Alien vs Predator Timeline

Circa 8000 BC – The Yaut’ja race establish a temple on Earth, in Antarctica.

Circa 5000 BC - The Yaut’ja use human labour to contruct other pyramids around the planet. Young Yaut’ja hunt Aliens as part of their hunting initiation. An Alien Queen is held captive in the Antarctica pyramid by chains, forced to produce eggs. She is kept in a pool in hibernation, until the Yaut’ja warriors arrive to start their hunt. The eggs she produces are screened by automated machinery for certain facehuggers which can implant Queen embryos in the hosts. Humans are then as hosts for the facehuggers.

Circa 3000 BC - Four great pyramids are constructed, establishing a new human civilsation with it. Every hundred years, the Yaut’ja return and expect sacrifices each time. Chosen sacrificial victims are anointed by tribal priests. As the victims lay back willingly on the sacrificial stones, an Alien egg is revealed at the foot of each slab. Humans are used to breed the ultimate prey, which the Yaut’ja then hunt. One Yaut’ja defeats an Alien and stands atop the Pyramid. He holds the head of the Alien aloft, triumphant, to prove himselves worthy to return home to the stars. Above him, a Yaut’ja Spacecraft descends through the electrical storm to retrieve him. Others are not so skilled. Three Yaut’ja stand in a defensive formation, fighting back-to-back. Aliens pour up the steps of the Pyramid to attack. If the Hunters lose, they make sure that nothing survives. Just at the moment when the Yaut’ja are about to be overwhelmed, they activate their self-destruct mechanisms. A powerful shockwave sweeps across the pyramids, vaporizing everything in its path. An entire civilization is wiped out overnight.

2000 BC - Funan, a tribesman in North Cambodia, leads a hunting party near a sacred pyramid. Humans from the local tribes are used as sacrifices to their gods to breed Aliens, which the Yaut’ja then hunt. Funan's hunting party is wiped out by an Alien warrior, but he is spared as a Yaut’ja takes on the Alien in a fight to the death.

Appearing as Gods, the Yaut’ja continue to influence Egyptian, Central/Southern American and Asian cultures throughout the next few thousand years.

A rogue faction eventually breaks away from the main Predator civilisation, genetically enhancing their own biology to improve their hunting skills and strength. Their technology develops along different lines to that of the main species, but their most prominent differences are in their culture: they discard any semblance of honour when hunting, focusing on pure power, speed and skill. Rather than go to other planets to hunt, they abduct individuals from many species (including their own) and take them to a designated hunting ground. This takes place once a year, with the hunters adjusting their technology and hunting skills according to the outcome. If one of their own is killed, the opponent is dissected and examined to ascertain what advantage they may have which the faction members can use.

1715 – Raphael Aidolimi fights a Yaut’ja warrior, who takes his pistol as a trophy.

1884 - Bjorn Nyberg becomes captain of the whaling vessel, Emma.

1896 - Part of Bouvetoya Island is destroyed by what seems to be a volcanic eruption. This spooks the local whaling community for some years to come.

1897 - Karl Johansson fails to strike it rich in the North Californian Gold Rush. Almost broke, he is employed by Sven Nyberg as a whaler.

1903 - Bjorn Nyberg dies, with his brother Sven becoming the captain of the Emma. Hoping to make his fortune at Bouvetoya Whaling Station in Antartica, Nyberg sets sail from Norway.

Oct 10 1904 - Nyberg and Johannson lead a party of men on to the glacier near the whaling station, where they find a Yaut’ja hibernation capsule. They take it back to the station. The Yaut’ja wakes up and sets about killing most of the men in the station. Johansson witnesses a bloody fight between the Yaut’ja and an Alien warrior.

Early 1970's - Noland is kidnapped by the rogue Predator faction and left to fend for himself on their hunting planet. He lasts far longer than any of his counterparts, scavenging parts, materials and food for the next few decades.

1979 - An unexplained nuclear detonation at Bouvetoya is investigated and covered up by the US military.

1987 - Major Dutch Schaefer leads a mercenary team into the South American jungle on a rescue mission, but encounter a Yaut’ja. His team wiped out, he engages the creature in hand-to-hand combat. Although he defeats the creature, it sets off a nuclear bomb that obliterates the local area. Both Schaefer and Anna, a guerrilla, are taken back to the US for debriefing.

1990’s - The military awaits the arrival of another Yaut’ja hunt, having studied the debriefing records and the blast site.

1997 – Another Yaut’ja arrives on Earth, this time in Los Angeles. The city is an official war zone, with rival drug gangs fighting for control. The alien starts to hunt the leaders, attracting the attention of the local police. The military also hears of the bizarre killings and send a team to try and capture the Yaut’ja. Lieutenant Mike Harrigan of the LAPD finds himself caught between the military, the gangs and the alien, and things deteriorate when the hunter kills his partner. The cop realises that the alien is hunting people for trophies, a theory confirmed when he sees a trophy case on the alien ship, which includes an Alien skull. Like Schaefer, Harrigan finds himself fighting the creature in hand-to-hand combat. Although he defeats it, the rest of the Yaut’ja crew confronts him. However, their leader gives him an antique pistol, belonging to Aidolimi, as a trophy before they let him leave. Harrigan realizes that the Yaut’ja have been hunting humans for at least three centuries and that they will be back in the future. As the ship leaves, he faces a long debriefing at the hands of the military.

Oct 3 2004 – By using thermal imaging satellites, Charles Bishop Weyland, a billionaire industrialist, discovers an ancient temple underneath the Antarctic ice. Working on the theory that this could be the origin of mankind's original culture, he begins to assemble an expedition to investigate the site. Charles Weyland’s area of expertise is robotics and has made his money in hi-tech industry. He’s the father of modern robotics but he is dying, and like a lot of rich men who are facing the end they realise that money and power are not enough. Charles Weyland assembles his team, which includes Alexia Homer, Sebastian Wells and Max Stafford.

Oct 8 2004 - In Mexico, Sebastian De Rosa finds that his archeological dig runs into trouble after unearthing an ancient Pepsi Cola cap near an Aztec pyramid. Max Stafford arrives from Weyland Industries with an offer of more money to fund his work, in exchange for De Rosa's help in investigating the Antarctica Pyramid.

Oct 12 2004 - A Yaut’ja ship enters Earth orbit, preparing to dispatch five young warriors to the Antarctic temple site to undergo a hunt. They blast a hole into the ice, right down to the entrance of the pyramid. Weyland's team arrive at Razorback Point. Investigating the pyramid, the team finds the Chamber of the Gods, the gargantuan entrance to the pyramid lined with Sphinx-style Yaut’ja statues. It is here that they first encounter a Yaut’ja warrior. They also discover skeletons with broken ribcages and fossilized facehuggers in the ancient complex. The humans remove an ancient Yaut’ja weapon and the pyramid begins to transform itself. They have activated the ancient mechanisms, which lift a captive Queen Alien out of a pool. She starts to lay her eggs.

The Yaut’ja detect this activity and begin their hunt. Charles Weyland is killed by a Yaut’ja, and the rest of the team are wiped out either by Aliens or Yaut’ja, while more are infected by facehuggers, leaving only Lex. Of the Yaut’ja, only the warrior Lex calls Scar remains, having also been infected by a facehugger. Lex and Scar are forced to work together before they become overwhelmed by the Aliens. While Scar sets his self-destruct device, the Alien warriors free their queen and the horde pursues Lex and Scar to the surface. The pyramid is destroyed in the explosion, with only the Queen left. She impales Scar with her tail, but Lex manages to entangle the Queen's chains in a gigantic cauldron, which rolls down onto the ice and into the sea, dragging the Queen to a watery doom with it.

The Yaut’ja mothership appears to pick up the fallen warrior. The Yaut’ja leader sees the symbol that Scar had burned on to Lex's forehead and the leader presents her with his spear. They leave Lex to return to the Piper Maru anchored out in the bay.

In space, the Yaut’ja leave Scar's body in a place of honour, then return to their hibernation capsules. However, something stirs in Scar's chest, with a Yaut’ja/Alien hybrid breaking out of the deceased warrior's body.

The creature matures and slaughters a number of Yaut’ja warriors. The ship crashlands back on Earth, with two humans becomign infected by recently-escaped facehuggers. News of the emergency is transmitted back to the Yaut’ja Homeworld, where a single warrior prepares to deal with the situation. While the hybrid hunts humans and seeks to breed, the lone Yaut’ja warrior arrives to clean up the mess. It destroys all remains of the crashed scout ship, then sets about hunting the Yaut’ja/Alien hybrid.

Meanwhile, the human population of Gunnison, Colorado, has an invasion of Aliens to deal with. Sheriff Morales and a war veteran, Kelly O'Brien, are maong the humans trying to deal with the infestation. Meanwhile, the National Guard do not fare very well against the Aliens. The lone Yaut’ja finally faces off against the hybrid. The US military destroy the town, killing any remaining humans, Aliens and Yaut’ja. However, they obtain some Yaut’ja technology, including a pistol and a chemical used by the lone Yaut’ja warrior to destroy evidence of the infestation: these are passed to a corporate representative for study, Miss Yutani.

2010 - Several humans are kidnapped from Earth by a rogue Yautja faction and taken to their hunting ground on another planet. Released in the atmosphere, they have parachutes that are timed to open at a certain time, although this does not always happen. The survivors gather on the ground: Royce, Cuchillo, Stans, Mombasa, Edwin, Isabelle, Hanzo and Nikolai. They set off as a group, but are attacked by both the rogue faction and their familiars. They encounter a Yautja warrior who has been crucified and is near death. Moving on, they encounter an alien resembling a stick insect, but it is killed by Nolan before it can do any real harm. The human survivor takes the remaining humans to his hideout, but the rogue faction warrior locate them and Nolan is killed. The others flee. The human numbers dwindle until there are three left: Royce manages to enlist the aid of the Yautja warrior in fighting the hunters and they manage to kill them, while Isabelle manages to kill Edwin after he tries to poison her. The Yautja warrior dies, leaving only Isabelle and Royce to their fate.

13 Jul 2069 – SE Brett born in Houston, Texas.

27 Feb 2076 – AJ Dallas born in Wolf Point, Montana.

04 Jul 2076 - United States has Tricentennial Celebration and issues special patch to all active members of the US Space Fleet, both military and commercial.

04 Feb 2080 - JT Parker born in San Diego, California.

20 Apr 2083 – GW Kane born in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom/EU (Dual nationality).

2088 - The United Kingdom forms the Seventh Union, joining forces with Japan and a number of developing countries to form the Third World Empire, which forms its own military and commercial space fleets. Interplanetary commerce and mining flourishes in deep space.

07 Jan 2092 – EL Ripley is born in Olympia, Luna.

07 Jan 2092-18 Apr 2110 - Ripley spends childhood in lunar quarantine facility during outbreak of XMB virus on Luna. Tests negative for XMB.

07 Nov 2093 – JM Lambert born in Ontario, Canada.

15 May 2094-21 Dec 2095 - Brett works as hardware specialist for Solari Energy Corp at Osaka solar energy plant. Employment terminated.

01 Feb 2096-16 Jul 2096 - Brett pilots high-speed cargo vehicles for Ridton Corp through Iranistan war zone. Employment suspended.

18 Jul 2096-04 Dec 2096 – Brett receives treatment for alcoholism at Ridton Medical Facility (London) Treatment successful.

11 Sep 2096-23 May 2100 - Kane attends Weatherly Private School. Graduates with honors.

15 Sep 2097-21 Oct 2101 – Brett serves as Assistant Engineer on Ridton Corp deep-sea vessel Ozymandias, under Captain Ivey.

15 May 2099 - Dallas graduates Mercerton Flight Academy. (Flight Status C)

19 Sep 2100-30 May 2104 - Kane attends Gunning Foss Military School. Graduates at top of his class.

18 Jan 2102-21 May 2108 – Brett attends Houston School of Astrophysics and Interstellar Engineering. Graduates.

23 Jan 2103-04 Dec 2105 - Dallas serves as Pilot on UTX Ganymede military cargo vessel, under Captain Britten.

2104 - Third World Empire forces North and South America to consolidate their own economic and military might to form the United Americas. United Kingdom becomes part of UA soon after. Earth becomes the ‘inner city’ of the solar system, with upper and middle classes moving off-world. Expansion reaches far beyond the solar system.

06 Sep 2104-13 Feb 2108 - Attends Bryce-Watkins Medical University. Expelled for substance abuse. Treated for drug-inflicted embolism and stress. Treatment successful.

09 Jan 2105-14 Jun 2107 – Parker recruited into United Americas Outer Rim Defense Fleet, stationed at Skyfire Down. (Rank: Private.) Serves as mechanic of heavy land transport vehicles and officer shuttles.

01 Jun 2106 - Dallas commissioned into United Americas Outer Rim Defense Fleet. Stationed at Liberty Echo. (Rank: Lieutenant)

14 Jun 2106-17 Feb 2108 - Dallas serves as Pilot on UAS Leviathan fast attack vessel, under Major Baines during Torin Prime Civil War. (Flight Status A)

14 Jun 2107-01 Aug 2107 – Parker promoted to Corporal. Serves as chief mechanic at Skyfire Down UAORD base.

01 Aug 2107-21 Feb 2108 – Parker is captured by J'har Rebels during Torin Prime Civil War. Imprisoned at Concentration Camp GR-161. Establishes undergound black market for POWs.

21 Feb 2108 – Parker escapes from Concentration Camp GR-161 during the Liberation of Torin Prime. Constructs emergency escape vehicle (EEV) from scrap.

23 Feb 2108 - Dallas promoted to Captain following Liberation of Torin Prime. Receives the Sunburst Medal of Honor for meritorious service.

01 Mar 2108 - Dallas given command of UAS Archangel troop carrier. (Flight Status AA)

14 Jul 2108-09 Nov 2111 – Brett serves as Assistant Engineer on Weyland-Yutani waste disposal vessel USCSS Corazon Oscuro, under Captain Speight. (Flight Status C)

16 Sep 2108-18 May 2112 - Kane attends Wellington Academy (Suffolk.) Graduates with Masters of Engineering. (Flight Status C)

30 Oct 2108 - Parker receives Honorable Discharge from UAORD.

19 Dec 2108 - Parker returns to Earth.

05 Sep 2109-29 Mar 2113 - Parker attends San Diego School of Astro-Engineering. Studies incomplete. No degree awarded.

25 Dec 2109 - UAS Archangel destroyed in enemy attack during peace-keeping operation on Thedus. 15,293 lives lost. Ship unsalvageable. Dallas’ flight status suspended.

03 Jan 2110 - Dallas receives Dishonorable Discharge from UAORD. (Flight Status Revoked)

04 Jan 2110-28 Apr 2113 - Dallas’ whereabouts unknown..

24 June 2111 - Ellen Ripley gives birth to a daughter, Amanda.

15 Sep 2111-25 May 2115 - Ripley attends Evansbrook Academy. Shows aptitude for ethics, law and corporate affairs. Graduates at top of her class.

10 Nov 2111 – Brett fails blood alcohol test. Flight Status suspended.

09 Jan 2112 - Brett undergoes cerebral detox procedure at Weyland-Yutani Medical Facility, Titan. Minor complications arise: some neurological damage evident.

09 Jan 2112-31 Mar 2113 – Brett undergoes therapeutic recuperation at Weyland-Yutani Medical Facility, Titan.

12 May 2112 - Lambert graduates at New Ontario University with Masters of Astro-Cartography.

01 Jun 2112-18 Sep 2112 - Lambert interns in Astro-Cartography Dept. at Ridton Corp, London/UK-EU.

07 Oct 2112 - Lambert marries Xander Chapman, Director of Astro-Cartography, Ridton Corp.

28 Oct 2112-05 Feb 2114 - Lambert serves as Shipping Lane Trafficator for Farside Lunar Mining (Plymouth/Luna-UA.)

28 Oct 2112-02 Nov 2113 - Kane participates in UK/EU archeological dig on Konor Minor. Co-supervises Eldorado Exploring Expedition with Dr. Elisabeth Monygham.

03 Apr 2113 - Brett passes Weyland-Yutani Ment/Psych/Cog-5 exam. Flight Status restored. Cleared for assignment.

19 Apr 2113-28 Oct 2117 – Brett serves as Assistant Engineering Tech at Weyland-Yutani Fusion Reactor Facility on Titan.

28 Apr 2113-09 Sep 2113 - Dallas smuggles weapons and medical supplies into the Solomons on civilian cargo vessel The Vidar, under Captain Joshua.

02 Oct 2113-13 Dec 2113 - Parker freelances as mechanic/engineer for Mexcorp, serving on various unauthorized medicinal cargo ops.

14 Dec 2113-04 May 2114 - Dallas freelances special transport ops of hazardous materials for Weyland-Yutani in the Solomons. (Probationary Flight Status D)

07 Jan 2114-29 Apr 2115 – Parker serves as Assistant Engineer at United Americas Lightspeed Accelerator Threshold, Neptune.

10 Feb 2114 - Lambert divorces Xander Chapman, former Director of Astro Cartography Ridton Corp.

17 Feb 2114-06 Dec 2114 - Lambert serves as Assistant Navigator on Red Star Lines pleasure cruiser Infinity (Mars-Orion route.) (Flight Status C)

21 Jul 2114-03 Dec 2118 - Dallas purchases civilian cargo vessel Tremolino. Freelances cargo and transport ops for Weyland-Yutani throughout the Outer Rim Territories. (Flight Status C)

2115 - White Dwarf Complex purchases Red Star Line and uses it to transport and rotate crews for the corporations. Farside Lunar Mining & Lifting establishes total economic and political control over lunar settlements of Kulik I, Mach, Leibnitz and Icarus.

29 Jan 2115-01 Aug 2118 - Lambert serves as Navigator/Comm Officer on Ridton Corp salvage vessel Leggatt, under Captain Leigh.

05 May 2115-19 Oct 2117 – Parker serves as Assistant Engineer on Weyland-Yutani commercial cargo vehicle USCSS Otago, under Captain Mortenson.

01 Jun 2115 - Ripley is recruited into Weyland-Yutani's Horizons Beyond officer training program. (Trainee Flight Status CC)

09 Jun 2115 - Dr. Elisabeth Monygham killed in decompression accident on Kellerat (LB-329).

16 Oct 2115 - Ripley successfully negotiates end to hostage crisis on Weyland-Yutani shuttle craft Erebus. 49 lives saved. 8 terrorists convicted.

14 Dec 2115-29 Oct 2117 - Kane serves as Mission Analyst on UK/EU colonial expedition in the Outer Rim Territories. (Flight Status B)

21 Dec 2116 - Ripley completes Horizons Beyond officer training program, with honors.

02 Jan 2117-19 Nov 2117 - Ripley serves as Junior Warrant Officer on commercial cargo vessel USCSS Kurtz, under Captain Archbold. (Flight Status BC)

27 Oct 2117-01 Sep 2120 – Parker serves as Engineer on Weyland-Yutani commercial cargo vehicle USCSS Nonnabo, under Captain Captain Keeney. (Flight Status C)

01 Nov 2117-13 Jul 2118 - Kane serves as First Officer on UK/EU colonial transport vessel HMS Sabretooth, under Captain Redd. (Flight Status BA)

03 Nov 2117-01 Sep 2120 – Brett serves as Engineering Tech on Weyland-Yutani commercial cargo vehicle USCSS Nonnabo, under Captain Keeney.

01 Dec 2117-08 Mar 2118 - Ripley serves as Warrant Officer on Weyland-Yutani cargo vessel USCSS Sephoria, under Captain Eliot.

10 Mar 2118 - Ripley’s request for maternity leave denied by Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

17 Mar 2118 - Ripley files civil lawsuit against Weyland-Yutani.

18 Mar 2118 - Ripley’s flight status suspended. Salary suspended.

04 Apr 2118-19 Aug 2118 - Ripley file sealed under court order.

19 Aug 2118 - Ripley’s request for maternity leave approved. Request for reinstatement of flight status approved. Request for salary increase approved.

13 Sep 2118 - Lambert marries Lordan Hessutt, Executive Officer on Ridton Corp salvage vessel Leggatt.

21 Sep 2118-19 Dec 2119 - Kane serves as Executive Officer on Weyland-Yutani salvage vessel USCSS Kenamor, under Captain Kahn. (Flight Status AB)

11 Oct 2118-19 Dec 2119 - Lambert serves as Navigator on Weyland-Yutani scout ship Adowa, under Captain Payne. (Flight Status BC)

19 Sep 2119-27 Oct 2119 - Ripley goes on maternity leave.

16 Nov 2119-12 Jul 2120 - Ripley serves as Warrant Officer on Weyland-Yutani cargo vehicle USCSS Sotillo, under Captain Rosendo.

07 Dec 2119 - Tremolino decommissioned. Crew disbanded.

2120 - With interstellar travel commonplace, mining colonies are established as far as the Solomons on the galactic rim. The transnational corporations hold immense power in the colonies.
03 Jan 2120 - Lambert divorces Lordan Hessutt, Executive Officer on Ridton Corp salvage vessel Leggatt.

04 Jan 2120 - Dallas given command of Weyland-Yutani commercial towing vehicle USCSS Nostromo. (Flight Status B)

05 Jan 2120 - Lambert serves as Navigator on Weyland-Yutani commercial towing vehicle USCSS Nostromo, under Captain Dallas. (Flight Status B) Kane serves as Executive Officer on Weyland-Yutani commercial towing vehicle USCSS Nostromo, under Captain Dallas. (Flight Status A)

10 Aug 2120 - Ripley serves as Warrant Officer on Weyland-Yutani commercial towing vehicle USCSS Nostromo, under Captain Dallas. (Flight Status B)

10 Sep 2120 – Parker serves as Engineer on Weyland-Yutani commercial towing vehicle USCSS Nostromo, under Captain Dallas. (Flight Status BC) Brett serves as Engineering Tech on Weyland-Yutani commercial towing vehicle USCSS Nostromo, under Captain Dallas.

10 Jun 2121 – Ash is assigned as Science Officer on Weyland-Yutani commercial towing vehicle USCSS Nostromo, under Captain Dallas. (Flight Status A)

12 Jun 2121: Commercial towing vehicle Nostromo leaves Thedus in the Solomons for Earth.

2122: 3 June (Flight Time - 5 November) - Nostromo is diverted to planetoid LV-426 in Zeta-Two Reticuli system.

2122: 4 June (Flight Time - 6 November) - In deep space, the crew of the commercial starship Nostromo is awakened from their cryo-sleep capsules halfway through their journey back home to earth and rerouted to investigate a distress call from an alien vessel on the planet LV-426.

While attempting to land on the barren planet, the vessel has engine trouble and must remain on the surface for repairs. While the engineers service the engines and Lt. Ripley tries to decipher the transmission, three crew members -- Captain Dallas, Executive Officer Kane, and Navigation Officer Lambert -- set out to investigate the derelict ship. Too late, Ripley discovers that the transmission is a warning, not an SOS.

While searching the ship, Kane encounters a cargo hold filled with eggs. When he moves closer to investigate, an egg opens and a parasitic organism attaches itself to his face and he falls into a coma. The others take Kane back to the ship where they discover they cannot remove the parasite without killing him.

Several hours later, the parasite dies and Kane wakes up, seeming fine. What the crew doesn't realize is that the alien has reproduced inside of Kane's body and once mature, bursts out of his chest, killing him.

As the crew attempts to hunt down the alien, it hunts and kills them, one by one. And in trying to figure out how to destroy the alien, the crew discovers the Company's plans to bring back the alien for their Bio-Weapons Division -- no matter what the cost. Ash, the Science Officer, will stop at nothing to achieve his goal, even attempting to kill his fellow crewmates.

The last surviving crew member, Lt. Ripley, attempts to destroy the alien by setting the self-destruct on the Nostromo and escaping in a shuttle. But without her knowledge, the alien has stowed away aboard the shuttle. In the final battle, Ripley blows the alien out of the airlock.

2157 - Colony is established on LV-426 by Weyland-Yutani. Main complex is Hadley’s Hope. Narcissus has drifted through Core Systems.

2177 - Amanda Ripley-McClaren dies at age of 66.

2179 - After floating in space for 57 years, Lt. Ripley's shuttle is found by a deep space salvage team. After making her report about the events on the Nostromo which killed her entire crew, the Company declares her psychologically unfit and revokes her flight officer's license. The Company is skeptical of her story because over twenty years before they colonized LV-426, the planet where Ripley first encountered the alien, and found no evidence to support her story.

12 June 2179 - Carter Burke, the Weyland-Yutani rep assigned to Ripley, contacts LV-426, directing Administrator Simpson to investigate the co-ordinates of the alien derelict. Simpson queries the orders, but no further elaboration is forthcoming. General offer of exploration rights communicated to colonists.

18 June 2179 - Jordan family locates derelict. Russ Jordan infected by facehugger and distress signal sent to Hadley’s Hope. Rescue team retrieves family, but more people are infected while exploring the wreck.

Late June 2179 - Full infection of colony by Aliens. Contact subsequently lost and the matter is referred to the ECA. Carter Burke and Lieutenant Gorman of the USCM persuade Ripley to join a CM team.

July 2179 - Communication with the Acheron colony is lost and Ripley discovers that she must now return to the planet where her nightmares began. Determined to face her fears and exterminate the creatures, she accompanies a squadron of Colonial Marines and a Company representative as an advisor to find out what happened.

Upon arriving at LV-426, the Marines find only one survivor, a 6 year old girl named Newt. But even these battle-hardened Marines with all the latest weaponry are no match for the hundreds of aliens that have invaded the colony.

While trying to rescue the colonists from the alien hive, they lose over half their unit and then must hole up in the Operations Center to await rescue themselves.

While securing their base, Ripley and the remaining Marines discover the Company's plan to return to earth with an alien for their Bio-Weapons Division by impregnating Ripley and Newt and killing the rest of the Marines.

But the aliens attack again and most of the remaining Marines are killed trying to retreat to the Landing Field.

Newt is captured by the aliens and Ripley must enter the Alien hive to battle the alien Queen in order to save the little girl. In the nest, Ripley finds a cocooned Burke, leaving the Company representative a single grenade before moving on to find Newt. She rescues the little girl, and briefly fights the Alien Queen, before escaping.

Only four people survive the battle on LV-426: Ripley, Newt, Corporal Hicks, and the android Bishop. The colony and the derelict alien ship are both destroyed in the nuclear blast.

The Queen stows away on the dropship and returns to the Sulaco with the survivors. She is subsequently jettisoned from the Sulaco by Ripley, but not before contaminating the ship with facehuggers.

The humans go into hypersleep for the trip back to Earth. A Weyland-Yutani Alien Containment Unit, under the command of Michael Bishop, is dispatched to intercept the Sulaco.

Late July 2179 - While in cryo-sleep on the journey back to Earth, a fire on the Sulaco caused by an alien Facehugger forces the main computer to eject the cryo-capsules in an Emergency Escape Vehicle.

The EEV crash lands on Fiorina 161, a maximum security correctional work prison facility. Ripley, the sole survivor of the crash, finds herself an unwelcome visitor on this lice-infested planet with a group of violent criminals who have found religion.

Because she is the only woman on this male dominated planet, Ripley endangers the balance of power for the prisoners, threatening to cause their killer instincts to resurface. But there is an even greater menace to their community - the stowaway alien Facehugger survived the crash and impregnates a prison dog.

Once again, Ripley must not only face skepticism, but also the alien as it hunts down the prisoners and guards. Despite a lack of advanced weaponry or technology, Ripley bands together with the prisoners to hunt it down.

Ripley soon discovers that she also has been impregnated and carries the embryo of an alien Queen. The remaining prisoners use this to their advantage, after discovering that the alien will protect her at all costs. By pretending to threaten her, they lure it into the lead mold to kill it. The molten lead fails to kill the alien, but Ripley dumps cold water on its boiling-hot body, causing it to explode.

Company representatives are sent to the planet to acquire the alien for their Bio-Weapons Division, but rather than allow this deadly creature to be brought back to earth, Ripley plunges into the furnace with the Queen Chestburster to destroy it.

The company closes down the prison and takes the only survivor, Morse, with them on the rescue ship. Blood samples taken from Ripley are also recovered.

2180’s – Morse publishes his account of the events on Fiorina 161, which is subsequently banned.

Mid-24th Century - Synthetic production begins to stagnate, with major manufacturers such as Hyperdine facing extinction. Another casaulty of this era is the once-mighty Weyland-Yutani, which is taken over by Walmart. Blood samples taken from Ellen Ripley on Fiorina pass into the hands of the United Systems Military, who begin to research ways of cloning the Aliens.

Late 2370's - The Autons, a new generation of androids, are produced in an attempt to save the ailing industry: a rebellion by the androids leads to their own extermination and effectively buries the entire market. The crew of the Betty, Elgyn , Hillard, Christie, Johner and Vriess, are on the planet Kawlang, where Vriess is injured during fighting. Christie has the injured man strapped to his back as they make their escape.

2380 - A few such as Call escape the recall. Call hacks into the government's defence computer systems, learning of the Alien's history, the recovery of the blood samples from Fiorina and the cloning of Ellen Ripley by Dr Wren. She then infiltrates the crew of the Betty, who have been hired by the United Systems Military to precure a number of subjects for experiments on the USS Auriga.

2381 - The crew of the Betty bring a number of stolen cryotubes aboard the USS Auriga, so that Dr Wren and his team can use them as hosts for a batch of Alien clones. The Aliens escape and overrun the ship, while the Queen gives birth to a new type of Alien, the Newborn. The Aurgia's computer, FATHER, activates the automatic guidance systems, which plot a course for Earth. The Newborn attacks the Queen, killing her, and then pursues Ripley. Vriess, Johnner, Call and Ripley escape from the Auriga before it crashes on Earth. The Newborn stows away on the Betty, but it is destroyed by Ripley. The group lands in the ruins of Paris.

This chronology is based around the Alien, Predator and AVP films, using only official or licenced sources such as the DVD's, the movie novelisations, the official Alien movie patch set, relevant aspects of the scripts, and the Aliens Technical Manual. The names of the alien races are the only aspects taken from the Dark Horse novelisations, which, although not canon in the movie sense, do provide names for some races. Prometheus seems to contradict AVP on the origins of the Alien species, so references to that film's events have been omitted. The events of Aliens: Colonial Marines, a game which has been hailed as the official sequel to Aliens, is so full of contradictions and unexplained events that it makes Alien 3 look like a cohesive narrative. Despite the assertions of the game's makers, it does not provide any answers. Hence, it is ignored. From my point of view, the beginning of Alien 3 was, as Alan Dean Foster suggests in his novelisation, Ripley's subjective interpretation of the events on the Sulaco, as seen from her perspective during or just after her emergence from hypersleep. How else to explain the change in hypersleep capsule design, the mirror image of the Sulaco's name, the egg and whatever else? And the hypersleep capsules on the EEV? Probably an emergency version, as fitting the ones seen in Aliens on to a ship that size would have been a big of a struggle.

Known Colonies as of 2185
Technical articles by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood (originally published in the Official Aliens Magazine)