Edenia Konquest Dialogue


Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Shao Kahn has always desired to claim Edenia for himself. For many years he actually merged it with Outworld!
The statue is of King Jerrod, who was killed by Shao Kahn many thousands of years ago.
Watch out -- Shao Kahn's militia are everywhere!
Once again Shao Kahn has sent his militia to conquer Edenia.
There are rumors that Shao Kahn has been slain by his own allies. If only we knew for sure...
We must help Queen Sindel and Princess Kitana as they fight to save Edenia.
Earthrealm is our greatest ally. If not for the warrior Liu Kang, we would never have freed Edenia from Outworld.
Yes, Liu Kang has been to Edenia on many occasions. Unfortunately, he never married Princess Kitana. Now there is talk that he is dead.
Be at ease. Edenia is a realm of civility and artistic expression.
If you need to hide from the enemy, the Edenian Freedom Fighters will give you refuge.
We have heard much about you, Shujinko. There is talk that you have come to save our realm! Is this true?
Many have thought that Edenia was Outworld, but in fact they are separate realms that were merged together at one time.
Edenia is an idyllic paradise -- when we are free from tyranny.
I hear Shao Kahn's men are partial to Edenian pie!
We must hide! I hear Shao Kahn's men approaching!
I have no more time for talk. Perhaps we will meet again.
I know nothing else about that subject.
Are you insane? I am not the enemy, Shao Kahn is!
It is believed that Shao Kahn is looking for something in Edenia. This is why he has sent his troops to invade once more.
I'm afraid for my children! What will become of them if Shao Kahn conquers Edenia once more?
Are you Shujinko, the Champion of the Elder Gods? It is good to have you with us during our time of need!
We have heard much about you, Shujinko. There is talk that you have come to save our realm! Is this true?
The royal palace has been taken by Shao Kahn's forces. You will not be able to enter the main throne room.
I have seen Reiko, Shao Kahn's general, searching for something.
Tanya is a traitor to Edenia! I have seen her with the enemy!
Edenia has good relations with the realm of Seido, though we are wary of their desire to control us.
You may be an old man, but lifespans in Edenia are much longer than in some of the lesser realms, like Earthrealm.
Queen Sindel must remain in hiding while we are under occupation by Shao Kahn.
People have been known to throw koins in the fountains. They have done so for years.
Jade has been quite loyal to the throne. She is always away on secret missions for Kitana and Queen Sindel.
Run for your life! I have seen a four-armed tiger roaming Edenia!!
The war may be over soon! Princess Kitana has taken the fight to Outworld and has formed an alliance with the Shokan!
We must not be seen speaking to each other. Shao Kahn's militia may suspect we are conspiring against them.
I must return to my duties. I will speak with you later.
I grow tired of your questioning. I will leave you now.
By the gods! Do you work for the enemy!?
You there! If you have seen Edenian royal military personnel, you are to inform us immediately.
Shao Kahn will rule Edenia again. It is only a matter of time.
We are searching for information. If you should find any ancient documents, you will bring them to us.
General Reiko will lead us to another victory. HAIL REIKO!
Once Edenia has fallen, Shao Kahn will merge it with Outworld.
None shall oppose the might of Shao Kahn. He will rule all!
Kintaro has made our passage into this realm possible. Time and again he has proven his loyalty to the emperor.
We could use warriors such as yourself. You should join Shao Kahn's militia.
Kitana is a traitor! She has abandoned Shao Kahn's rule!
With every passing hour, more of our troops invade this realm.
My men need food! They cannot fight on an empty stomach!
You will return to your home or you will be slain. This realm is now under the rule of Shao Kahn.
Pie! I smell Edenian Pie!
I cannot believe we must invade Edenia once again! I am not paid enough for this!
It is true. Queen Sindel was once an ally of Shao Kahn, until her daughter freed her from Shao Kahn's influence.
Unless you have information leading to the capture of Queen Sindel, do not waste my time.
If you do not wish to have your belly ripped open, I suggest you move along!
This area is off limits to all but Shao Kahn's militia. Leave now!
Do not test my patience, fool! I am no mere soldier!
We have need of your help, stranger. We are members of the Edenian resistance against Shao Kahn.
We need to send a message to other members of our group in order to organize a military push.
If you take the message to them, they will compensate you. They are located on the other side of Edenia.
Have you delivered the message to our allies yet?
I am beginning to think you are in league with Shao Kahn!
A message from the others? Hmm... It says they will attack in three days, and they wish to coordinate the assault with us. You have done well.
Take these koins for your trouble.
I must prepare for the attack. I cannot speak with you at present.
You have delivered our message? Good! We must prepare for the attack.
I suspect you are in league with the enemy!
You there! Do you know of the Edenian woman who bakes delicious pies? I will pay koins to anyone who will bring me one.
I can almost taste that pie now...
I will destroy you for your insolence!
Yes, I bake pies! For who? A soldier of Shao Kahn's military?! Hmmmm... take this one to him. It is poisoned.
There is enough poison in that pie to kill anyone who eats even a small portion. I hope that soldier likes to share...
Why did you hit me?
You have returned with a pie! Excellent! I will share it with my men! Or maybe I should eat it all myself...
I will decide later. Here is your reward.
I do not feel very well!
Greetings. I wish to fight against Shao Kahn's forces, but I am not a trained soldier of the Edenian Guard.
It would aid me greatly if you would take this sword to Queen Sindel for her blessing. I will pay you what money I can.
If I had a sword blessed by the queen, surely I could slay many of Shao Kahn's militia.
Such cowardice!
Yes -- if it will inspire its owner in the fight against Shao Kahn, I will gladly bless the sword you carry.
The sword has received my blessing.
Shujinko! Such treachery!
My sword has been blessed by Queen Sindel! I thank you, sir. Here are the koins I promised you.
I must join the Freedom Fighters!
Good sir! I have not seen my eldest son in a week. I fear that he has been slain by Shao Kahn's invading forces.
If you should meet him, tell him to come home. Or... if you should find him dead... please return to me the necklace I gave him. I would like it as a keepsake.
I hope my son is still alive!
Why did you strike me?
My son's necklace! No! It is as I feared -- he is dead. I thank you for bringing it to me. Take these koins for your kindness.
This necklace shall always remind me of my son.
I have done it! I have freed myself from the Netherrealm! But the sword that made my ascension possible did not emerge with me.
I fear it remains in the Netherrealm. I shall never return to that place... but if you could retrieve my sword for me, I would be most grateful.
I cannot be parted from my sword! Please look for it in the Netherrealm.
I will not hesitate to kill you!
My sword! You have recovered it! Take these koins as payment.
With my holy sword, I will punish evil.
Sektor is damaged, human. Sektor is in need of repairs after an altercation with Sub-Zero. Take these koins. Go to the realm of Order and purchase the items on this list. Bring the items to Sektor so that Sektor can make repairs.
You have become obsolete.
You have brought the replacement components to Sektor. Take these minerals as payment for completing your function.
Error! Error!
Retrieve the parts that Sektor needs, human!
Shujinko! I need your help once more! I wish to inspire the Edenian Guard as they fight in Outworld by wearing Queen Sindel's signet ring! Unfortunately, the ring was lost during Shao Kahn's initial invasion of Edenia. Please help me find it!
You must find Queen Sindel's ring and bring it to me. Please hurry!
Do not strike me.
You found Queen Sindel's ring! I thank you. Please accept these gems from Edenia's treasury.
I must leave for Outworld.
You are the one known as Shujinko? Greetings. I am Hsu Hao. I am an assassin and have been searching for someone in need of my talents. Find me employment and I will pay you a finder's fee.
If you do not find me any work, I cannot pay you your commission.
Have you gone insane?
The Red Dragon clan will hunt you down for that!
You know of an assassin for hire? I have been searching for such a man to use in infiltrating the Special Forces in Earthrealm. I am Mavado. Tell this Hsu Hao to meet me near the waterfall behind the palace.
You have found work for me? Excellent! I will meet Mavado. Here is your commission.
Hsu Hao will make an excellent member of the Red Dragon.
I have been allowed to join the Red Dragon clan in Earthrealm.
Stop, infidel! I am Rain, faithful servant of Shao Kahn. I am searching for a suitable place from which to plan covert attacks on the Edenian Freedom Fighters.
You will find me a cave or I will destroy you. Go now! I will await your return.
Find a suitable cave for Shao Kahn's covert activities, or be destroyed!
Rain searches for a hiding place, does he? I am Jade, leader of Edenia's Freedom Fighters.
We have been searching for the Outworld ninja Rain, but he had eluded us... until now. Tell him about this cave. We will ambush him when he arrives.
Tell Rain of this place. Do not tell him of our ambush.
You have found a cave to the east? Excellent! I will go there at once. As payment for your assistance, I will spare your life.
For a ninja, he is not very stealthy. I heard him as he entered and defeated him before he knew what had happened. Edenia will remember your assistance. Take these koins, with our thanks.
Uhhh... Who was that green woman?
You dare strike me?!
I will cut you down for that!
Purple? Rain chooses his wardrobe most curiously.
Halt! I am Reiko, general of Shao Kahn's army. You will carry this document to an Outworld foot soldier near the palace, who will take it to Shao Kahn himself. Do not show this document to anyone but a soldier of Shao Kahn's army.
It is rumored that Shao Kahn has been slain. I doubt this is true.
When this war is over, you will suffer for your insolence!
A document from Reiko? I will take it to Shao Kahn at once. Here is your pay, courier.
The document you are carrying is quite troubling. If this information had fallen into the wrong hands, it could have meant the destruction of the realms!
You have done the right thing by bringing it to me. Take this small token of our appreciation. Edenia owes you much more than this.
Edenia is forever grateful to you.
You must be in league with Shao Kahn!
Shujinko, You have but one Kamidogu left to find before your task is complete.
It lies hidden in this realm... the realm of Edenia. But beware. I sense there is another force at work. Someone else may be after the Kamidogu.
Someone else? For what purpose? You have never fully revealed to me the true significance of the Kamidogu. After all these years of searching, I feel I am owed an explanation.
If it will serve to emphasize the importance of your quest, I will tell you what I can. The Kamidogu made possible the creation of reality.
The Elder Gods used them to split the consciousness of the One Being into what we know as the realms.
I do not understand. What is this 'One Being'?
Before the creation of the realms, there were only the Elder Gods and the One Being. The One Being fed off the Elder Gods -- it consumed them.
A war raged in the timeless void until six Elder Gods forged the Kamidogu and used them to splinter the One Being into the many realms.
I am humbled by the scope of what you have revealed to me. Still, I am left to wonder why the Elder Gods have needed my assistance.
As you know, you were called by the Elder Gods to retrieve the Kamidogu and deliver them into safekeeping.
What you do not know is that The Elder Gods had detected a plot whereby an individual sought to exploit the Kamidogu and merge all the realms in an attempt to gain ultimate power.
That individual may be here in Edenia. He must not be allowed to find the Kamidogu.
It would seem that the Kamidogu are quite powerful -- dangerous weapons in the wrong hands. I thank you for being forthright with me, Damashi.
I now understand the importance of my quest. I will return the Edenian Kamidogu to the Nexus as soon as possible.
I have no doubt that you will succeed, Shujinko. You have served the Elder Gods well.
You... you emerged from the portal to the gods. How can this be?
I am Shujinko, Champion of the Elder Gods. I am searching the realms for artifacts that will aid in the fight against evil. My quest has led me here.
I am Princess Kitana. If you are the Champion of the Elder Gods, perhaps you can aid us in our struggle. There was a time long ago when the Emperor Shao Kahn merged Edenia with Outworld.
For millennia he ruled the combined realms -- until my Earthrealm allies and I won Edenia's independence.
Now Shao Kahn has again invaded this realm. He has learned that a powerful device lies hidden somewhere within our borders, and may have sent his forces here to find it.
Shao Kahn? He must be after the Edenian Kamidogu! This situation is worse than I had suspected... How may I be of help, Princess Kitana?
My mother, Queen Sindel, has been taken captive. I cannot free her myself, because I must return to Outworld to lead our forces there in a direct assault against the Emperor. Free the queen, so that she may lead the resistance here in Edenia.
Where is the queen being held?
She is imprisoned somewhere near the palace, guarded by the traitor, Tanya. You must defeat Tanya in order to release her.
I will win the freedom of your queen. Of this you can be sure.
Thank you, Shujinko, and good luck.
Excuse me, but I am looking for the one known as Tanya. Would you happen to know her whereabouts?
I am Tanya. Do you have business with the Emperor Shao Kahn?
Not exactly. I come to ask that you release Queen Sindel. She has been unjustly held captive by Shao Kahn's forces.
Ha ha ha, You are a fool, old man. I have been instructed by Shao Kahn himself to guard her with my life. You will have to get past me if you wish to free her!
So be it.
You are a bit old to be in Shao Kahn's military, are you not?
I am Shujinko... Champion of the Elder Gods. I have come to release you at the request of your daughter, Kitana. She is currently in Outworld confronting Shao Kahn's army.
Kitana lives? You are truly the bearer of good tidings, Shujinko. Come, we must leave here now before anyone realizes that I have escaped. Follow me and I will reward you for your efforts.
I am Queen Sindel. I am grateful that you risked your life to free me. I owe you my thanks.
It is an honor, Your Highness.
Please allow me to repay your gallantry. I wish to bestow upon you the kombat skills of an Edenian knight. Do you accept?
Indeed, Queen Sindel. I accept.
You are now a fully knighted Edenian soldier, Shujinko. And as such, I have a task for you.
What task would that be, Your Highness?
Shao Kahn seeks a powerful item -- one that has been kept hidden in Edenia since before our recorded history. It must never fall into the hands of the emperor of Outworld. Take this kamidogu and return it to the Elder Gods. They will know what to do with it.
I will take it to them immediately. What will you do now, Your Highness?
Kitana and I will continue the fight to free Edenia from the tyranny of Shao Kahn. His men will be searching for me here, but he has no knowledge of you. You have a chance to escape if you leave now.
Yes, Your Highness. Good luck to you.
Shujinko! I see you have found the last of the Kamidogu!
Yes, Damashi. I was on my way to the Nexus to place it upon the altar.
Because you have recovered all the Kamidogu, I will receive a physical body, and will be free to dwell in the physical world. My rebirth is to take place soon in Outworld.
That is wonderful news! Congratulations, Damashi!
Hurry! Take the Edenian Kamidogu to the Nexus. I will meet you there.
It will be good to finally bring this quest to an end.