Chaos Realm Konquest Dialogue


Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
Here, take this.
It is a travesty! Normally the members of the Yinasi and the Yangese are at war! But recently they have called a truce!
Someone should go to their villages in the east and the west and tell lies about each tribe, to renew their aggression.
The two tribes are still at peace! This must not be allowed to continue!
I thank you.
What? The Yangese claim we have sided with the Seidan Guard?! They will suffer for such a lie!
We must renew our assault!
That is the spirit!
Absurd! The Yinasi accuse us of siding with the Seidan Guard?! They will pay!
The truce is no more! Begin the assault!
You fight well, stranger!
Excellent! The two tribes are at war once again. You will find a reward for your efforts in the southwest corner of the maze.
May chaos release you!
Please, sir, I have written a letter to myself and wish to have someone deliver it to me once I have left this spot. If you would do this, I may reward you.
You found me! Now I can read my letter! I wonder what I wrote to myself... Take these koins, and do not spend them all in one place!
Hee hee... that tickled!
I am reading. I have no interest in talking with you.
Havik, I left the stolen prize between the ruins and the prison. Signed, Baron.'
I have good news for you, wanderer! I am a cleric of Chaos. I have heard that a chest of valuables has been seen in the labyrinth.
Find it and you may keep the contents. May Chaos break the rules that bind.
Water is sacred here in the realm of Chaos. Nothing would please me more than to drink water from the realm of Edenia.
If you could fill this bucket from the fountain in the center of that realm, I would greatly appreciate it.
I can almost taste the Edenian water now...
Thank you! I needed that!
Is this the Edenian water? Yes, it is! Oh! And what is this at the bottom of the bucket? Koins?
You must have picked them up from the fountain when you dipped the bucket. I have no use for koins. If you want them, they are yours to keep.
This Edenian water is sublime!
Leave me be. I tire of your blathering.
Take these gloves and convert the three warriors on the water center for me
good work let me me teach you some kombat skills
These premises are off limits!
You are not of the Seidan Guard! You must leave here at once!
I must place you under arrest for trespassing!
Leave now! You are not authorized to be here.
I am Kabal, a member of the Black Dragon clan and a convert to Chaos. I have taken this map from the body of a dead traveler. It reveals a way into Earthrealm. Hide it for me in the Chaos temple and you will find a reward.
Hide the map!
My hookswords will tame your aggression!
I have no further need of your assistance.
Chaos warps and confuses the mind. The time I have spent here has caused me to forget who I am. Somewhere among the temple ruins lies a scroll which may contain the answer to my identity.
Who are you? Have we met?
Why did you strike me?
You have returned with the scroll! Yes! It has revealed to me my name! I am Kira! As payment for your help, take these... uh... I don't remember what they are. Take them anyway.
I must return to Earthrealm.
I have heard rumors that a member of my clan, the Shirai-Ryu, has been killed somewhere in this realm. I have been unable to locate his body.
If you should discover my fallen comrade, bring his mask to me. It will serve as proof to my clan that he has been slain.
Find the body of my fallen comrade.
My clan will see you dead!
You have found the mask of my fellow Shirai-Ryu! I am now convinced that he is dead. Take this as payment for your assistance. I shall return to my clan with the mask.
I must return this mask to Earthrealm.
I have no idea how I got here! One moment I was in a motion capture studio in Chicago, the next moment I was here!
Bub, you gotta help me find my way back to Earthrealm. There has to be a map somewhere. I'll pay you all the money I have if you can help me.
Look, Bub, you gotta get me outta here!
Oh, my BALLS!
You're back! Did you find a map? Awesome! You rule, Bub. Now I can get back to Earthrealm. Here, take 20 bucks for your trouble. It's all I have.
Thanks for your help, Bub.
I am Dairou. You are new to this realm, yes? I have been sent here to assassinate Kobra, a member of the Black Dragon. He knows me by sight and is watching for me. He would not recognize you, however.
If you assassinate him for me, I will give you half of my payment. He is located in the ruins to the south.
Find Kobra.
Consider yourself fortunate that I have not been paid to kill you.
So, Dairou has sent you to do his fighting for him, eh? Suits me just fine! I could use the practice.
Excellent! You have assassinated Kobra.Take these koins as payment for your services.
You never saw me here.
Screw you!
Long has the the realm of Order tried to tame this place. They will never succeed.
The prison is a relic from an age long ago when an outsider forced his rule upon us.
We are very proud of our ruins. They are deteriorating nicely! It takes many years of negligence to achieve such decay!
The Yinasi and Yangese have been at war for centuries.Their fighting keeps this realm in motion. Have you met them yet?
Water. It is the model for our lives. Water takes no shape. It is Chaos!
I am like a maze! No one understands the things I do!
Are you lost, stranger? That is good! Welcome to Chaos!
The Tempest at the center of this realm keeps it from obeying the rules of nature.
You have studied the way of Chaos? It has taken Havik many centuries to give in to turmoil. Now he is our most celebrated cleric!
I put my pants on like everybody else: one arm at a time.
Nothing in this realm makes sense. I wouldn't have it any other way!
Kombat is a way of life in this realm. Peace is avoided at all cost.
The Seidan invaders must be dealt with. We will force them from our realm or crush them in the process!
Do not address me if you are going to speak so politely!
Leave me be! I am busy doing nothing!
Do not impose your will upon me!
Thank you. I needed that!
It is said that this realm existed much like any other realm until the god of Chaos unleashed the Tempest!
Long have we been at war with Seido, the realm of Order. We relish the Chaos that ensues.
For many years, the Seidan Guardsmen have tried to commandeer our water supply for their own needs.
Yes, I know of this so-called realm of Order. In fact, I have been there. Many of us have encouraged unrest and disruption there.
Have you heard? Beings from the Netherrealm have tried to use our burial grounds to breach our realm!
Sometimes I like to play the game called 'Everybody's Running Around.' There are no rules. You just run around aimlessly! It is quite fun!
I predict that the Earthrealm thunder god, Raiden, will one day change.
You are being misled. You are being controlled. May Chaos aid you, wanderer!
Chaos keeps the realms unbalanced. Without Chaos, reality would become stagnant.
Death is the greatest Chaos there is! Your body and mind fall apart!
I was once asked by a spirit to aid him in a quest. I do not make deals with anyone, so I refused his offer.
May Chaos break the rules that bind.
By asking me a question, you are forcing an answer from me. I do not appreciate your attempt at controlling me!
Enough of this peaceful banter!
Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no.
You are truly an admirable man.
I am free to do whatever I want, whenever I want!
Do you like my hair? I messed it up this morning!
I used to live in the realm of Order, but their culture is so restrictive that I had to escape!
Havik has shown us the way. Look for him if you need guidance.
Husband?! I have no husband! I would never bind myself to another!
The Yangese and Yinasi have been close enemies for as long as anyone can remember!
The old prison was built by Pod Lazek, a Seidan commander who tried to bring Order to our blissful Chaos.
The water facility must be destroyed! It is an abomination!
I seem to have forgotten what I was doing. Oh well!
You seem to be wandering aimlessly. I like that in a man!
Sometimes I like to tear off all my clothing and run through the village! But at the moment I am not in the mood.
Have you met the cleric Havik? He is our inspiration!
The labyrinth teaches us the importance of confusion.
Elder Gods?! I worship no god. That would be a form of servitude!
Be welcome in our realm, stranger, but only if you cause trouble.
I like this Shao Kahn person everyone keeps talking about. It sounds like he causes a lot of trouble.
You cannot force me to talk to you any longer.
Leave me alone! I do not have to talk to you if I do not want to!
I cannot stand still any longer. I must run!
You really know how to treat a lady!
You there! Stop where you are! You must fight if you are to enter the realm of Chaos!
I will not hinder your travels in the realm of Chaos. Use this portal if you so desire.
Excellent tactic! Attack when unprovoked! I must remember this.
This is where we bury our deceased. Other strange things occur here as well, however.
Pass through this gate if you may. We will not hinder you.
You are not from the realm of Order, are you?
I do not wish to converse with you.
I have said all that I care to.
Do not oppress me with your questioning.
You are indeed a child of Chaos!
The pain feels good.
Strike me all you like! I can take it!
Have you seen him? There is a wraith from the Netherrealm in the cemetery!
I enjoy wandering aimlessly among the tombstones.
It is said that treasure can be found buried amongst the dead.
I will speak with you no more.
I listen to the dead, but I will not listen to you.
Find your own treasure!
Ah! You practice for the coming of the wraith!
Such fun!
Why, thank you! I found a koin on the ground after you struck me!
Shujinko, I see you are safe.
Yes, Damashi, I am unharmed. Who was that warrior in the Nexus?
I am not entirely sure. I could sense that he was quite powerful, but I did not recognize him.
He referred to himself as 'the Elder Gods' Chosen Warrior.' Does he think he is their champion?
If he thinks this, then he is mistaken. As I have said before, you are their champion. You must continue your search in this realm... the realm of Chaos.
The nature of this realm is one of constant turmoil. The beings here oppose order and structure. Chaos is their religion.
Be wary, stranger. A wraith from the Netherrealm has seized this cemetery in the name of the Brotherhood of Shadow. Such an act is a violation of the way of Chaos.
I have sent many warriors to do battle with the intruder, but none have yet returned. You will not be able to travel further until reinforcements arrive.
May I challenge the infiltrator? I have been endowed with powers from the Elder Gods themselves. I may be able to drive him off for you.
I admire your fighting spirit! You are most welcome to confront him.
Are you the Netherrealm wraith who haunts this holy site?
Another fool has come to challenge me! So be it. As I told the others, I have taken this patch of dead terrain for the Brotherhood of Shadow.
Soon these grounds will open and spew forth our invading army -- and there is nothing you can do about it.
We shall see, spawn of Hell.
You have two choices, stranger: State your intentions, or hear the shattering of your spine!
I wander in search of holy relics, madman! Do not block my path!
Ah... a wanderer, eh? I am Havik. A cleric of Chaos! I would never think of confining a spirit such as yours.
Thank you, Havik. I am Shujinko. I am a newcomer to the realm of Chaos.
There are many newcomers as of late... Seidan Guardsmen, for instance. They seek to restrict the flow of our water... something we hold sacred. Water was not meant to be controlled. It's shapeless, fluidic nature is a blessing.
I make you an offer, Shujinko. Take these four Chaos pendants. Defeat each of the four Seidan invaders and place a pendant around their necks. The pendants will shatter the bondage of Order and reveal to them the perfection of Chaos.
Only then will they cease the enslavement of our water. Do this for me, and I will teach you the ways of Chaos as well.
Who are these 'Seidan Guardsmen'?
They are soldiers of an oppressive realm that have come to impose their Order. They seek to control and alter our water supply for their own ends. Their presence here is offensive.
I will do as you request.
Only if it suits you at the time. I would not have it any other way! May Chaos break the rules that bind, my friend.
You do not appear to be a Seidan. Did Havik send you?
Yes. He has asked that I defeat these intruders and place these pendants around their necks.
I have been trying to sabotage this facility, but thus far the invaders have foiled my plans. If you could reduce their numbers, I would have an easier time crippling their pumps.
I will try. Where are they now?
There is an invader in each of the four corners of the facility.
I will meet you here when I am finished dealing with them.
Have you freed the water supply from the control of the invaders?
The water supply is still controlled by the Seidan Guardsmen.
You have done it! You have converted the Seidan Guardsmen to the ways of Chaos! Havik will be most pleased. He waits for you in the town to the south.
You have converted the Seidan Guardsmen to the ways of Chaos! They shut down their facilities and came here for guidance. I proposed to them a mission in their home of Seidan, the realm of Order. They have already embarked on the quest. I thank you for your assistance.
You said you would show me the way of Chaos if I were to free their minds.
As if I would honor a deal? You should know better than to bind a man of Chaos to his word. I will free myself of this oppression! Fight!
Well done!
Well done? You tried to kill me!
Nonsense! How could I teach you the way of Chaos if there was an agreement, a structure to the lesson?
Oohh... I think I understand. I was learning from the unpredictable nature of experience, not from a structured tutorial. I did not realize you had no intentions of harming me when you attacked, and therefore I learned to adapt to what I perceived to be a real threat.
You are correct, except... I would have killed you if you had given me the chance. I was quite serious. Because you have survived my assault, however, I give you this key to an ancient labyrinth. May it unleash Chaos upon your journey.
Shujinko, you have found the Chaos Kamidogu!
Yes. I found it in a labyrinth not far from here. But I feel strange. I feel like I have changed.
Indeed, you have. Many years have passed since you first entered this realm. I suspect the labyrinth you encountered contained some time-altering agent. Time has passed, but you have not perceived it.
Many years? By the gods! I do feel... older... It must have been that strange liquid I stepped through.
That is a distinct possibility. It matters not. You should return to the Nexus and place it on the altar. You have done well, Shujinko. The Elder Gods will be pleased.