The Ballad of Halo Jones Stage Productions

First performed by In The Red Theatre Company at the Edinburgh Festival in 1987, the stage adaptation of the Ballad of Halo Jones was then taken on a UK tour. Information on this play is fairly hard to come by, so the links below provide some more insight into the production:

- Original theatre programmes (1987 and 2012).
- 2000 AD article.
- Two videos of the TV programme Night Network, featuring live performances of scenes from the play.
- Script for the 2001 adaptation.


Stage programmes & articles.
YouTube - Night Network feature Part 1.
YouTube - Night Network feature Part 2.
Script for the 2001 adaptation by Andrew Ness.
Artwork for the 2012 Lass o' Gowrie production.
Youtube channel for the 2012 production.
Interview with Lass o' Gowrie landlord Gareth Kavanagh.
Starburst review of Halo Jones 2012.