Dragon Sword

The story of Dragon Sword takes place in the land of Avantaria, which is made up of Naradhan and Hyboria. Recently, it has been invaded by forces loyal to the Dark God. The Light God has been imprisoned inside the Darrc Dragon, while the realm of the Darrclands has been expanded by the Darrc armies. The only weapon that can kill the Darrc Dragon is the Dragon Sword, which has been broken up and passed out to the four leaders of the Darrc forces: Soulfor, Tatoo, Dracar and Toshiro.

Four warriors have risen to the challenge of freeing the Light God:

Kailan - the former ruler of Avantaria, prior to the Darrc invasion.

Cutter - a former warrior in the Darrc Horde, he was banished by the Dark God as he posed too much of a threat.

Aisha - a woman seeking revenge for the destruction of her jungle home by the invading armies.

Gouranga - a warrior rejected by his own people when they decided to sign as part of Darrc's forces.

Chapter One: Incarceration

Incarcerated but mind focused on the quest - escape is imperative; time is all. The only hope , the Dragon Sword lies with the one his captors call the Guv`nor.

Locations: Naradhan and the Lava Tomb

Chapter Two: The Dead Shall Rise

Now the Dragon Sword is held by its chosen owner, the quests path must be found. The journey so far has been easy; seemingly guided by the very things that block the way. The only clear way is the Darrc-way.

Location: Naradhan

Chapter Three: Crush Your Enemies

At last, a chance to stray from the Darrc-path; if only a boat could be acquired. A nagging thought remains the Darrc Lords must have a great interest in the Dragon Sword and its wielder. To raise the dead is no cheap trick.

Location: Naradhan

Chapter Four: Infestation

Port-Town: Normally a busy and bustling port. but now an erie and ominous silence hangs over the place. The Darrc hoards seemed to be gathering forces at the Barracks using the Harbour to accelerate their conquests of the neighboring lands.

Locations: Hyboria and Port Town

Chapter Five: The Law of Disorder

It is now clear that the Darrc forces have spread their influence further than could be foretold. With Avantaria turned to Darcc, the very fabric of reality is changing. Ahead a mansion looms. Perhaps within lies the quests goal.

Locations: Hyboria and the Chamber Of Shadows

Chapter Six: The Abyss

With Draccar defeated something strange has happened to the world. Reality has been changed, some new evil is upon the land but you must fight on.

Location: Darrclands

Chapter Seven: Darrc Pilgrimage

You sense that your quest is nearing the end, but what will the end mean for you. Soon you will find out who has been responsible for desecrating your lands.

Locations: Darrclands and the Void Icon

Chapter Eight: Ultimate Sacrifice

Location: Darrclands

Chapter Nine: The Dragon Sword

Location: Darrclands

Chapter Ten: The Dark God?

Location: Darrclands

Older Legends

This is not the first time that evil has tried to seize a kingdom. The realm of Tengarra was seized by the pitiless Queen Zordanthia. Her armies invaded the Tengarra and terrorized the citizens. However, the old Grand Wizard of Tengerra emerged after a century of meditation, setting about ridding Tengarra of the Queen’s forces. He locates Tia, Morpheus and Kage, who are descended from three legendary heroes,. Using Earth Stones and mystical creatures such as dragons, the wizard and his three warriors defeated Zordanthia and her armies.