Cho, and have been awarded the Warrior's Medallion to prove it!
Warrior's Medallion? You are truly worthy of the Lin Kuei. We could use a warrior with your ability. Step inside and you will be trained to fight as a Lin Kuei. Your teacher will be none other than Sub-Zero himself.
You have finished your training! You are now a Lin Kuei warrior! For your first assignment, the grand master has commanded that you join our forces to the west.
They have reported finding an unknown artifact that may greatly benefit our clan. We must secure it before our rivals do. Your password is 'ice dragon.'
Go now. Do not return until you have succeeded in securing the artifact.
As you command.
You have a message from Smoke in Outworld? I will take that. Yes, this information will be most valuable to us.
Here is your reward. You have served the Lin Kuei well.
I must take this information to the grand master.
I should rip out your spine for that!!
Halt! What is the password?
Ice dragon!
Excellent. You must be the courier we had sent for. And a new recruit if I am not mistaken.
You are just in time. There are Red Dragon not far from here and they know we have this item. Take it to the Lin Kuei Temple. We will distract the Red Dragon to aid your departure.
I will leave at once.
Damashi. I have joined the Lin Kuei! I have learned Sub-Zero's --
That object you carry... Yes... It is as I suspected. Through the ignorance of the Lin Kuei, you have acquired the Earthrealm Kamidogu!
I have?
You must find the portal to the Nexus. When it opens, walk through to continue your quest.
But the Lin Kuei...
Must I remind you that your loyalties are to the Elder Gods... not to the Lin Kuei. Continue with your appointed quest.
Yes, Damashi. I understand.
Shujinko! Raise high the Kamidogu!
Enter the portal!
Please excuse my curiosity, but why do you cover your eyes? Are you blind?
Yes, due to the treachery of the sorcerer Shang Tsung.
You have met Shang Tsung?!
He preyed upon my desire to prove my superiority in kombat. He promised to show me the location of a powerful sword that would compliment my skills.
The sword was entombed among the souls of my warrior ancestors. Shang Tsung consumed their souls to increase his power. The experience left me blinded.
Is the sword from your tale the one you now carry?
Yes. The sword guides me. Over the years, it has shown me the way to use my other senses in kombat.
Most impressive! You are truly a warrior of distinction!
Now I have but one goal: to slay the sorcerer who blinded me. Doing so will free the consumed souls of my ancestors. If you provide me with his location, I will teach you to fight without your eyes.
I am to enter his Mortal Kombat tournament. When I find him I will return to you with any information I uncover.
My search for Shang Tsung will continue here in the north. I suggest you look in the southwest.
This is sacred ground, stranger. I am Nightwolf. I must ask you to leave this place before your evil taint defiles the sanctity of these grounds.
I do not understand. I am Shujinko. I assure you that I mean no disrespect to your people.
I sense corruption in your soul, Shujinko -- a spiritual contamination that I have never before perceived.
I feel no touch of evil, but... My travels have taken me to many worlds. Perhaps it is a result of my journeys in the Netherrealm.
It is possible. If you will allow me, I may be able to purge this contagion from your being, although it will take many years to accomplish.
Many years? It will delay my quest... but I suppose I should take advantage of your offer.
You have accomplished much since beginning your spiritual cleansing, Shujinko. Though the taint of evil continues its hold on you, my training has given you the ability to control it.
I am grateful for what you have done for me, Nightwolf.
I wish you luck on your journeys. You are always welcome in the lands of my forefathers.
Greetings, stranger. I search for experienced fighters to take part in a... competition. Do you know of any?
I am quite adept at many fighting styles. Who are you? What is this contest you speak of?
I am Shang Tsung. My Mortal Kombat tournament will begin soon on my island fortress. Only the best will be allowed to enter.
Shang Tsung?! Long have I heard tales of your foul deeds! I am Shujinko! Since I was a boy I have dreamed of winning the Mortal Kombat tournament and ridding Earthrealm of your tyranny!
Is that so! Then it seems I will have to test the great Shujinko. You are most welcome to compete, but only if you can prove that you are worthy of such an honor.
Most impressive, Shujinko! You are indeed worthy to compete in the Mortal Kombat tournament. I will enjoy consuming your soul when you lose.
I do not think so. It has been my greatest desire to win Earthrealm's freedom from you and your master, Shao Kahn.
Of course, I am not the only one who seeks your defeat. I request that an acquaintance of mine be allowed to compete as well. He too longs to challenge you.
Ha ha! Would this acquaintance of yours be the blind swordsman, Kenshi? He has been searching for me for quite some time, has he not?
You... know?
There is little in this realm that escapes my attention, though I must admit I was surprised to learn that he had survived our previous encounter.
Return to him, and inform him that he is welcome to face me on my island in the Lost Sea. The tournament is fast approaching, however. He must hurry if he wishes to fulfill his quest for revenge.
Shujinko! It has been many years since last we met. Although I have sensed Shang Tsung's presence on many occasions, I have not been able to locate him.
I have found him, Kenshi. He has invited us both to his island to face him in Mortal Kombat. He has been watching you. He knew that you were searching for him.
I had suspected as much. This explains why I have never been able to find him... He was always one step ahead of me... I thank you for bringing me this news.
I will now teach you to do battle without the use of your eyes.
Now that I have fulfilled my promise, I must leave for Shang Tsung's island. I only hope he has not been defeated before I arrive.
Indeed, you have a long-standing vendetta with Shang Tsung, but I have dreamed of entering the Mortal Kombat tournament since I was young!
You will have to wait your turn, my friend! If he is still alive when I am finished with him, you may take your revenge.
We will see, Shujinko. I will meet you on the island.
Shujinko! I return to you because I sense that some... change... has taken place... you are... different... in some way.
I have undergone a spiritual cleansing. The warrior Nightwolf had detected an evil stain upon my soul. He was unable to remove it completely, but he has given me the ability to suppress it.
This is an unfortunate turn of events.
Unfortunate? An evil stain has been cleansed from my soul! My sense of awareness is as heightened as it was when Master Bo' Rai Cho trained me.
The taint you refer to allows you to enter realms otherwise inaccessible to other beings. You will need to regain it in order to continue your quest. I suggest that you return to the Netherrealm.
It will restore the impurities needed to enter the more accursed realms. Once your quest is finished, you are free to cleanse your spirit once more.
I cannot believe that you would ask such a thing of me! Surely the contamination I am already forced to carry is enough to access --
Do not question my order, Shujinko. I never promised your quest would be pleasant. You must fulfill your obligation to the Elder Gods. Return to the Netherrealm.
Have you forgotten the Mortal Kombat tournament? I was on my way to Shang Tsung' s island to compete.
I understand your disappointment, but your dream of defeating Shang Tsung will have to wait. For now, you must fulfill your destiny.
I... I will do as you ask.
Begone! This portal is not for use by mortals.
Who are you?
I am the thunder god, Raiden. This ancient portal has been activated. I must secure it to prevent intrusion from other realms.
Lord Raiden, I am Shujinko. I am the champion of the Elder Gods. It was I who opened the portal.
Champion, you say! I think not. A champion of the Elder Gods would possess the might of 10 warriors and could fight with his eyes closed! It is highly unlikely that you possess such abilities!
You seem to possess much strength and skill, Shujinko. Forgive me for doubting you. But if the Elder Gods have indeed unleashed their champion, they must be concerned that the end of the realms is near.
Your presence might be connected with the Mortal Kombat tournament here in Earthrealm. Have you come to aid us?
I did come to fight for Earthrealm in the tournament, but I have recently been ordered to the Netherrealm.
I am sure the Elder Gods have their reasons for redirecting you at so crucial a time. It may be that the Shaolin have already chosen their representative.
In any event, I will keep a close watch over the tournament's proceedings. Shang Tsung is a treacherous sorcerer. If he wins this time, Earthrealm will belong to Shao Kahn.
If you need my aid when I am finished with my task in the Netherrealm, search for me. I will gladly assist you.
Thank you, Shujinko. Good luck.