Blade Runner and Soldier Timeline

This timeline tries to fit together the following sources of Blade Runner and Soldier media:

Blade Runner (different versions but NOT the "happy ending", as well as different drafts of the script)
Blade Runner PC Game
Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human (KW Jeter)
Blade Runner 3: Replicant Night (KW Jeter)
Blade Runner 4: Eye and Talon (KW Jeter)
Soldier (movie and different versions of the script)

The inclusion of the novels is controversial enough for some Blade Runner fans, but Soldier is probably even more unpopular among the hardcore. As usual, our thoughts on that kind of thing are listed on the main page of this site ...

Trying to contruct such a timeline is, as with many universes which span various media, difficult at best. This is one interpretation, which takes into account a number of assumptions:

* - Soldier is considered to be a part of the BR universe by its writer, David Peoples, who also co-wrote the script for Blade Runner. The dates between Soldier and its own script do not exactly match up (a 4 year difference), so a compromise has been made, the events in the script have been utilised for earlier events not shown in the film, but with the dates adjusted by four years unless they coincede with those shown in the movie.

* - The sequel Blade Runner books present problems, with characters like Sebastian coming back from the dead. These events have either been ignored or squashed to fit in a more logical manner.

* - Some dates (such as the return of the Salanader 3 to Earth) have been calculated according to the ages of the actors playing the roles: Sean Young was around 22 when Blade Runner was made.

* - The scenario involving the Eldon Tyrell replicants is, of course, a deleted concept from the film. This is utilised in Blade Runner 4: Eye and Talon. However, the idea of the transference of the identity/essence between successive replicants through the eyes, as well as the resulting hollowed eyes copies of Tyrell and Rachel, is very peculiar, with no real reasoning as to how this works or why. As such, the whole conspiracy is seen as a part of the ongoing movie production plotline (a sequel to the “documentary” made in Blade Runner 3: Replicant Night?), rather than being a part of the main BR universe as seen in the original film.

* - World War III is mentioned in the game and seems to have taken place within the previous two decades. This is the reason given for the lack of animals and the polluted state of the planet. I have placed it in 2001-2004 due to a couple of reason. 2001 is the last time we see real animals (in Soldier) and it is unlikely that even the military would waste three dogs and a boar if they became so endangered. Of course, they could be artificial animals. But the UN starts its colonisation program in 2003 (another speculated date, but it fits), which could be a reaction to the ongoing destruction on Earth. Finally, the colonisation programme provides a stimulus (replicants, construction on other worlds etc.) for the depleted economy and a means of trying to unite humanity again and promote peace. Looking at the subsequent wars in both Blade Runner and Soldier, this part of the strategy definitely fails.

* - This timeline assumes that Deckard is a replicant, and an advanced model at that, as indicated by Ridley Scott in Paul M Sammon's Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner.

* - The combination of the standard introduction and that of the Workprint gives an indication as to the start of the problems with the Nexus 6 models and the banning of replicants on Earth, ie 2016.

We had considered using Total Recall 2070, which seems to be a sequel in both looks, spirit and themes, but it seems more Total Recall than Blade Runner.

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Blade Runner/Soldier Timeline