Timelines Portal

This website focuses on timelines from different universes, without the obsessive dogma associated with certain fanbases.

Be sure to check out The History of Things That Never Were, which has a wealth of timelines for many different universes.

Current Chronologies

The Mummy/Scoprion King Timeline (UPDATED TO INCLUDE SCORPION KING 3!)
Alien/Predator Timeline
Planet of the Apes (Tim Burton) Timeline (COMPLETED)
Metal Gear Alternate Timeline
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Timeline
Dino Crisis Timeline
Judge Dredd Movie Timeline
Lost in Space Movie Timeline (COMPLETED)
Witchblade TV Series Timeline
Gunhed Timeline (BETA!)
Blade Runner/Soldier Timeline
Mortal Kombat Krusades (TV & Film timeline)
Star Trek Original Universe Timeline (NEW!)