The Mortal Kombat Federation of Martial Arts

Following the invasion, the Mortal Kombat Federation of Martial Arts is formed, overseen by the Council of Elder Gods. This essentially takes the Mortal Kombat tournament and has it so that all realms can participate, not just one defending realm. However, there are designated representatives from different realms, who not only fight, but have influence in Council decisions. The realms represented include Earth, the newly restored Edenia, the remains of Outworld, Zaterra, Netherrealm, and the further realms such as that ruled by Queen Vorpax.

Now that the tournament is no longer a secret, Sonya leads Earth’s Outworld Investigation Agency. Without his bionic arm attachments, Jax assists Sonya in running the OIA. Against Sonya’s wishes, Jax continues to see Ruby intimately, a seductive ninja from Outworld, who has caused him a lot of heartache in the past. But with rumours that the Black Dragon are back on the rise along with news that Kano has been seen alive, they have a lot more to worry about.

Thought killed at the end of the last tournament, Shang Tsung reappears. It seems the sorcerer is far more powerful than anyone had previously imagined.

Shao Kahn is released by Shang Tsung from his prison portal, in exchange for Shang Tsung’s rule over Earth Realm when their takeover is complete. Kahn’s first orders are to bring back Kitana at any cost, and to put together a group of the most awesome fighters Outworld has ever seen to compete in the Federation. Shang Tsung gets his title of Supreme Sorcerer of Outworld back, but needs fresh souls to keep his strength up, so he roams Earth Realm feeding on innocent humans, steering clear of Rayden and looking for his ultimate prize, the soul of Liu Kang.

Jade is resurrected by Shao Kahn and sent to complete her mission of finding Kitana and capturing her. Jade is torn between loyalty to her old friend and her emperor. Another ninja, Mileena, also has the same mission. Mileena is actually a grotesque clone of Kitana, and at the request of Shao Kahn, was created by Shang Tsung. The only difference between the two is that Mileena’s face is hideously deformed, but concealed by her mask. She had been instructed by Kahn to watch over Kitana, who had been acting suspiciously prior to the last tournament. Once Kitana fled Outworld, Mileena confronted her, but failed to bring her back, being badly injured by her sister. Now confused and frustrated, Mileena can only do harm to herself and others. She has an irreversible evil nature, which Kahn taps into for his personal bidding. Her orders are to retrieve Kitana at all costs, not letting anyone or anything get in her way. But she has deadly plans to deal with the person who made her what she is, Shang Tsung.

When Kahn was defeated by the Elder Gods, Reptile was imprisoned in Edenia, and later freed by his emperor. Repltile still serves as Shao Kahn’s loyal assassin. He works with Jade to capture Kitana, but with orders to bring the princess back at all costs, even if it means her death. But he could get sidetracked with his hatred towards Queen Vorpax. No one knows why he ardently wants her dead except Reptile and Vorpax. Kiri’s loyalty is still to Reptile and her people, but she can easily be swayed to root for the favoured side. Kiri has both been with and killed men and women from Outworld and Earth Realm, and possesses treachery comparable to Shao Kahn. She is the wild card in the Federation.

Outworld produces other warriors for the Federation, both old and new. Hikata is a warrior monk living in exile somewhere in the realm. His powers remain largely unknown, although rumour has it that he can fabricate thoughts into real objects. Rain and Ermac return, along with Noob Saibot, Goro and Motaro.

After fighting a losing battle with the Elder Gods, Quan Chi travels to Earth Realm, where he tries to steal Liu Kang soul and bargain with Shang Tsung for it, but without the aid of his assassins Siann and Sora. Quan Chi has his eyes set on Liu Kang, and is bent on revenge against Siann and Sora. Shang Tsung still entertains Quan Chi’s offer, but keeps his eyes open for foul play. The Elder Gods are unsure whether they should allow Quan Chi in the Federation, or punish him because they sense his ulterior motives.

Two of Quan Chi’s former assassins have also come to Earth Realm. In the past, Siann was banished to the Netherrealm for committing multiple crimes against humanity including theft, murder, and attempts at black magic. She was later freed by Quan Chi, who she humbly served as an assassin. But due to repeated and forced intimate encounters with Quan Chi, Siann escaped his control by travelling undetected to Earth Realm with Sora. Siann now resides in Earth Realm with Sora, but travels everywhere cautiously, because Quan Chi searches for what he thinks is his property. Although she is not friendly with Earth Realm fighters, she hopes to stay alive long enough to get her revenge on Quan Chi in the Federation.

When Shao Kahn took over, Sora was part of a revulotionary group, who demanded freedom. Sora was captured, abused, and banished to the Netherrealm, where she befriended Siann. They stuck together, emotionally and intimately, and would die for each other. Quan Chi rescued the two in exchange for their services. When Siann Left Quan Chi, Sora chose to leave with her. But she must look over her should because if Quan Chi catches her, Sora will be taken back to the Netherrealm for eternity. Sora will try to warn Liu Kang of Quan Chi’s plan, and hope Earth Realm will accept them.

Mika lived in Edenia when Shao Kahn took over. She was a young woman, budding with beauty when Kahn discovered her and forced her to be his slave. She refused because she loved another man and was beaten, jailed, then sentenced to the Netherrealm by Kahn. She was later freed by Quan Chi, joining his team of deadly assassins. Now, Mika is torn between serving the very man who freed her from the Netherrealm, and being loyal to her two best friends, Siann and Sora. Her deciding factor is the spell Quan Chi put on her, suppressing her true feelings, in a way turning her into a mindless but deadly slave. Her only hope is for Siann and Sora to risk their lives and rescue her, before the spell on her becomes irreversible.

Sub-Zero trains in an undisclosed area because rumours circulate that there is a contract out on his head. It could be from his old clan, the Lin Kuei, or by his most hated adversary Scorpion. It is suspected that one of Quan Chi’s deadly women assassins has taken the job. Although Smoke has become a protector of his old friend, Sektor remains in the shadows, waiting to complete the bidding of his Lin Kuei masters. The third cyberninja, Cyrax, has also been seen, although this is unconfirmed.

Because of all their foul play, Rayden ardently argues that Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung be exiled to the Netherrealm, losing the right to participate in the Federation. Frustrated, Rayden considers fighting in the Federation, thus being stripped of his godly endowments. Kahn and the rest of Outworld favour this decision, waiting for the right time to strike. Rayden issues a direct challenge to his brother to engage him in Mortal Kombat.

Because of his brother’s death at the hands of Shang Tsung, Liu still seeks revenge. While he is Earth Realm’s leader and current champion, everyone is out for his head. He has eluded countless assassins sent by Shao Kahn, and is still shadowed by Sub-Zero, who yearns to settle the score for the death of his brother. But Liu biggest burden could be his true love Kitana, who is constantly escaping many kidnapping attempts by Outworld’s ninjas. He is Kitana’s own personal protector, but could suffer misfortune if he forgets to watch his own back.

Jimmy Cage, a man thought to be related to the Hollywood superstar Johnny Cage, appears. Bearing a striking resemblence to the deceased actor, he hides a deadly secret.

Omegis, a sorceress from Earth Realm, resurfaces after 500 years. She uses her magical powers in kombat, allying herself to Earth Realm. Also back is Vorpax, the successor to Queen Kreeya. Her status is unknown, but it seems that her forces are once more gathering for invasion.

The tournament begins with fighters from different realms battling it out, earning points for their realm. If a realm’s portfolio of fighters drops below a certain level, it leaves it open to direct attack from another power. Howver, the tournament is interrupted with the discovery of a body at the main Federation grounds, apparently killed outside the permitted arenas. The victim’s identity is unknown. Jax, however, is taken into custody by Earth Realm police.

Federation Officials announce that they are close to taking steps in the case of the body found in the MKFMA locker room. With all of the attention on the murder, they are considering postponing the current fight. Jax is released from police custody. Although he is quickly surrounded by reporters, he manages to escape without answering any questions. A police spokesperson announces that they are releasing Jax pending further investigation. Identification of the body by the coroner's office will come soon and may supply sufficient evidence for an arrest.

The coroner's office release vital information in the Locker Room murder investigation. The coroner has makes a positive identification of the body. The murdered woman is confirmed to be the Outworld ninja known only as Ruby. The enigmatic Ruby is said to have been one of Shao Kahn’s paid assassins, but she was exiled after betraying the Emperor. It is rumored that Ruby was applying to join MKFMA, but she never formally applied for membership. Exactly what Ruby was really doing in Earth Realm remains a mystery.

The police attempt to arrest Jax for murder. Less than a week after releasing Jax form custody the first time, police rearrest him officially charging him with murder. Jax is in the middle of an intense workout when police detectives burst in and try to cuff him. Screaming that Ruby’s death wasn’t his fault, Jax erupts into violence, body-slamming one of the detectives, then applying the ‘smack-down’ to the other. Within moments, dozens of uniformed police, with guns drawn, surround the MKFMA facility, demanding Jax’s immediate surrender.

Nightwolf helps talk Jax down. Police are on the verge of opening fire, when Nightwolf finally escorts Jax out, with his arms held high in the air. Jax is immediately restrained and driven away. Jax now faces charges of resisting arrest, assaulting officers and first degree murder.

Sonya Blade is in the locker room shower when a friend informs her of what is going down with Jax. Sonya is so upset she tears out of the shower, stark naked. She is quickly apprehended by police and detained – reportedly amidst several appreciative smiles. Other than legal council, it is doubtful that Sonya Blade or any member of MKFMA will be permitted to see Jax.

Investigators order Jax moved from his holding cell to an interrogation room. The USSF Major is handcuffed and escorted down a hallway by two armed officers. Asking the time, he snaps his cuffs and slams the first cop into the wall while applying the ‘smack down’ to the second cop, knocking him senseless. Jax easily evades the police and escapes the precinct station. With police combing the streets looking for their fugitive, Jax is seen at the MKFMA training center looking for Sonya Blade.

Rayden feels it has been long enough for Shao Kahn to answer his challenge, and for the Elder Gods to make their presence on the issue known. Under the supervision of Federation officials, after one more sunset Rayden aims to trek to Outworld to challenge Kahn face to face. If Kahn plans to harm Rayden while he is in Outworld, he will automatically be disqualified from the Federation, along with any others involved in the situation.

Rayden expects to face his brother in Mortal Kombat face to face, but the spineless Emperor, hiding behind his armies will not look him in the eye. Rayden’s focus now shifts to a pressing matter, clearing the man accused of killing Ruby, the Federation’s number one suspect, Jax. His investigation group uncovers conclusive evidence that should clear Jax’s name, but with the council’s recent leniency with Shao Kahn’s failure to answer a challenge, anything can happen. The first issue he must take care of is speaking to the local law enforcement to try and let the Federation handle the murder.

Liu Kang, representing the courage of the planet, challenges who is currently one of the two hottest fighters in the Federation. Although he is not 100%, Rayden feels that stopping his best fighter from taking the precedent to follow his heart is absurd. If his leg is injured again in his match against the hell-bent ninja Scorpion, Rayden says he will make another challenge. Whether it be Ermac, Noob Saibot or Shang Tsung, Rayden will represent Earth Realm in Mortal Kombat.

In deep meditation, Rayden learns to accept many things concerning Earth Realm’s current situation. He will be patient concerning his challenge to Shao Kahn, for the essential purpose has been served. Worrying, contemplating and wasting his breath will only cause him to lose focus. Jax is out there somewhere. The Thunder God hopes he listens to his heart and realizes he cannot help Earth Realm by hiding. He is too great a warrior to take the actions he has.

In a new development in the manhunt for Major Jax Briggs, a message is received from an undisclosed source stating Jax’s intention to surrender if he is allowed to address the Council directly. The message states that Jax has evidence that will clear him.

After a bloody crime scene is discovered at Sonya’s quarters, Rayden and a handful of Earth Realm fighters began a round-the-clock search for their missing teammates. Sonya Blade’s quarters are a mess with singed walls and blood everywhere. Somewhere outside of Federation grounds, Jax is found along with Sonya Blade, a robot arm, and a comatose Outworld ninja. Although no official findings are released, the overlapping parts of Jax and Sonya’s stories are identical. The pair report that Sonya was abducted by a team of ninjas – allegedly a handful were automated and a handful were recognizable from Outworld. Sonya fought off these ninjas at her apartment for as long as she could, leaving a trail of an Outworld ninja’s blood, not of her own, at the crime scene. She was then blindfolded and taken to a warehouse somewhere on Earth Realm, where she was forced through sorcery and drugs to give up certain undisclosed information. Sonya was then dragged by this “alliance of ninjas” to a hidden portal to Outworld when Jax appeared delivering a sonic ground smash to disrupt the kidnapping. Then, Jax and Sonya supposedly fought off the ninjas until Rayden and company arrived.

After rescuing Sonya Blade, Jax turns himself in to MKFMA authorities who are working with Earth Realm Police to solve the murder of Ruby. Earth Realm officials move swiftly for trial and decide whether to try Jax on Earth Realm or in the MKFMA court owing to the fact that the deceased is not a native of Earth. Although the Elder Gods have mentioned the matter of Jackson Briggs, they are unwilling to take any active part in the proceedings. "We are busy searching for a new Elder God, such trivial things do not interest us at this time."

Siann and Scorpion are both victims of the MKFMA tournaments, sent back to the Netherrealm. However, it is suspected that neither will remain there for long.

Now that Jax and Sonya are found, Rayden decides it is time to once again concentrate on the priorities at hand: turning over law enforcement away from the local police and over to the Federation and enforcing his Shao Kahn challenge. Once the Elder Gods see Jax is innocent, Earth Realm will once again be a powerful force protecting the planet from the evils who attack. And how long have the Elder Gods waited to enforce Rayden’s challenge? He followed the rules, made sure his warriors fought with respect and dignity for the Council, and yet he got nothing in return. Something is certainly wrong, and Rayden intends to find out.

After approaching the Council with new evidence that would set Jax free, Rayden is sent away. Never did he expect Shao Kahn to successfully dissolve the relationship between Earth Realm and the Council. After a lengthy private session during which they are addressed directly by Emperor Shao Kahn, the Council of Elder Gods agrees to hear the case against Major Jackson Briggs. Previously, the Council seemed to clearly indicate that they believed Major Briggs to be innocent.

After a heated trial, the Council of Elder Gods ruled that Major Jackson Briggs of Earth Realm is guilty of the murder of the rogue ninja Ruby. The Council deliberates on the method of execution to be carried out. They then plan to announce the method and proceed with the execution. All Mortal Kombat remains suspended pending the resolution of this issue and the naming of a new Elder God.

The Elder Gods sentence Major Jackson Briggs to death. They decide to give eye-for-eye and kill Jax by crushing because Ruby had been brutally killed by overwhelming physical force. Made of a super reinforced metal alloy, the deadly crushing machine is to pummel the life out of Jax for his alleged murder of Ruby. But Earth Realm fighters Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, and Nightwolf come to his aid and Rayden let his case be known, destroying the deadly machine with a swift and powerful bolt of lightning. Then the Thunder God delivers the real killer to the Federation Council, another ninja disguised exactly like Jax. But once this ninja’s outer shell is penetrated, it is clear Jax was not the killer. For killing Ruby and disgracing the Elder Gods, this ninja suffers immediate death at the hands of the crushing machine. However, the down side is that there is no chance for questioning the ninja who swore allegiance to the Black Dragon. At first, many think the gray-clad ninja’s identity is that of Smoke in human form. However, when Federation officials investigate the temple, they find the severed arm of the ninja, displaying a black-dragon tattoo. But the Lin Kuei automated Smoke several years ago, and because he cannot escape, his human form will forever be a memory. And, if there is some surgical procedure done making it possible for Smoke to become human again, it would leave serious scarred tissue and other unique markings which were not visible on what was left of the gray ninja. Therefore, the ninja killed by the Elder Gods at Jax’s trial is not Smoke, but just another vengeful Black Dragon ninja. Others question whether Smoke might have been doubled by another imposter such as Chameleon. But once again, the severed arm is clearly human and male. If it wasn’t Smoke, others wonder if it could have been Jimmy Cage in disguise? Or that the Black Dragon is starting their own clan of Ninjas As the Council begins investigating the Black Dragon’s involvement in the tournament, the search for Smoke and Jimmy Cage becomes top priority.

With Jax back, Earth Realm’s overall moral and confidence is on the rise. As for the Black Dragon, all Earth Realm is on the lookout for any and all members of this crime organization. And perhaps the most marked member of all could be Jimmy Cage. Fujin volunteers to begin an extensive search to expose the Black Dragon’s secret headquarters which could be anywhere from New York to Hong Kong.

The new member to be inducted into the Council of Elder Gods becomes the focus of the MKFMA. Should the Elder Gods choose an ally, it could mean victory for Earth Realm. Should they choose an enemy, Rayden decides could it mean losing the tournament. Early candidates appear to be Fujin and Omegis.

In a shocking turn of events, the Federation Council has narrowed their choices down to 4 fighters and when picked, will replace Rayden as liaison between the fighters (mostly Earth Realm) and the Elder Gods. Omegis does not truly have a history in the tournament, which raises some questions whether potions are capable of being used on Elder Gods. Kitana seems a good option, having participated in countless tournaments over thousands of years. She is valiant, strong and more than qualified. Unquestionably the biggest surprise of this recent announcement is the nomination of Shao Kahn to the Council. The Elders do not comment on this issue in any way, and strike down all who become too inquisitive. Lastly, Lord Fujin, God of Wind, is next in line as Earth Realm’s protector.

The Thunder God issues an ultimatum to the Council, which has never even been thought of, let alone contemplated. Does Rayden have the power to strong arm the council? Seeing as only two Elder Gods were able to bring down the powerful Shinnok, it could be impossible. If he and the Earth Realm fighters clash with the Council, it would be a mass-suicide. Earth Realm hope they are testing Rayden’s loyalty and fighting spirit. If they are, he would pass with flying colors. But if this is for real, it could be the end of the Federation. Shao Kahn is suspected to be up to something. The final announcement by the Elder Gods is the most important of not only the tournament’s existence, but the existence of Earth Realm’s as well, where destinies are determined, fate plays out, and the motivation of the Elder Gods is determined.

Rayden feels he has no alternative. At first he thought it would be the Thunder God versus the Emperor of Outworld to determine the fate of the world. Now it looks like Earth Realm versus the heavens. With only Liu Kang, Sonya, Jax, Nightwolf, Kitana, Omegis and Fujin to battle the Council, he will need new fighters to embrace the adversity destined to unfold. Although the fighters are powerful, they cannot equal the strength of the Elders. Their strength and advantage is in numbers. Rayden promises he will die defending Earth Realm against Outworld and the Elder Gods if necessary. He sends forth a call to arms and awaits the result of the Council’s decision.

Rayden knows what the council is up to, suspending kombat for their obtuse motives. He wonders if they expect him to sit and stagnate while Earth Realm’s fate is close to being turned over to Outworld. He disperses a handful of his best warriors including Liu Kang, Jax and Tanya into the depths of Outworld on a search and destroy mission. He also sends Nightwolf and Kitana off to find new Earth Realm fighters. If no one will listen to him, including the Elder Gods, Rayden feels it is his duty to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of Earth Realm.

However, some suspect that the Thunder God is going too far, and thus potentially upsetting the delicate balance between the Elder Gods and the Earth Realm fighters. Since Rayden is not able to enter Outworld without losing his powers, this directive is considered by many to be a suicide mission. Rayden becomes unavailable for comment.

As security has been light since the Elder Gods suspended tournament competition and most fighters have stepped off Federation Soil, this gives Outworld more opportunity to wreak havoc. Several ninjas with contradicting allegiances are spotted together on the outskirts of the Federation. Eye-witnesses fail to identify these ninjas, who acrobatically flip out of sight into the darkness in a puff of smoke triggered by a small explosive. Based on small details like “liquidy black movement”, “flashes of red”, and “robotic noises” the culprits could be Noob Saibot, automated Lin Kuei ninjas Cyrax and Smoke, along with Outworld ninja Ermac. This unholy alliance spells nothing but bad news for Earth Realm fighters. Since the Council is unresolved, it is unclear who and how Earth Realm will address these sightings.

The Elder Gods continue to suspend Federation Kombat until a new Council Member is elected. With not enough Federation members voting, it remains uncertain how long the situation will last. The announcement of Shao Kahn as a candidate has sparked much controversy as once loyal servants of the Elders are now filled with doubt. Outworld, however, is against the vote, urging for the decision to be decided by the Elder Gods themselves.

Goro goes after Reptile in Zaterra. The ninja is seen being held by two of Goro’s arms, and being beaten by the other two arms in the middle of Reptile’s cavern. Kiri starts pounding on Goro’s back, distracting him, giving Reptile enough time to spit some acid in the half-dragon’s eyes. Reptile begins to deliver multiple kicks to Goro’s face, bloodying it up, taking advantage of the situation. However, once Goro clears his vision, Reptile wisely blends into the background of his cavern, leaving Goro enraged. He trashes the place, taking out Reptile’s servants, furniture, and everything that is not nailed to the floor. A few minutes later, Goro throws Kiri over his shoulder and steps through his own portal back to Outworld.

In response for Kiri’s kidnapping by Goro, Reptile challenges Goro. Both lead their own people in the tournament: Reptile his raptor warriors in Zaterra, and Goro the Shokan in Outworld. Both seem to be preparing to attack with equal vengeance. Since no official date is been set for kombat to resume, it is unclear when the fight will be scheduled.

Three of Earth Realm’s best fighters have trekked to Outworld on a search and destroy mission: it is believed that the target is Outworld Emperor Shao Kahn. Rayden wants Shao Kahn dead, and aims to do everything in his power to see that Kahn and his realm are destroyed. The Thunder God knows that Kahn will not face him on neutral territory, and so plans to take the fight to him.

Rayden recruits new fighters in Earth Realm, including ones from Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia and Japan. He believes in strength in numbers, and Earth Realm’s numbers are increasing. It is only a matter of time before Earth’s forces are ready. The search for other warriors goes on.

Shao Kahn goes missing in Outworld. A group of 3 masked fighters are found pummeling Kahn’s first in command, Ermac, in Kahn’s chambers as guards rush in and see a glowing figure [Kahn] with a peculiar medallion around his neck, the alleged cause of the luminosity. One of the masked fighters strikes the ground with such power it shakes the foundation of Kahn’s castle, stunning the Outworld guards. When the guards come to and survey the area, no one is in sight except a barely conscious Ermac.

Jax, Nightwolf and Kitana check in with Earth Realm forces. Jax’s signal sends in Morse code from Outworld, as Nightwolf sends word from Hong Kong, and Kitana sends word from Thailand. The latter say their army is growing by the hundreds as they recruit the most fierce fighters Earth Realm has to offer. However the other 3 fighters on Rayden’s “missions”, Liu Kang, Sonya and Tanya have not yet reported as to their location or situation.

Reptile’s first in command contacts MKFMA officials, demanding that his challenge be struck from the files of the Federation. He calls the challenge “hot headed” and “unjust”, insisting it is a trap. The challenge, which stemmed from personal issues involving Kiri, is still pending. However, Earth Realm sources view this backing out of an official documented challenge as not only against the rules, but “cowardly” and “spineless”.

Once receiving word, Jimmy Cage not only offers, but demands to take up Reptile’s challenge. Jimmy, an enigma to the Federation who renounced his friends and his allegiance to Earth Realm vows to do what his older brother did last tournament. It is reported that Cage is now an active member of the Black Dragon Organization.

Out of Earth Realm’s six fighters who are on special missions, three report their progress, while the other three are still missing in action. Jax’s update is deciphered, but his precise whereabouts remains unknown. Apprehension mounts about Liu Kang and Tanya’s current status. According to Rayden, they are supposed to be working very closely with Jax, but he has not seen them for days. In Jax’s message, he uses a code word meaning “successfully completing step 2.”

It is also rumored that Earth Realm is working with an Outworld fighter who has switched allegiance. However, a double-cross is not out of the question, in that Outworld is huge and excessively evil in all senses.

Rayden reports much success in finding new warriors, enough for him to contact construction companies regarding the expansion of the Earth Realm’s training grounds. However the lack of communication with Sonya worries many in Earth Realm forces.

Far from being missing, Outworld sources report that Kahn, tired of the dark, unsettling atmosphere of Outworld, has traveled to another realm for a change of atmosphere. They also warn that if any Earth Realm fighters are caught in Outworld, they will be killed on the spot. And if there are any traitors uncovered among Outworld’s own, they will soon be on their way to Netherealm to suffer an eternity of pain amidst the hellfire and brimstone.

Kahn gives a similar order to his Shadow Priests. But this mission has nothing to do with kidnapping, and nothing to do with hostages. It has to do with death, killing and murder. Regarding Earth Realm fighters, Outworld does not plan on kidnapping anyone, they plan on killing everyone.

Mortal Kombat remains suspended, with no face-to-face conflict. The Elder Gods offer no further news, while covert operations on both sides continue. However, Jimmy Cage steps in to take on Goro! How much more motivation does Goro need than taking out the brother of the man who defeated him and threw him off a bottomless cliff?

Ermac, being quickly healed by the aid of Kahn’s Shadow Priests, acknowledges the rumor that there are multiple traitors among the Outworld ninjas. He is proof that a handful of ninjas did in fact enter Kahn’s castle and pummel his superior fighting skills. To get past the castle’s impenetrable security, there must have been a turncoat. However, he denies the fact that Kahn is missing, supporting the story of the Emperor off in a distant realm awaiting the Elder Gods’ decision. A 5,000 Atman bounty is offered if any Federation members successfully discover and report the culprits.

Sonya reports from Tokyo, Japan, with much success in recruiting new fighters for Earth Realm. According to Rayden, she marched into the gyms of all the elite fighting circuits around which feature such disciplines as Jujitsu, Kickboxing and Shoot Fighting. Sonya was confident enough to challenge each school in kombat: if she defeats the school’s best fighter, then all its pupils will join her in the Federation. Sonya’s superior skills won her every fight, but she did not go without many bumps and bruises.

Jax also reports in, having set foot in the Himalayas where he stays with Fujin. But this draws much suspicion, for every fighter to report have been recruiting fighters. Jax travels to a most secluded area of the world, not looking for anyone. There is no word from Liu Kang and Tanya.

The vote results have Outworld Emperor Shao Kahn ahead of the God of Wind Fujin by one half percent. This surprising report leaves much speculation on who is voting and how Kahn is catching up. Still missing from his throne, Outworld General Motaro reports that Kahn is still in a distant realm waiting for the outcome of the Elder Gods’ decision. This contradicts Rayden’s public scheme to kidnap the Emperor, but without the Thunder God’s official word saying that he in fact has Kahn in his custody.

Ermac is almost back to 100%, he takes precedent while Kahn is away. After several hours of negotiating, Quan Chi leaves Kahn’s castle, now working for Outworld. Ermac calls on the black arts sorcerer with only one simple task: to take care of Earth Realm’s protector. Although the details of this agreement are not entirely disclosed, it has something to do with custody of Rayden’s soul once the job is done. And for such a big task, Quan Chi could indeed call on the aid of a certain undead assassin waiting in Netherealm to be brought back. Sora is Hades knows where, while Mika stays loyal to her master.

The fight layoff could possibly been too long for even old flames to survive. Kreeyan Queen Vorpax and demon sorcerer Shang Tsung are seen in a love-hate relationship. Over the years these two have accumulated more double-crosses then even Sub-Zero and Scorpion. One minute they might be laughing and cuddling, the next minute they could be screaming at the top of their lungs, challenging each other to kombat. Of course since Kahn is just hours away from passing Fujin in the poll, Vorpax might want to officially join Outworld to guarantee keeping her life.

On the steps of the Federation arena, a rock statue is found almost totally shattered, with the bigger chunks resembling the features of Rayden. It looks like the work of the Black Arts, but many ask if this really could be Rayden? It is almost impossible to be certain whose body it truly was. However, the measurements resemble those of Rayden. To make matters worse, the only thing intact at the scene of the crime is Rayden’s hat, an authentic, one-of-a-kind belonging to the Thunder God.

The only sorcerer strong enough to conjure this sort of transformation is allegedly Quan Chi who has not been seen recently. Rayden’s quarters are checked, the Federation soil combed and numerous distress signals are sent over the airwaves. However, nothing turns up and no communication with any of the Earth Realm fighters is established. Only a teary-eyed Omegis is able to be reached, and she denies any hint of trouble saying only that Rayden is away mediating.

There are four main suspects now, which will be, or rather “should be” approached by the Federation Council. Earth Realm forces believe they are Quan Chi, Shang Tsung, Ermac, and Omegis. All four possess mystical powers of conjuring and magic, and all have motives. It is a job for the Council to take up, but Earth Realm forces do not feel that they can rely on them. Feelings become mixed among the members as to what to do.

Outworld entities take the view that the team of Shang Tsung and Vorpax was able to drain Rayden of his life force by sucking his soul, while the Kreeyan Queen kept him at bay. They are the only likely candidates in their eyes, for Quan Chi is traveling without his assassins, and Ermac is still recuperating. However, Omegis is the wildcard in this prediction.

In what was a convincing hoax, all sides were all led to believe that Rayden was killed at the hands of a powerful sorcerer. Contrary to the evidence, Rayden was not killed by Quan Chi, or Shang Tsung and Vorpax. In fact, he is very much alive and currently on his way back from the Himalayas. The false clues, like the broken stone statue of the Thunder God, were planted by Outworld’s Shadow Priests in order to cause panic in Earth Realm. There is someone inside Earth Realm helping Outworld. In order to get one of Rayden’s unique, personalized oriental hats, someone working for the other side must be very close to him.

Lord Rayden’s business in the Himalayas relates to the unexplained kidnapping of Shao Kahn. Rushing into private meetings with Fujin and Jax, Rayden declines comment about his trek until, quote: “The time is right.” Kahn’s generals and servants continue to swear he is taking over a distant realm, while Rayden hints that Jax, Liu and Tanya have kidnapped him.

Earth Realm members finally contact Sonya via radio transmission, and scribe her answers:

“It’s going very well, I’ve traveled recently through Tokyo and Osaka, which has been quite an enlightening experience. However, I didn’t get to do the site-seeing I wanted to because of the intensity of the situation. Most of my time is spent chasing the Black Dragon through these eastern countries, and I seldom get a chance to really kick back.“

“(laughs)…That’s a good question. So many of each…uh…I’ve gotten into about 6 major brawls since I’ve been here. Four have been challenges to leaders of respected dojos and champions of underground fighting circles. They gave me a few bumps and bruises, but they had no idea what they were in for. I guess after fighting automated assassins, sorcerers and Outworld ninjas, everything else is a piece of cake. But seriously, the fighters I faced were extremely skilled, and once they get to learn from Rayden, Liu and the princess, they will be ready for Mortal Kombat. I’d say we have around 200 traveling with me right now!”

“Well, while I was traveling through the city of Kobe in Japan, I was approached by 2 tough-looking gentlemen who had a thing for blonde American women. Let’s just say they didn’t get my number, although they did get more action than they bargained for!”

“I only have one problem with the whole Council Member thing. Why the hell was Rayden fired? He’s indirectly responsible for saving our realm how many times? For centuries he’s been a leader, teacher and father-figure to all Earth fighters. And now I can say he’s a great friend as well. But with everything that’s happened so far in the Federation, including the whole Jax trial, I just wish we could get back to fighting so we can kick Outworlds’ butts!”

“Sorry, but I won’t confirm nor deny that kind of statement. Any last questions?”

“To win the tournament we have to actually fight, but we haven’t been. So after the Elder Gods decide to pick things up, I’d say the key is believing in ourselves. We know we’re the best, and the cool thing about Mortal Kombat is that every fighter has the potential to win the tournament and change his or her own destiny. The fame and glory isn’t bad either.”

As of March 27, Shao Kahn takes the lead away from Lord Fujin by 1 vote. For several weeks Fujin has been comfortably ahead, however this week Kahn pulls through. With a lead change like this, ballot tampering is suspected, but is unlikely. Anticipating ulterior motives from the enigmatic Elder Gods, Kahn’s lead could end suspension of kombat and bring forth a turn of events that could potentially change not only the future of Mortal Kombat, but the fate of Earth Realm. No news on when kombat will resume.

In a totally surprising chain of events, Princess Kitana is in the process of bringing arguably the most deadly fighter of the tournament over to Earth Realm, Sub-Zero. Residing deep on the snow-peaked mountaintops surrounding the Southern China and India border, under advisement from Rayden, Kitana travelled only a hundred miles from Fujin’s land to meet the ice-ninja. However, details are sparse. Convincingly beating Liu Kang, Sonya and Siann thus far in competition, he would be a vital addition to Earth Realm.

Fully enveloped in their “love-hate” relationship, the deadly duo of sorcerer Shang Tsung and Kreeyan Queen Vorpax take over Shao Kahn’s Outworld castle. Tsung, who stormed the turret with a couple dozen Shadow Priests forced his way past Ermac demanding Kahn’s throne while he is away. As Kahn’s head demon sorcerer, he has uncontested power to claim control of Outworld, but how long will it be until General Motaro and Prince Goro try? Only now there are two thrones, and while Kahn is either away under his own power or kidnapped, he is still no where to be found and has not taken action with this issue.

For several weeks, tournament champion Liu Kang and exotic Edenian warrior Tanya have been missing. Many speculate as to their possible whereabouts, which could at any number of places, in any number of realms. They were last scene on Federation grounds, 24 hours before Rayden secretly dispatched them to Outworld. Because Rayden has not started an “official” search party for the pair, there is no reason to believe they are in any danger. The Thunder God would waste no time in combing the Universe for his best fighter if he felt that he was truly in danger.

Sub-Zero has just as many enemies as people who respect his skills in the Federation. His previous encounters with Earth Realm fighters demand respect, but also might inspire hatred. The Ice-Ninja severely injured Liu Kang’s knee, wounded Sonya Blade, and made enemies with Jax. That is not counting all the lives he has taken before MKFOMA. Truly necessity makes for some strange bedfellows, as this cold-blooded killer hides in seclusion triggered by a bounty on his head. If he joins Earth Realm, Rayden will arrange that Sub-Zero’s protection be guaranteed, while Rayden would make one of Earth Realm’s biggest enemies into their most important ally.

Outworld forces think that their emperor is days away from taking his place among the Federation Council. Fatalities, terror and takeovers would then be recognized as an art form, rather then an evil act. The first thing Shao Kahn is rumored to do once he is elected is to set several matches in motion, including Sonya versus Jax, Liu Kang versus Kitana, Jimmy Cage versus Nightwolf, and Rayden versus Omegis. This would be truly entertaining for all, killing 2 Earth Realm fighters with one stone. He would also like to see Sub-Zero and Scorpion go at it again, as this is an epic rivalry. Among the other changes Kahn is willing to make include getting rid of the tap out, the draw, thus requiring each match to end in a fatality. He would also reward winners with women for men victors, and subservient men for women victors.

Why haven’t Liu Kang and Tanya turned up for so long? Some think it’s because they are getting it on! Liu has a soft spot for Edenian women of power, as Kitana is a princess and Tanya is the daughter of Edenia’s ambassador. The two are uncontrollably attracted to each other, while Liu is still only human and has needs. Kitana has a reputation of being a cold fish, while Tanya has…well lets just say Tanya takes care of her men. Some do not expect these two to surface anytime soon, for they are enjoying each other’s company too much to worry about some suspended tournament.

But while Liu is gone, Kitana has paid Sub-Zero a visit. Lin Kuei spies have reported the princess staying the whole night in Sub-Zero’s ice pagoda, so long that Sub-Zero left and brought back food for the pair. He hunted down a wild bear while Kitana prepared their feast. Now does this not look like the making of a fantastic relationship? Sub-Zero’s so happy someone is not trying to kill him for once, and actually cares about him. Earth Realm members think Kitana is in it for the thrill: intimacy with a rogue warrior that has never cared for another. These two make a nice couple.

It doesn’t surprise Rayden that Shao Kahn’s servants and underlings have already started squabbling for his throne and possessions. It just shows that no one ever really gave a damn about the black-hearted emperor. And while Outworld’s chain of command starts to fall to pieces, the Tunder God orchestrates the recruiting of over 1,000 fighters to enroll in the Federation once kombat resumes. However, given Outworld’s current situation – on the verge of anarchy and chaos, and given Earth Realm’s situation – the strongest Earth’s forces have ever been, who says they are going to wait for kombat to resume?

Rayden also says it is true about Sub-Zero: he asked Kitana to speak with the masked ninja. He knew Kitana would be the perfect person to talk to him, for Sub-Zero did always treat the princess with the utmost respect. His only concern is that when Liu Kang surfaces, he might feel threatened by the ice-ninja. But highly unlikely, for Liu is now a seasoned warrior, and patient champion. Rayden thinks he will welcome Sub-Zero with open arms, if and when he commits to Earth Realm.

When Kitana approaches Sub-Zero in peace to ask if the ice-ninja would consider joining Earth Realm, she leads the Lin Kuei ninja clan right to his hideout. They attack with a dozen ninjas all bearing sharp steel, and a savage fight ensues turning the ground red. The pair manage to thwart the attack with an amazing display of martial arts, seriously wounding several of the assailants. Reportedly travelling to higher ground, Sub-Zero’s expertise of the area allows them to lose his vengeful clan for the time being. Rayden and Jax make their way to survey the scene. Whether the fact that Kitana led the Lin Kuei to Sub-Zero or was followed remains unclear.

Arriving on the outskirts of Federation soil, Liu Kang carries Tanya, seriously wounded, back to the Federation medical center. Reports indicate deep bruises on Tanya’s ribs, as well as lacerations on her arms and face. However she is conscious and spirited as Liu, in better shape but still baring bruises, hands her over to a team of medics. The Mortal Kombat champion remains by her bedside, even though a MKFOMA representative tells Liu Kang that Kitana had been attacked. He has no immediate plans to travel to Fujin’s land in Asia.

In what is believed to be payback for verbal slandering, Quan Chi and assassin Mika attack Rayden when he arrives on Federation grounds to check on Liu Kang and Tanya. Outside the medical center, Rayden is confronted by who appears to be a monk from the Temple of the Order of Light. When the monk asked to see Liu Kang, Rayden leads the way, but the monk morphs into Quan Chi. The sorcerer ambushes the Thunder God with a barrage of lethal, green flaming skulls from behind. Rayden attempts to teleport out of harm’s way, but is still wounded.

When a battered Liu Kang races out to defend his master, Mika springs downwards and surprises the chosen one with a mallet to the back. When Rayden reappears, Quan Chi attacks with a deadly fury of combinations, motivated to prove his point. Mika continues to strike a dazed Liu Kang, who is only partially blocking each powerful mallet strike. Quan Chi presses Rayden back, then finishes his exhibition with an uppercut that sends Rayden to the ground. Conjuring up all his power for a final flaming skull attack, he is kicked in the back by Siann. Quan Chi is startled to say the least, as he quickly directs the flaming skull to his backstabbing assassin. Siann barely maneuveres out of harms way, wounded by the tail of the projectile. At the same time Sora, also making a surprising appearance takes out Mika with a deadly aerial kick. This distraction gives Rayden enough time to direct his focus back to Quan Chi. His eyes light up with electricity, as he directs several bolts of lightning at Quan Chi. The sorcerer dodges the first few, then is thrown back by a pair of devastating bolts. Quan Chi grabs Mika and vanishes through a portal before Rayden can finish him, leaving the Thunder God to question Sora, along with Siann, who immediately finds herself at Liu’s side.

Liu Kang is in bad shape, but will eventually heal. Earth Realm fighters ask if this could be two more fighters converted to their cause? Although they are still puzzled as to how Siann was brought back, Rayden is currently getting to the bottom of things. With incidents like this, they are left to wonder if the Council will ever get involved.

After an impressive display of not only martial arts, but of strong wills, former assassins Siann and Sora publicly crossed the line and outright went against their former master, Quan Chi. Aiding Liu Kang and buying Rayden some time, the pair of gorgeous fighters stuck it to Mika and Quan Chi in front of Rayden’s very own eyes. They have obviously gone to a point of no return with the Black Arts Sorcerer, and are marked women. That is why Rayden gives his blessing and reserved a spot for both women on Earth Realm’s team of fighters. If he does not do this, they will surely be dead by morning, and they would make better allies then enemies. But Rayden does not commit his trust in these two right away: they must earn it like everyone else. He sends them for cleansing at Fujin’s temple. They will of course be blindfolded on the way, but when they arrive they will search their tormented souls and truly find out what intentions they have. You cannot lie to a God.

Earth Realm has stood by Rayden many times in the past, and even though they didn’t agree with him, they supported him. But not this time. The evidence is overwhelming, so overwhelming all can see. Siann and Sora have never, ever had a kind or caring thought in their whole undead lives. Quan Chi “set up” this whole situation where Rayden and Liu had to be saved, and there’s no way Rayden could miss it. Who resurrected Siann? Where did Sora go during her absence? Standing by someone’s bedside does not necessarily require feelings, but motivation…absolutely. Siann allegedly has “feelings” for Liu Kang. The Earth Realm fighters see them as feelings of deception and ulterior motives. They think they are onto Quan Chi’s crooked plan, and will not stop until everyone is onto it as well.

After a few days in the Federation medical ward with Tanya, Liu Kang, at almost full power sets off to check on Princess Kitana. The only reason he hasn’t left earlier was because of his injuries. When a reporter informs him that Kitana is in fact still with Sub-Zero, the current Mortal Kombat champion starts to curl his lip in anger, immediately walking away. The Princess still hasn’t returned to Fujin’s temple, but stays in the company of Sub-Zero. There is much speculation on why Kitana is still sticking around: she has connected with the fighter and still tries to bring him over to fight for Earth Realm, they are still hiding out in anticipation of another attack, or they remain together on their own free will.

After the Lin Kuei attack on Kitana and Sub-Zero, the 2 move north, deeper into the thick of mountain brush and snow, out of harm’s way. Although much is speculated, it is believed it was Sub-Zero’s idea to migrate into the camouflage of the mountain, rather then travelling to Fujin and the Earth Realm fighters nearby. Sources predict the hunted ninja doesn’t want to bring heat on the Earth Realm warriors, and also refuses any help from them to boot. Under extremely frigid conditions, it won’t be long until Earth Realm fighters begin to search for Kitana. Her exact location is unclear, as no one knows what the pair of fighters are doing. No word on how long they will be together, or how they will survive, but if they are in the cold, who better then Sub-Zero to look after the princess. It is the least he can do for exposing her to an attack and harsh conditions when she was only planning on briefly talking to Sub-Zero.

Up in a deep cavern, Kitana and Sub-Zero are sitting close to each other in front of a burning fire when Liu Kang stepps into their glance. After a few choice words on each side, Liu Kang rushes Sub-Zero, but Kitana steps in front, defending the ninja. This only infuriates Liu even more, for he was given the impression that Kitana had grown too close to Sub-Zero, so he let loose with a blurring combination of punches and kicks, hitting him and Kitana in the raging attack.

The fight is back and forth. Flipping, kicking, countering, ice, fire, blood … an fireball meeting ice, sending an explosion and debris flying everywhere. Sub-Zero finally stands over Liu Kang, cradling a powerful ice-ball. But Kitana steps in front of him, preventing Sub-Zero from making his move. Then, in a flash, Liu Kang springs over her and delivers a devastating kick to Sub-Zero’s jaw. Blood is everywhere. Kitana jumps n Liu to stop him, but he throws her against the wall. Her back hit with such force, she is knocked unconscious. He looked back to Sub-Zero, but all he saw was a trail of blood leading out into the snow. Snapping out of his insane state, Liu realizes what he had done, caresses Kitana’s face and lifts her into his arms heading for the snow.

Rayden never foresaw this explosion of rage, which the defending champion suffered at the hands of jealousy. This is the worst time to have clouded thoughts, for their enemy is fighting amongst themselves, intoxicated on power. Rayden sees to it that Liu stays with him personally to train at Fujin’s temple. As for Kitana, even Rayden don’t know whether she will forgive Liu for his actions. She was trying to make one of our strongest enemies into one of our strongest allies. There is no honor in jealousy.

Liu Kang and Princess Kitana break their threads of relation to, “focus on training the other fighters”. It is only a week ago when Liu Kang and rogue ninja Sub-Zero engaged in nearly fatal kombat, causing Liu to strike and injure Kitana. The masked ninja was last seen slipping away into the depths of the snow-capped mountains.

According to the Federation Wire, it appears that Sub-Zero once again had the upper hand in the confrontation with Liu Kang. The way they reported their information, it seems that if Kitana never stopped the blue-clad ninja, he could have killed him. Because of this fight, and the injury suffered by Princess Kitana, Rayden will see to it that our “chosen one” will keep a cool head until this ridiculous postponement is over. Kitana was just trying to better Earth Realm’s team, as she told sources absolutely nothing went on between the pair. However gifted Sub-Zero may be, Earth Realm fighters do not think being as lonely as he’s always been, or anyone for that matter could spend a week alone with the Princess and not build some sort of feelings toward her. Rumors are surfacing that Kitana is refusing to see Liu, as he has already tried expressing his deepest regret. Sub-Zero has not been seen since, but he may remain close by. Liu has given him not only a reason not to join Earth Realm, but also a reason to attack. It has also been rumored that Siann and Sora are making themselves useful for now by comforting Liu at this time. They have already expressed their fondness towards Liu.

In the spirit of forgiveness, following his ancestors’ beliefs, Nightwolf, against Rayden’s wishes attempts to reconcile one last time with the converted Black Dragon fighter Jimmy Cage. He sends word to the Black Dragon via an Earth Realm Report messenger, making this visit somewhat official, asking Cage to meet him on Federation grounds to meet under a flag of truce. But he arrives with several members of the Black Dragon, armed to the teeth. After only a few seconds of pleading by Nightwolf, telling the young fighter that he still believes there is good in him, Cage violently strikes him in the face. The clan begin to assault Nightwolf from all angles, as he is only able to cover up and take a very aggressive beating. After less then a minute, Cage calls off the Black Dragon guards and gives some choice words to Nightwolf, telling him never to contact Jimmy ever again, or the outcome would be unforgiving. Nightwolf is left badly wounded, unable to even stand. Later when Sonya and Jax receive word of this attack, they vowed to get even with their life-long enemies.

As Earth Realm has recruited so many new fighters, since Sonya and Jax are deep into their Black Dragon investigation involving one Jimmy Cage, the pressure of training these fighters falls on the former couple with the most tournament experience. However, now that Liu Kang is “single”, it has triggered the aggressive pursuit of former Quan Chi assassin Siann. Scouts speculate that they have already engaged in sexual relations in Kitana’s absence.

Rayden clears up some of the confusion of the previous few days. Just as he suspected, Outworld would rather fight with themselves. But so does Earth Realm, however not as severe. As it is already old news, Liu Kang and Kitana have split up. This might serve as a positive for Earth Realm, since they both tell Rayden they will be all about business. Kitana broke up with Liu. Now Siann has expressed her feelings of genuine care towards the “chosen one”, but there are false reports them as “intimate”. Obviously Outworld scouts are not as reliable as they may seem. Siann and Sora are not even on the same continent as Liu, Rayden reveals. No word as to the whereabouts of one Sub-Zero. As for Outworld, this is the time they are most vulnerable. Backs turned, fighting their own battle, loyalty upside-down. Earth Realm could end this right now, as the tournament is only technically a safety net for humans. If they chose to attack, they could eliminate 90% of their enemies, as defeating the other 10% would be hardly tedious.

Back at Fujin’s temple, , while helping to aid the training of new fighters, is seen mixing it up with assassin Siann. The altercation starts during a training session led by Liu Kang. When Lord Fujin calls him away for a moment, Liu feels comfortable letting Siann lead the fighters in this particular training session. However, when she takes over, Omegis interrupts, demanding she lead. While in front of nearly 100 fighters, Siann defends her integrity and refuses to be muscled to the side. After all, even though for most of her existence she used her martial arts for evil, she still has amazing skills.

After some choice words between the pair, Omegis takes a swing, as Siann counteres with a flurry of sharp punches and kicks. After only blocking some of her strikes, a dazed Omegis lets loose tossing a potion at her feet that freezes the deadly beauty for just enough time to let Omegis get in a powerful kick to the face. On her back, Siann is struck repeatedly by Omegis, until she turns the tables and throws her off. Now Siann is dishing out the punishment, in front of many new fighters who look on in awe. A small, controlled lightning rod throws the 2 apart, both bloody from the fight. Rayden, with Liu standing by, calls both of them into his private quarters. He then addresses the students that this is not customary of the way things work here, and that for not taking precedent and having enough sense to stop the fight before it got ugly, Rayden issues all of them endurance “sparring” rounds for the rest of the day, against Liu Kang, Fujin, and himself.

Just days ago Nightwolf tried to reconcile with former protégé Jimmy Cage. However, his good intention brought upon dreadful results when Cage and his corrupt clan assaulted the Native American to the point of hospitalization. Refusing to let the Black Dragon do as they please, especially on Federation grounds, Sonya and Jax gear up against Rayden’s wishes and start devising a plan to get even with Cage. After shadowing an underling of the clan, Sonya and Jax take a dozen newly recruited fighters with them, and infiltrate one of their known places of business: a strip club.

In full Special Forces gear, armed to the teeth, they enter through the front door. Witnesses say when 2 huge bouncers cut off Sonya and Jax, the urban powerhouse takes both out with a quick attack. Proceeding past the dancers and spectators, Jax proceeds to knock the door to the back room off its hinges. Sonya freezes everyone in the room with her automatic shotgun, while her backup filters in to surround the table Johnny and a few made men of the Black Dragon occupy. As they reach for their guns and blades, Jax shreds it to pieces with a devastating ground smash. As the clan of martial arts gangsters freeze, Sonya grabs Jimmy by the collar and throws him to the ground. On top of him, she gives the former Earth Realmer an ultimatum: “Either you’re with us, or against us.”

Jimmy then lets out a healthy laugh, and spits in her face. Sonya, after a subtle smirk, begins to throw unyielding strikes to Jimmy’s face. The Black Dragon members attack, and the Earth Realm fighters are given their first true test: live kombat. The fight only lasts somewhere around 30 seconds, as Sonya demanded no shots be fired. She pounds on Jimmy, and Jax is on clean up. Earth Realm’s new fighters dominate the other Black Dragon members, until reinforcements arrive, outnumbering Sonya and Jax’s team. Guns are again drawn as it turns into a standoff, with the high-ranking Jarek patting a huge blade on his palm. He tells the Special Forces Lieutenant she won’t get out of his establishment alive, until he suddenly grows silent when Sonya takes Jimmy hostage. With guns still drawn, Sonya, Jax and their team, with Cage as a shield, back their way out of the rear exit, and leave quietly.

Back on Federation grounds, the Special Forces pair keep Jimmy for questioning. They plan to milk him for any information they can, and make Jimmy apologize to Nightwolf, and beg for forgiveness. No one knows how long these two will keep Cage, but when Rayden gets word of this, it might not be long.

With Jimmy Cage still in custody, Sonya goes back to her roots of upholding the law by trying to cut a deal with the turncoat. She wants all the names, addresses, everything that has to do with the Black Dragon, or she is turning him into the authorities. If he complies, she will let him go with no strings attached. Sonya balances her soothing thoughts of Jimmy’s brother and the chance to bring down the whole Black Dragon well by no longer harming, or arresting Jimmy, but trying to arrange that he be let off if he complies. No word on when they will crack Cage, but Sonya and Jax should be ready for a Black Dragon surprise attack.

Jimmy Cage is currently undergoing intense interrogation at the hands of Sonya Blade. After over 60 hours without food, water or sleep, Cage allegedly maked many references that former Black Dragon leader Kano is still alive and hiding underground. Not only that, but Jimmy also brings up another high ranking Black Dragon member Jarek allegedly in cohorts with both Outworld and the Lin Kuei. Regarding these statements, Sonya is unsure whether Jimmy is saying these things just to give Special Forces the information they “want to hear”, or whether this is really true.

The Black Dragon turncoat also gives several other leads before mentioning these two powerful and corrupt leaders. Sonya is scheduled to continue with her questioning for another 24 hours, while Jax has already taken his unit of Special Forces agents to act on some of Cage’s statements.

As Sonya is not convinced Jimmy is telling the truth, she hooks him up to an ultra sensitive lie detector. Upon the results of the test, Jimmy Cage’s statement about Kano is the truth. To be sure, Sonya makes him take the test again, and again it comes up positive. Sonya proceedes to throw Cage off his feet, jamming her knee in his throat. She begins to degrade the turncoat with memories of his brother Johnny, how he has the audacity to “tarnish his name” and “let him and Earth Realm down”, along with a plethora of other very crude, insulting and belittling comments. After several minutes of this, Jimmy’s eyes start to swell up with tears, causing Sonya to get up and storm out of the room, leaving Jimmy gagging and crying.

Jax and several Special Forces agents finish their seizure of all reported suspects and covert operations of the Black Dragon given by Jimmy Cage As Sonya is a very strong willed individual, she refuses to comment regarding her current plans, which do not involve the tournament. She is going back to her roots of tracking down the true Black Dragon leader…Kano.

As she has been such a crucial part of Earth Realm’s success thus far, Lieutenant Sonya Blade officially hands in her resignation to Rayden, and to Federation officials. She hops a plane to Hong Kong, where turncoat Jimmy Cage allegedly swore he is located. Six years have come and gone since Sonya squared off against the Black Dragon leader, killing the fighter in kombat with a devastating leg grab. But if he is still alive, her partner’s murder was never avenged, thus justifying this extremely valiant code of kombat. She will return upon completion of avenging her murdered partner. There is no truth supporting the alleged whereabouts of Kano, only speculation and Jimmy Cage’s word.

Ermac reports that as proof he means business in relentlessly tracking down the Outworld traitor, he is starting to question all suspects. He believes their #1 suspect is former companion of Kitana’s, Outworld ninja Rain. Without an airtight alibi, Shang Tsung has instructed Kahn’s Shadow Priests to find out if Rain is lying by any means necessary. Although no details were given, this process will undoubtedly include deadly amounts of torture and demon sorcery. They will continue to scour the vanquished realm until he is found.

As it wasn’t bad enough Ermac is looking for the fallen ninja Rain, he now accuses two loyal Outworld femme fatales of aiding Earth Realm. Jade and Mileena, quietly training in the absence of their emperor and the suspension of kombat, are summoned to Kahn’s castle to be questioned by Ermac. Mileena put her life on the line many times for Shao Kahn. And Jade certainly “paid her dues” to him in more ways than were made public. But Ermac’s main reason to question the pair of fighters is their seemingly shadowy participation in the Federation. He thinks they’ve been too “quiet” throughout the recent chain of events, as he feels he needs to once again question their loyalty. Jade and Mileena are currently undergoing brutal examination by the Shadow Priests, while Ermac supervises the carnage of questioning.

With the absence of their emperor, Outworld ninja Mileena and assassin Jade have apparently had enough. If it isn’t bad enough they have been accused of being traitors to someone they have loyally put their lives on the line for, but by a mere general who has made passes on both. And given Mileena’s appearance, it is not saying much for Ermac. Maybe he tries to tarnish their images because of this lack of affection. Be it as it may, Jade and Mileena will put up with no more. Choosing not to stand against Ermac, these two powerful women plan to trek to the distant realm Kahn is rumored to be overthrowing. Whether they make it there is one thing. Whether Kahn is actually there is another.

Getting nothing out of Mileena and Jade, two of the Emperor’s most loyal female fighters, Ermac continues his personal mission by approaching Shang Tsung, who sits comfortably on Shao Kahn’s throne, to find Rain. With Vorpax by his side, Shang is reluctant at first, sparking a fiery argument almost coming to blows. But Ermac convinces the sorcerer that it was his duty to help Outworld find the traitor. Because Rain has been missing since he was hit in the face by one of Quan Chi’s flaming skulls, Ermac feels he must not only make sure Rain isn’t the traitor, but to also find out if Rain has any information who the traitor might be. Finally agreeing to on his terms, Shang Tsung, with Vorpax by his side, start to prepare for a trip to the Netherealm. Through demon sorcery, Shang will attempt to locate Rain’s soul and pinpoint his location. If Rain has in fact been annihilated, Shang promises Ermac he will resurrect him. The red-clad Outworld General feels this is the only way to get to the bottom of this issue.

Ermac somehow manages to talk the very underhanded demon sorcerer into resurrecting Rain in the Netherealm. With Vorpax at his side, Shang Tsung travels to the one place that is equivalent to hell. Where all cursed, tortured souls rest for an eternity of pain. Ermac and Shang were never the best of friends, so either Ermac is a little too possessed to find his traitor, or Shang is a little too “compensated” by Vorpax. Some say that one wrong step, one false move, one faulty turn could land Shang Tsung there for life.

It looks as if Shang Tsung has surrounded himself with some pretty impressive additions to his team. Reptile and Kiri, aside from being magnificent fighters already have the realm of Zaterra backing them up, while Cyrax and Smoke are two of the most deadly assassins associated with the tournament. The previous beef between Reptile and Goro could come into play as the Dragon Prince does not take orders too well when there’s a personal vendetta at hand. Things could heat up between the two very soon, so the sexy trouble maker Kiri should take it easy and stop sleeping with every fighter she sees.

In what started to be a mission dispatched by Ermac to resurrect Rain in order to get to the bottom of who the suspected traitor in Outworld, has ended up becoming a revolution. Once Rain is resurrected, Shang Tsung is to deliver him to Ermac, as the purple-clad ninja would undergo rigorous questioning and torment. However, it is not Rain who Shang Tsung resurrects, but the rogue ninja Scorpion. Along with Vorpax, Shang Tsung and an army of loyal Outworld warriors, the newly incarnated and invigorated Scorpion storms Kahn’s Outworld castle, overpowering Ermac and his guards for ultimate power.

There is a huge, grand-scale revolution that brought the Centaurian general Motaro defending Ermac’s cause to blows with Shang Tsung’s would-be second in command Goro. This match up shook the very foundation of Outworld. Scorpion and Vorpax handle Ermac’s guards, leaving the two face to face for kombat. In Kahn’s throne room, a show of brilliant martial arts is about to take place. Shang Tsung blasts deadly fireballs while Ermac used his magical powers to dispense razor sharp blades of energy. The castle is torn apart. Goro and Motaro still fight on in a desolate area on the side of the castle.

The shit hits the fan. Shang Tsung double-crosses all, having brought back Scorpion, and with his Kreeyan queen and ally Dragon Prince, he seizes the castle. His battle with Ermac is epic, as the smoke still hasn’t completely cleared from this uprising. Goro and Motaro have not been seen in days, for their fight could still be going on somewhere in Outworld. It’s huge, made up of many different vanquished realms, so tracking these two down could be a big waste of time. There is an eerie stench in the air, one of uncertainty. Shang Tsung almost completely takes over the castle, after taking over Kahn’s throne. Controlling the Shadow Priests, he beats the hell out of all who were loyal to Ermac. Now Scorpion, Vorpax and Shang Tsung wait outside Kahn’s main chamber, where Ermac, with Noob Saibot and Hikata, use their powers to keep them out for as long as he can. But it won’t be long until the Shadow Priests overpower Ermac. After this, another rumble with take place between the last of the Emperor’s loyal ninjas.

Shang Tsung, along with his Shadow Priests almost break through Kahn’s chamber doors. On the other side, Ermac struggles with loyal servants Noob Saibot and Hikata to keep them out using magic and brute strength. It is been reported that Dragon Prince Goro, brutally injured, has slain one of Shao Kahn’s strongest generals, Motaro. Witnesses report the bohemith holding a set of hooves in 2 hands, along with 2 severed arms in the others. Once he regains his strength, Goro will easily break down Kahn’s chamber doors. And now with the aid of freshly resurrected Scorpion and Kreeyan Queen Vorpax, Shang Tsung is visibly in control. But the most interesting facet of information no one has remains the most important: Where is Outworld’s Emperor?

As Ermac, Noob Saibot and Hikata’s time is running out, Motaro’s has been cut short indefinitely. Arms cut, legs cut, tail cut. Now, his killer, 8ft., 4-armed Goro will be aiding in bringing down the door in between Ermac and Shang Tsung. Although Goro and Motaro are not enemies, the Shokan and Centaurians have been feuding for centuries. And now that Goro has taken Motaro out of the picture, Shang Tsung’s takeover is inevitable. It should only be hours until Shang reaches Ermac. The demon sorcerer will offer Ermac to join them. However, if Ermac, Noob Saibot and Hikata refuse, they will surly perish. Shang Tsung and his newly recruited minions have covered vast areas of Outworld, and are gathering each and every one of Kahn’s personal guards and generals to make them swear loyalty to him. If this keeps up, Outworld could have a new Emperor.

As it was predicted, it does not take Goro long to pulverize the reinforced, now “magical” door between Shang Tsung, Vorpax, Scorpion and the other trio of Ermac, Noob Saibot and Hikata. A few pounds by the Dragon Prince send the 2 iron blocks reeling, but when Shang Tsung charges in with his Shadow Priests, the room is “empty”. Ermac, along with Noob Saibot have mystical powers of teleporting, while Hikata has a multitude of powers yet to be seen. Shang Tsung, disgusted, sends out his team of Vorpax, Scorpion, Goro, his Shadow Priests, and now new allies Reptile and Kiri to scour the lands of Outworld in search of the trio of defectors. Sources say since Kahn still has free reign over Zaterra, Reptile and Kiri will exchange their services to aid in the Outworld takeover, for total freedom from Kahn.

As their numbers grow, Shang Tsung reportedly claims land as he crosses it while he searches for Ermac. While his Shadow Priests use demon sorcery to track down the 3 defectors, Shang has also somehow managed to hire Cyrax and Smoke, two automated ninjas, to cover more ground of the desolate realm in less time. With Kahn’s personal guards subdued, Shang Tsung’s faction is growing ever stronger. Although unconfirmed, Quan Chi has been seen roaming Outworld.

There are two issues Rayden feels he must address. The first is that Earth Realm has recruited armies of fighters from all over the world. However, his heart tells him that they have yet to meet the next “chosen one”. Others in Earth Realm ask: Why do you sit lackadaisical, waiting for Outworld to assemble, attack and conquer Earth Realm? He feels there is much fate still left uncovered, and many fighters with the potential to become even more skillful then Liu Kang. The second issue is his static stance on the revolution in Outworld. All in the realm are wondering, with this huge army he has assembled of new fighters, why he hasn’t attacked yet and ended the threat of Outworld. All he can say is Earth Realm has the most important key in stopping any action Outworld takes; they have an unforeseen advantage. Patience is the essence of survival, and soon they will have their day.

In the desolate realm of Outworld, the Shadow Priests finally found where Ermac, Noob Saibot and Hikata have been hiding. They are located deep inside a mystical cavern guarded by two ferocious Centaurians. After Goro quickly deals with them, Shang Tsung, Vorpax and Scorpion enter the cavern, as Goro stands guard. Once inside, Shang Tsung gives the 3 fighters an ultimatum: join him or perish. Ermac steps forward and makes him a deal: he will fight Shang Tsung one-on-one. If he loses, he, Noob Saibot and Hikata will join them. If Ermac wins, Shang Tsung must give up his takeover of Outworld. Shang Tsung laughs, pulsing with a suspected newfound power that emanates a purple glow from his skin. It is suspected that the Shadow Priests performed an unholy ritual to increase Shang’s power.

Ermac rushes Shang, and lets loose several magical projectiles, all hitting their mark and immediately kicking up the cavern’s dust, as smoke is also thick. One after the other, hitting Shang Tsung square in the center of where his chest would be, as debris and smoke fills the place. Vorpax and Scorpion look on in shock, while the Shadow Priests stand unemotional. When the smoke slowly settles, it revealed Shang Tsung with his forearms crossed in front of his torso, his body smoking, still emanating a purple glow. This is the first sign of Shang Tsung’s newfound power. His stare cuts through Ermac, as he smirks and rushes the red-clad ninja. His speed is unlike anything Mortal Kombat has ever seen: even too fast for the eye to pick up. So in a blur of punches, Shang Tsung finishes with a sharp 540-degree kick, causing a stronger purple pulse around his body. Ermac is sent reeling through the rocky wall, leaving a huge crater at the spot of his impact. Shang’s eyes shift to Noob Saibot and Hikata, visibly shocked at Shang’s newfound power. They choose to bow down on one knee in unison to show their loyalty.

The mystery of Shang Tsung’s new found power is now an important issue for the Federation to deal with. Demon sorcery is not permitted in the Federation, but seeing as there is a suspension of kombat, and the Elder Gods are no where to be found, it is hard to say what will become of this. It is suspected Ermac will not be fighting for a long time. Now that Shang Tsung has completely taken over Outworld, it is easy to predict what his kind of action he will take.

With all the chaos erupting in Outworld, the only way to stop this revolution, is for Shao Kahn to make his presence felt. Jade and Mileena, who were falsely labeled by Ermac as possible traitors, have been in search of their Emperor for several days now. Nothing has been heard from them in a while, as no news could be good news. For this they show their true colors and do not deserve to be slapped around like redheaded stepchildren. They are the only Outworld warriors seeking out the only one who could stop this uprising. Now they must find Shao Kahn, for if they don’t, it is unclear when Kahn does come back, if he can take on the whole realm of Outworld himself.

Shang Tsung suckers … talks Cyrax and Smoke into joining his forces. These two automated assassins are a welcomed addition to Shang Tsung’s newly acquired army, taking out all who aren’t loyal to him. A new mission programmed into Cyrax and Smoke’s Artificial Intelligence is to seek and destroy the two female ninjas currently looking for the Emperor: Jade and Mileena.

The ongoing speculation of what happened to Shao Kahn is rising among the non-believers in Outworld. If the Earth Realm kidnapped the Emperor, then they could strike at any second, so that is mainly why Shang Tsung invested in the services of Reptile and the Zaterreans. But, if Kahn is not dead or being held hostage, then that means he can come back at any second, hence Cyrax and Smoke. Shao Kahn, being away from Outworld for so long could have lost his evil edge so far from his roots of power and evil. Shang could be banking on the automated assassins to take him out, or Jade and Mileena. Shang’s mentality: whomever they see first.

In a very distant realm, with similar attributes to Earth, turns up the likely remains of Emperor Shao Kahn. Cyrax and Smoke have made their way to a neighboring galaxy with many more realms to explore. After the fourth realm they searched, their tracking system picked up a life force similar to the characteristics of the Emperor’s. But when they make it to the destination of the readout, all they find is a skull mask and Kahn’s body armor.

Cyrax and Smoke track down Kahn’s most loyal female fighters, Jade and Mileena. The Kreeyan Queen relays the two automated ninjas’ message via their suite communicators to Shang Tsung. She reports Cyrax and Smoke launched a surprise attack in an exotic, distant realm neighboring Edenia’s location, in a thick brush of pulsating portals and dangerous voids. Their message does not specify whether they went through another portal to a different distant realm, or through a bottomless void in the universe. Before they vanished, a short fight ensued where both parties exchanged violent blows, but it is not certain if Cyrax and Smoke got the best of them, considering they escaped.

Of all the possible realms in all the possible dimensions, guess where Jade and Mileena find their Emperor? Not in some distant realm, not on some exotic planet, not in war, but kidnapped on Earth Realm. With no one around Fujin’s Temple but a few guards, Jade and Mileena easily take them out and proceed to the basement of the dojo. Through many caverns and dark, dirt-ridden hallways, they come to a glowing cage, where a very thin man stood straight up. When they approached this “glowing” figure, he turns around to face them, and it is none other then Emperor Shao Kahn.

The two loyal female assassins kneel immediately. Kahn remains stoic throughout, with a stare that could cut through lead. Around his neck, some sort of mystical charm, and around the cage some sort of smoke-based potions, and some sacred Shaman statues. Then, once Jade runs to the cage to unlock it, a whirlwind emerges from deep within the cavern to throw Jade off her feet. But that is not the end of it: the whirlwind continues to pick them up and throw them through a rock wall hundreds of feet away from Kahn’s location. What would have killed any human severely injures Jade and Mileena. It seems Fujin, Omegis and Nightwolf have all contributed to a defense system that would keep Kahn in his cage, and intruders out. But now with the secret out in the open, how long will Kahn stay imprisoned?

It doesn’t take long for the cyber-ninjas to find Jade and Mileena and do away with them. After their first confrontation, Cyrax is able to pinpoint their exact location through his hi-tech tracking system, which tracks actual DNA. They report to Shang Tsung that when they locked on to their signal, it led them back to Earth Realm, right around the vicinity of Fujin’s temple. In the snow-capped mountains, Cyrax locks onto his target, and rains highly potent bombs on the two, taking out some of the mountain as well. When the smoke clears, the only thing left was the smell of a job well done. Don’t expect Shao Kahn to be found now, for two of Outworld’s best have just been annihilated.

Through a call to Special Forces headquarters, Sonya Blade reports that she has made contact with Black Dragon leader Kano. The message is roughly 9 seconds long, which is only enough time to report her coordinates, and her status: “target sighted”. Shortly after gunfire is distinctly heard in the background, then connection goes static.

With his newfound power and newfound leadership, Vorpax officially issues a challenge on behalf of demon sorcerer Shang Tsung, calling out the Thunder God to a challenge: either one-on-one or army against army. Waiting for Rayden, any planned surprise will obviously backfire, as all fighters are ready and alert for any kind of invasion. Of course the Elders are not around to rectify this challenge, but sources say it probably won’t matter, as these two would love to engage in Mortal Kombat against each other. The consensus regarding this fight is that if in Outworld, Shang would surely kill Rayden. However, if outside Outworld, it’s anyone’s fight.

With a handful of Shadow Priests, Scorpion sets out to find his mortal enemy: Sub-Zero. Because Scorpion is now a “general” in Shang’s new army, and now that he has a huge backing from Outworld, it only makes sense to take care of the biggest enemy he has ever known. He has planned to approach the Lin Kuei and organize an “extermination squad” with their sites on only one man. As he is so accustomed to moving about the shadows, don’t expect Sub-Zero to turn up anytime soon.

With the unexpected absence of Sonya Blade, Earth Realm’s strongest fighters along with their newly recruited army travel off of Federation grounds, as well as Fujin’s temple. Are they planning on attacking Outworld? Trying to call on the Elder Gods? Or maybe getting ready to take over the Federation. If they choose to strike, their chances are very good they could pull it off. However, Rayden, Earth Realm’s most powerful asset, will be powerless.

As Sonya is in Hong Kong searching the underworld for Kano, there is still no sign of any Earth Realm fighters. There is much speculation on where Earth Realm’s team is and what’s on their agenda. Sonya’s is clear-cut: find Kano and avenge her fallen partner. However, Rayden keeps his current plans under wraps.

Because it has been days since radio contact with Lieutenant Sonya Blade, it is believed she is “missing in action”. Earth Realm forces try to contact her as well as her Special Forces unit several times, but her frequency does respond and her team hasn’t spoken to her in several days. The last heard of Sonya, she reported spotting Kano, the true leader of the Black Dragon. After only a few seconds, gunshots sounded and the connection was lost. Earth warriors try contacting Major “Jax” Briggs about the event, however he also remains unavailable for comment.

A call is received from Sonya’s Special Forces headquarters, however, it was not her voice on the other line, but one of her corporals. Worried, having already dispatched a search team, they actually inquired at the FOMA arena of Sonya’s whereabouts, as well as that communication between the lieutenant and her unit were cut off. The whole thing was set up by Jimmy Cage. As the lie detector reflected, he was not lying about Kano. However, extensive tests proved when he answered the question regarding Kano’s whereabouts, it was inaccurate.

Another oddity of this situation includes Nightwolf. The Shaman Indian journeys to Cage’s quarters and meet with him privately. Not even Rayden knows where he is going. Although Cage’s side of the story constantly changes, one thing remains constant: Nightwolf is responsible for Jimmy turning himself in. The corrupt crime organization let Sonya and her team apprehend Jimmy, all for the obvious outcome. The Black Dragon member also breaks into tears screaming Sonya’s name, as he is reminded of his brother’s former love and what the Black Dragon will do to her when she is apprehended. The Gods only know what sadistic, twisted and unholy acts the Black Dragon are doing to her. Without Jax around, Sonya’s Special Forces team is currently searching for her.

Soldiers on Sonya’s Special Forces team set out to Hong Kong to track her down. They lock onto the coordinates of her last call and leave for flight to China. However, they are not flying just among the military. Double-crosser extraordinaire Jimmy Cage is taken as a precautionary measure, reported by Sonya’s unit as a “just incase he or the Black Dragon tries another double-cross”. After Jimmy blurted out Kano’s inaccurate whereabouts, moving with more pride than poise, Sonya pursued the Black Dragon leader immediately.

Deep in the mystery of the Hong Kong streets, a very worried Special Forces Team desperately searches for their leader. But bringing the spineless fighter Jimmy Cage as means of precaution seems to have backfired. Forcing Cage to tell them something, he blurts out a section of China’s underworld known for its dangerous gangs, swearing that is the place Sonya is being held. However when the Special Forces Team, armed to the teeth infiltrated the area, they are met by gunfire. In an abandoned underground transportation hanger, an intense shootout and tactical chess match plays out as Jimmy led them into yet another trap.

After getting caught up in gunfire in China, her team has no choice but to seek out their leader and make the culprit pay dearly. Jimmy Cage is decorated with a hi-tech chemical vile in case he tries something funny. It is strapped to his neck like a dog collar, and if this confused soul distances himself more than 30 feet from the commanding officer, a chemical that induces a coma will be released into his bloodstream. If anyone tries to disarm the collar except for the commanding officer, the chemical will be released.

Taking considerable heat from gangs not resembling the Black Dragon, several Chinese outlaws open fire on the Special Forces Team as a defense measure. They possibly think Sonya’s group are trying to arrest them, steal their drugs and weapons, take them over or kill them. It is only a matter of time before their training subdue the amateurs, taking them out tranquilizer style. After all the miscreants are dealt with, Sonya’s team check the bodies … no tattoos. But that does not stop the Special Forces Team from knocking a couple of Jimmy’s teeth out. The acting leader reports, “Because of this dangerous and avoidable encounter, we let Cage have it”. It definitely shows that her team cares deeply for their leader.

Shao Kahn is alive. Loyal assassins Jade and Mileena encounter Outworld’s Emperor underneath Fujin’s Temple in the Himalayas. But as his assassins report, there are several forces guarding Kahn, as it would be nearly impossible to easily infiltrate his holding coop. One way is to individually kill Omegis, Fujin, Nightwolf and Rayden, but one that is extremely difficult given Outworld’s divided forces.

It seems the only person strong and skilled enough to jailbreak Kahn is Shang Tsung. His newfound power is unmatched, as he and his Shadow Priests could easily take out Earth Realm’s defenses. But the demon sorcerer has taken over Kahn’s castle, and ultimately his realm, declaring himself the new ruler of Outworld. However, it is still not too late to stop a royal butt-kicking by the true Emperor. Free him and he shall grant Shang forgiveness…eventually. It may not be in 100 or 1000 years, but eventually. Before long everyone will have have to pick a side and swear allegiance to one of the two superpowers of evil.

Now that Kahn has been spotted alive, and perhaps the only time defenseless, all realms and clans are pursuing the Emperor for many reasons. All who have sworn loyalty to Kahn will surly attempt to save him. Those who have sworn loyalty to Shang Tsung, only to keep their lives will presumably do the same. All those who are thirsty for revenge apposing the Emperor will attempt an assassination, or their own kidnapping, as this is probably their only time to take advantage of his helpless state. Those who have been conquered by him, with their realm becoming just another addition to his ever-expanding collection of desolate realms will more or less try to “negotiate” the terms of their realm’s freeing. All wandering ninjas and rogue warriors looking to capitalize on this situation will act accordingly.

But when it comes to Earth Realm, much is speculated on the reasons and circumstances of Shao Kahn’s imprisonment. Rayden undoubtedly has kidnapped his brother, as the odds say he did not have the strength to kill his own blood. As the rumors of his armies “invading Outworld” have surfaced, it leaves us to believe he will be on his way back to Fujin’s Temple to among other things, come up with another plan. With several laws broken, if anything will bring about the Elder Gods, it will be this. With still no trace of Jade and Mileena, look for a plethora of things to unfold due to these circumstances in the near future.

The first brave (or stupid) souls to have heard of and act on the rapidly spreading news about Shao Kahn being discovered helpless in Fujin’s Temple are no more. It seems Nightwolf, Omegis and Fujin combined powers to shield off all those not welcome, while a mystical charm of this magnitude around Kahn’s neck could have only been produced by the Thunder God. A team of wandering ninjas from a neighboring clan that first got to Kah are literally destroyed by only one of these forces. Fujin’s whirlwind proves to be too powerful for those mortals. This act is a warning: to all those who attempt to step inside Fujin’s Temple, do so at their own risk.

With Shao Kahn found, Shang Tsung calls on powerful ninja Scorpion to assist in his duties. Rumors have gotten out that Shang is expecting an invasion from Earth Realm any second. However, he has to check to see if Shao Kahn is really alive, and if he is imprisoned as described earlier. Scorpion is called away from his search for Sub-Zero in the Himalayas, and dispatched by Shang Tsung to investigate Fujin’s Temple for signs of Kahn.

As they were traveling together, the Earth Realm army, made up of the best fighters on Earth, led by the best fighters in the universe are planning something climactic. Liu is seen “vanishing into thin air”, which leads observers to believe there was some sort of new magic, sorcery or technology that they had in their possession that allows them to cloak, even in Outworld. That only make the process of defeating Outworld that much easier. Concerning Kahn beneath Fujin’s Temple, let those ill-witted miscreants be taught a lesson, because if Earth Realm defeats Outworld with this invasion, Kahn will have no power or empire even if he is freed.

As Shang Tsung is expecting an invasion for several weeks now, the time has finally come for Rayden’s forces to unleash a fury on Outworld. However, it is not that simple. Surges of lightning and electricity pierce the tough terrain of the Emperor’s castle. This attention brings all the fighters from Shang’s arena, where all they discovere is smoke rising from a charred castle. Thousands of Outworld warriors, armed to the teeth are blind to the attack, and Shang is livid. He called on Ermac and Noob Saibot to make sense of things, but they were just as dumbfounded as he. With this isolated attack, it is more like a sign of things to come, for Rayden was always powerless in Outworld. How do they explain the bolts of lightning and electricity? As it seems totally impossible, it is reported that the Emperor’s castle is being struck by bolts of lightning; the telltale signature of the Thunder God. If this is true, then there is no way Earth could be defeated. Sure, Shao Kahn is an Emperor, and Shang Tsung has this newfound power, but Rayden is a God. He is picking apart Outworld before he even engages them in kombat. Even with the aid of the Shadow Priests, they stand no chance against Earth Realm. As soon as he decides it was time to end this madness, Rayden’s hand will drive it so.

It is also rumored that Shang has ordered Vorpax to stay put, while calling on Cyrax and Smoke to come back to Outworld with ulterior motives. Don’t be surprised if these two automated assassins are to be reprogrammed, recycled, or flat out junked. He has also calls upon his Shadow Priests to predict how the events of the near future would unfold. This much is apparent: Shang Tsung looks very nervous.

Over the course of a few weeks, Smoke and Cyrax were to have been tracking down Jade and Mileena, either bringing them back to Shang Tsung or killing them. With state of the art technology and electronics, they allegedly found the two “femme fatales” but failed to capture them. Because of their bogus reports to Vorpax, communicating that Jade and Mileena were killed at their hands, Shang Tsung orders them to return to Outworld for a new assignment. When the news of Jade and Mileena finding Shao Kahn surfaces, it is clear the fate they would endure. Luring them to Outworld under the impression of payment and a new mission, Shang instead has them re-programmed for a special fight: Cyrax vs. Smoke. The Lin Kuei are going to be pissed, but what the hell is a small clan like them going to do?

Waiting for Rayden and the Earth Realm armies, Shang entertains himself and those loyal to him by pinning these two automated ninjas against each other. Seems like they would need the help of these powerful fighters in the war against Earth Realm, however with his newfound power Shang has lost a few “decision making skills” choosing rather to have them take out each other. The official Outworld odds are Smoke 2-1, and Cyrax 7-3. It is truly a spectacular fight, full of martial arts and deadly weaponry. The fight is even, as these two machines have similar skill levels. At one point Cyrax has Smoke in his net firing several bombs at him. But Smoke teleports out of harm’s way to uppercut his metal partner. Then as Smoke pulls in his partner with a deadly retracting, clamping spear of his own, Cyrax initiates his “self-destruct” option, and both are blown sky high.

Scorpion, taking orders from Shang Tsung, is commanded to seek out Kahn underneath Fujin’s Temple and report on several aspects of what he sees. This site is now a junction for virtually everyone in the universe with aspirations of stealing Kahn’s empire. The first person spotted is Scorpion, slipping quietly through the shadows. He heads straight for the cavern underneath Fujin’s Temple, with his solid white eyes scanning the area. When he gets to Kahn, who still has yet to speak, Scorpion stands and marvels at once an indomitable warrior, now helpless. All of a sudden…a blue blur shoots across the cavern connecting square on Scorpion’s face…It is Sub-Zero.

Combining for a timeless rivalry, these two immediately jump into kombat, trading ice for spear strike, truly beating each other senseless. Throws, blows, aerial kicks and special moves are spread all throughout the cavern, causing the very stone surrounding them to break up. First it’s Sub-Zero with the advantage with a sliding sweep, then it’s Scorpion with a teleport punch…back and forth until they receive a visit from two dozen fighters … the Lin Kuei ninja clan.

As they always have to be as resourceful as their surroundings allow, it seems that the Lin Kuei look to take advantage of this situation in more then one way. Not only do they have the chance to take revenge on Sub-Zero who fled their clan and went rogue, but also Scorpion who made deals many times with the clan promising to bring back Sub-Zero’s head and failing (however that was not from a lack of trying). The clan jump the two ninjas with stars, steel and blades. Taking a break from each other, these pair are forced to work together for just a few moments, or for however long it takes these “super ninjas” to weed out the exceptional martial artist from the exquisite.

So this impossible alliance, looking over their shoulder for each other, working together to take out Lin Kuei fighters, resembles an arctic blizzard and a blazing inferno. Sub-Zero is running up walls delivering 540-degree roundhouses, while Scorpion punctures many ninjas with his biomechanical spear, darting in and out of Lin Kuei torsos. Once they eliminate everyone but a single ninja, Scorpion spears him and catapults him in the air towards Sub-Zero who quickly turns to spray the body with a ray of liquid ice. When it hits the ground, the body shatters in pieces by their feet.

After a malevolent stare, oddly respectful between the two, they waste no time in continuing their assault on each other. An intense exchange pursues as these two are making their way towards Shao Kahn’s cage. Slowly, Sub-Zero and Scorpion are unforgiving in battle, making every blow count. Then they exchange simultaneous strikes: Sub-Zero locking his grip around his enemy’s throat, Scorpion around the ice-ninja’s heart. Then the sounds of whaling winter wind echoe throughout the cavern, as the two take a second to see what monster lurks about. On the contrary, it is the overpowering whirlwind that has taken out all before them. They look to Kahn, who’s eyes look filled with hatred and a hint of smug satisfaction. They are thrown down the cavern, and still have not surfaced from the rubble.

Scorpion, possibly because he is undead, rises from the rubble first. Underneath him, a blue-clad ninja bleeding profusely. Scorpion then slowly moves towards the glowing figure surveying his own wounds, limping, leaving a blood trail behind him. The wind began to pick up, as Scorpion stops and stands fast. Dust and small rocks begin to pick up and circle in the air, dancing full of life. Scorpion lets the warning wind pass him, but then suddenly grows uneasy, throwing his spear behind him where his enemy lay. It pierces through solid rock, as there is no one there. Scorpion looks over to where Sub-Zero is laying, as all that was left was blood…no ninja.

Scorpion then continues towards Shao Kahn with uneasy eyes. Scorpion is extremely hesitant, very careful and very nervous. Then, he throws a few rocks towards Kahn, wrapped in an effervescent glow. Whichever rocks hit the bubbling energy shield, disintegrate on impact. The whirlwind begins whipping around, as Scorpion finds out it operates more like a sensor. After timing its intervals and reaction time, Scorpion takes several steps back, and then several quick and powerful steps towards Kahn. Once the whirlwind comes, Scorpion dodges the first and is swept away in the second, quickly whisked into the sharp, jagged rubble.

Then, in one masterful move Scorpion teleports out of the whirlwind and past the first line of defense. He is inside the glowing parameter holding Kahn, but stares at two Shaman statues and a hazy field of air-based potions. Once Scorpion takes a step towards Kahn, the 2 statues begin to come alive! Then, either trying to get Kahn out of there as quickly as possible, or an attempted assassination, he shoots his spear straight at the Emperor, past the growing statues. But once it zips into the potion, the spear suddenly goes limp and evaporates from his palm right in front of Kahn’s neck. Now that these tiny, sacred Shaman statues have turned into overpowering wooden Shaman Indian warriors, Scorpion starts to back up ever so slowly. But one step too much, for the whirlwind violently whips past the statues and takes Scorpion for a devastating ride.

If any of the tyrants, ronins, rogue ninjas, lawless samurais, corrupt clans and all those in Outworld try to rescue or kidnap Shao Kahn, they had better be prepared. If the magic guarding Kahn doesn’t kill them, the warriors invading the cavern will. Sub-Zero and Scorpion were the two toughest ninjas the tournament had ever seen. After wiping out half of the Lin Kuei, they turned on each other, and were more then likely killed by that whirlwind.

And that leaves the big question: what the hell happens when you actually get past the wind? He thought he had the upper hand, but once the Shadow Priests give it a go, Fujin and his ponytail will be singing a different tune. Jade and Mileena’s bodies have not been found, so there is a chance they are still alive. If they are loyal to Kahn, they will save him and do everything in their power to make him stronger. If they are loyal to Shang Tsung, they will kill him. If they do not do anything, fighters in Shang’s faction made it clear: all who do not swear loyalty will be destroyed.

What was on the tip of everyone’s tongue for the last few weeks has been the potential infiltration of Outworld and the mysterious vanishing of Outworld’s Emperor. Everyone suspected Rayden was up to something, and as Shao Kahn was virtually seconds away from being freed, the question is when would the Thunder God and his army return? It is estimated that Rayden started planning this the second tension mounted between him and the Elder Gods. With Earth Realm presumably on their way to Outworld, there is no way to foresee the chain of events that are soon to unfold.

Earth Realm’s chances of defeating Outworld, as well as losing to them have never looked better. If Kahn is successfully freed, he would surly breach the laws set by the Elders and invade Earth Realm at all costs. With the Elder Gods out of the picture, this would of course mean another merger between Earth and Outworld, as Earth would eventually be swallowed and stored with countless other vanquished realms. If Kahn stays imprisoned, Earth Realm has the best chance they’ve ever had to take down Outworld’s forces. And, of course with one swift strike of a magical blade, the Emperor of Outworld would be no more. Whatever Rayden decides, he has done much more then anyone could ever ask. Whether he tries to valiantly take down Outworld on their own turf, or strike down the Emperor of Outworld, Earth Realm were behind him 100%.

As if very thorough and prepared, or just nervous, Shang Tsung has stepped up security in Outworld by calling on the services of Quan Chi. It had been a while since Quan Chi was last heard from, as his two assassins Siann and Sora have left him. He guaran-damn-teed those two would paid for what they did. Shang has yet to speak with the Black Arts Sorcerer, as they got the word out. The Kreeyan queen expects him to respond very soon, as their bargaining chip is something Quan Chi has wanted for several hundred years: the soul of a champion.

During Kung Lao’s reign as tournament champion, Quan Chi relentlessly attempted assassination after assassination, even a one on one fight! A soul as pure and strong as the Mortal Kombat champion’s would bring longer life along with more power, and also can be used as a bargaining chip. But he failed time after time. Shang’s offer, if Quan Chi joins him, was the soul of another champion from the Temple of the Order of Light: Liu Kang, not to mention his two favorite women Siann and Sora.

As Outworld stakes out their turf, and while Shang Tsung’s ongoing entertainment ensues, Earth Realm is spotted moving stealthily through the vanquished territory. However it isn’t an army, but only one fighter sliding past guards to eye Shang’s arena. If this fighter, who possibly drew the short end of the stick is spotted, one could only imagine what unholy acts would be performed on him or her. This person, dressed in all black moves all to well around the territory. Is it because this was Outworld’s traitor? Or is it Earth Realm’s traitor?

It is none other them reigning Mortal Kombat champion Liu Kang. He goes on to take out a couple guards by the arena, and peeks in from underneath some wreckage lying just outside its walls. Just as he rises, a THUMP…THUMP is heard getting louder. Liu Kang, with nowhere to go, suddenly vanishes into thin air just as the maker of these sounds steps into view. It is dragon prince Goro, no doubt sensing someone’s presence. After not being able to spot anyone, he walks back into the arena while Liu did not reappear.

Reports from Outworld indicate that Quan Chi has met with Shang Tsung. He is seen with Shang, and it is speculated what is discussed. Insiders allege that the Black Arts sorcerer has taken the deal, but laughs at Shang’s offer to bring him Siann and Sora; his arrogance is overflowing on getting even with the two assassins. Quan Chi’s smug chuckles turn to ardent accusations that a strong, “pure” presence is detected by the sorcerer. Shang Tsung is quick to express his disagreement, as his Shadow Priests detect nothing. Quan Chi tells him quite the opposite, and even goes to great lengths to convince the Demon sorcerer that he knows where Rayden and his army are camped. Shang, reluctant to trust him, eventually dispatches half of his Shadow Priests to work with Quan Chi on finding this army of hope while he stays heavily guarded at all times, never too far from the Dragon Prince, now Shang’s personal bodyguard. They have already begun their search.

It is thought that Quan Chi was hired by Shang Tsung to seek out and destroy the Earth Realm army. His prize was to be the soul of a champion, as he ardently gave his word to the demon sorcerer to aid in their war against Earth Realm. However, Quan Chi is not found in Outworld with Mika and half a dozen Shadow Priests, on the outskirts, or anywhere near Outworld for that matter. Instead, Quan Chi is found with Motaro and Rain, just outside of Fujin’s Temple. This new alliance is like nothing Mortal Kombat had ever seen before.

Scorpion was earning his keep, that much was evident. With his “attempted assassination of Kahn”, it is clear where his loyalty lay. And this also went to show if Scorpion could get inches from Kahn, it is only a matter of time before he or someone else made contact with him. The prediction of Jade and Mileena attempting to save their Emperor is still yet to be proven. However, what is to say these two lovely ladies weren’t watching all who come after them to figure out how to get past the defenses holding him?

Quan Chi, now hired by Shang, is already combing Outworld for Rayden and his army. But if he senses Rayden’s force, Rayden must have had something up his sleeve if his now “powerless” self is still detectable. With half of Shang’s Shadow Priests, Quan Chi seeks out Earth Realm’s army and is instructed to kill on site. He is, however, given two special instructions: bring back either Rayden alive or just Rayden’s head, and bring back Kitana “untouched”. Shang has not lost the love for the finer things in life.

Quan Chi uses his Black Arts sorcery to establish a tight grip on the soulless Shadow Priests, who now do his bidding. For resurrecting the Centaurian General and master of elements, they now not only work for Quan Chi, but kill for him. With Mika rounding out this deadly crew, they make their way underground just outside Shao Kahn’s cage. Quan Chi is fearless as he walks straight up to the cage, taunting the whirlwind to lift him off his feet. Shao Kahn’s eyes do not change at all…he remains emotionless.

Dust starts blowing up from the back of the cavern, then small rocks, then big boulders, until the whirlwind looks as if it will cave the whole cavern in, let alone Quan Chi. But just as the deadly whipping air is ready to crush him, Quan Chi releases a huge green skull so powerful, it swallows the whirlwind whole. Once Nightwolf’s Shaman Statues begin to come to life, Motaro, full of hatred and fury steps up and begins to break, pummel and destroy them. As the group advances forward, all that is left is the potion. This brings Rain to the head of the pack, and in several bubbles of water, he clears the air of this deadly potion.

Kahn remains stoic, as the Black Arts Sorcerer emerges from behind the robed conjurers. Then, a healthy laugh from Quan Chi makes the medallion on Shao Kahn’s neck glow like sweltering ambers. Quan Chi stops dead in his tracks, suddenly tight faced. Then he begins to smirk when the Shadow Priests walk past him extending their hands on the medallion when the whole cavern lit up with blinding light …

As Motaro and Rain neutralize the two lines of defense before the Shadow Priests take care of the amulet around Shao Kahn’s neck, it looks like Quan Chi is to be the one to free the emperor … or take his soul. However, immediately after the light from the medallion floods the cavern, ice engulfs the group. It is none other than Sub-Zero who breaks up the probable contact with Kahn.

Motaro, Rain and the Shadow Priests are frozen for a few moments as Quan Chi turns to face the ice-ninja. Perhaps they want to settle an old score for a similar medallion. Whatever his reason is, the ex-Lin Kuei ninja abandons caution and charges the Black Arts Sorcerer. A marvelous exhibition of martial arts ensues as the pair quickly begin trading offensives. But it is Quan Chi who lands the biggest blow, as Sub-Zero unleashes a wave of liquid ice, the sorcerer projects a huge green skull to ingest the sub-arctic stream.

Quan Chi then begins a relentless attack pushing Sub-Zero back with a deadly barrage of strikes. As Sub-Zero tries to regroup, the Shadow Priests begin to thaw and break out of their ice shells. From behind Sub-Zero is grabbed by Motaro while the Shadow Priests grab his arms and place a metal glowing cover over his hands. Motaro then throws Sub-Zero into the rock wall to the side and as he bounces up he is met by six Shadow Priests. They use their magic to twist the very soul of the ice-ninja. Then Quan Chi instructs them not to kill Sub-Zero … but to convert him. A brilliant display of magic ensues as the Shadow Priests begin their “cleansing”, and when Quan Chi reaches Kahn to take the medallion, a ripple of clear energy throws him several feet back. Quan Chi uses sorcery to breach the force field around Kahn, and the Shadow Priests train on Sub-Zero.

Talk about having a set of big cobalt boulders, Quan Chi has just crossed the most powerful sorcerer in Mortal Kombat. Who could blame him though, the soul of an Emperor could be measured as a more lucrative commodity than the soul of a mortal, if that were his intentions. But it didn’t really matter whether he wanted to save or kill Kahn, Shang Tsung was going to put a hurting on him. It was unclear whether Shang Tsung had the power to remotely take back control over the Shadow Priests, but once he saw them face-to-face, the roots sewed into their desolate souls would be reinvigorated. His plans for Motaro and Rain were already planned out; Shang Tsung would entertain his armies with some handicapped kombat. But as for Mika, Shang had got something special for her involving Kreeyan Queen Vorpax.

Because of the non-existent presence of the Elder Gods, things have been moving forward for Earth Realm. Rayden is allegedly in Outworld ready to strike, things are heating up around Kahn’s cage, and Outworld had gone through a mini-revolution. But because the element of surprise has come and gone, and Outworld’s extended period of confusion and conflict has stopped, Earth Realm’s advantage has diminished. There is a lot of action going on around Shao Kahn, but why not just kill the Emperor? If Rayden could not bring his hands to do away with his brother, why not give the job to Fujin? Surely the God of Wind could end a helpless Emperor’s life. Rayden is respected and Earth is fortunate to have him as their leader, but they will consider electing a new protector of Earth Realm if the Thunder God does not take action. The “Elder God-less” tournament has turned into a rogue war without rules, so it is not like this would end up in the ring. Whoever runs with the killer instinct first would run with Earth Realm’s confidence.

Due to the recent unbalancing of positive and negative energies, it has swayed the energies of Earth Realm and knocked out all links of kontact with the fighters. There is also been a buzz going around hinting that the Elder Gods are koming back to start up Kombat. There are many questions that are left unanswered, including the whereabouts of Sonya Blade and Earth Realm invading Outworld. But perhaps the status of Shao Kahn was the most important.

So everyone wants to know what the deal is with the Emperor? How did he become a powerless prisoner at the hands of a group of human weaklings? Well the answer is…he never was. What you saw was not a prank pulled by Earth Realm, but a test set up by Kahn. Because there was so much betrayal among Outworld ninjas, the Emperor now sitting comfortably on his throne said that he himself did it to ultimately know where his people stood. He used his highest-ranking Shadow Priests and their demon magic to devise a scheme fooling not only Earth Realm, but Outworlders as well.

It seems Quan Chi and Rain were in cohorts this whole time. The fight was a front to throw everyone off their scent, when everyone else thought it was reinforcing their hatred for each other. It is not known for sure whether Quan Chi really destroyed Rain and sent him to the Netherealm, but either way he controls the elemental enigma like Omegis did Rayden. These two date back to the time the city Zhu Zhin was flourishing and were a long shot to team up as Edenia and the Black Arts did not mix. They would receive their punishment all in good time, courtesy of the new Emperor of Outworld.

Whoever believed the tale that he was scouting out other realms far from Earth Realm needed to seek help. He was close the whole time, mainly watching turncoats Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. True Outworlders like Jade and Mileena had proven themselves, however those who sided with either Shang Tsung or Quan Chi will now pay heavily. So now the Emperor’s main focus will be to reward all loyal to him, and teach all deserters a lesson. Nobody knows which is funnier, Earth Realm’s gullibility or the look on Shang’s face when Kahn confronts him. Because torturing … questioning is still going on, all Outworlders dedicated to the cause will know the fates of all who opposed Kahn. He is really pissed.

On a mission to find Kano, Sonya was abducted by the Black Dragon and held hostage. Her Special Forces team organized a rescue and went after her to the streets of Hong Kong. They brought Jimmy Cage as a means of safety and navigation, keeping him in check via electronic collar. The Black Dragon tortured Sonya in many ways, but her will was strong as she held out until Jimmy actually steered the rescue team to the Black Dragon’s whereabouts.

When the Black Dragon discovered the intruders, they sprayed bullets everywhere, but Special Forces didn’t retaliate for fear of hitting their leader. They strategically used hi-tech camouflage technology to infiltrate their stronghold barely visible to the enemy, taking out all Black Dragon members with stun guns and tranquilizers. However it was the heroic effort of one Jimmy Cage that allowed Sonya’s team to bring her back alive. Because they realized it was a set up, the acting leader among this gang put a gun to Sonya’s head and started to pull the trigger when Jimmy jumped in front of the bullet and took it in the chest. Kano and Jarek were still fugitives.

Jimmy and Sonya are now on the same hospital floor recovering from their wounds. Sonya’s injuries are much more severe as Doctors will not reveal her condition in detail, but say: “If it was any other female on the planet, they would have died long ago. We are baffled by how strong her will is.” They also go on to say she was currently in stable condition and at times conscious, communicating slowly, but at others she is heavily sedated and keeps her eyes closed. Nurses say one night they spotted Jimmy, now stitched up and healing, make his way over to Sonya’s room. While she was unconscious, Cage talked to her for hours, crying uncontrollably for a good portion of the time.

As far as Kano, we might never know if he is still in fact alive, but all gang members apprehended by Sonya’s Special Forces would be prosecuted. Sonya’s team has full government clearance to pursue all leads in hopes of ending the Black Dragon for good. Several arrests have been made and several more leads are coming in.

The reason the Elder Gods have been away for so long is not because they do not care about Earth Realm’s future and well being, and not because they are collaborating with Shao Kahn and Outworld. The Elder Gods are not infinite in form where their spirits are everywhere at all times. The Elders were in another dimension far, far away where a similar planet could not defend themselves against an attack from a powerful all-female army. The takeover was inevitable, and that was why the Elder Gods had to leave without notice. They stayed for the duration of the tournament, and then returned promptly after its final fight. Upon their return, the Elder Gods decide to elect Fujin to the Federation Council to be the buffer between the Federation members. Upon locating Rayden in Outworld, they express their reasoning for dismissing the Thunder God from the council suggesting his emotional bond with his own fighters is too great. This, no one could deny. Rayden will remain Earth Realm’s protector and leader of their team. Fujin has already begun shaking things up in his new position.

Kombat will resume in the near future. Earth Realm fighters are back on Federation soil and will resume training while the Elder Gods have made their presence known to all in the Federation by electing a new council member. Lt. Sonya Blade is recuperating, while Quan Chi will not be for a long time. A Lin Kuei ninja is back in hiding while an Emperor takes back his throne. All would be told.

These are the words of Rayden:

It had been quite some time since I addressed the members of this Federation. I appreciate your ardent loyalty; it’s good to be back. To address overflowing rumors and half-truths, I will tell you what I can. Yes, it was true I was in Outworld with a recruited army of Earth’s best. Yes, it was true I was powerless while there. Yes it was true we had knowledge of the fiasco that unfolded below Fujin’s temple. Yes it was true we sent a team of assassins to take out the highest-ranking Outworld leaders. And no, I had no idea about what the Elder Gods were up to.

Tapping into our strongest fighter’s mystical energies, we were able to “cloak” ourselves and move undetected by the Shadow Priests. When we discovered what was going on with the Kahn imitator, we used it to our advantage by planning a strike while Outworld’s defenses were down and their hierarchy in shambles. We are now back on Federation soil and continue to train awaiting the Elder God’s decision on how soon to re-start kombat. Although I won’t question the Elder Gods’ judgment on keeping me off the Federation council because I couldn’t be more confident in Fujin, I will express my disagreement on how they handled this “other tournament” in another realm. It was carelessness like this that had the potential to cost us our realm, and I won’t stand for it.

Aside from Sonya and Jimmy Cage, who we still invite back to Earth Realm with open arms, we report no injuries. Everyone was getting along and invigorated to get back to kombat. Fujin was meeting with the Elder Gods very soon to discuss when the tournament will resume, but make no mistake: if the Elder Gods did not intercede and halt our invasion, we would have ripped Outworld apart.

This was hacked off the official MK site (with some editing and some details extracted from the original FOMA character bios) many years ago and seemed to have run its course (with no updates) by 10/01. My character, Mechi, was the first entry in the "Am I The Chosen One?" competition ... hence the image at the top of the page.